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Redoubt Lake Outflow # 11763

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Date: 2008.08.24
Vantage Point: East side of Redoubt Lake

Caption: Jo at the point where Redoubt Lake spills over an escarpment

PhotoDescr: Unlike many long, narrow mountain lakes, Redoubt Lake drains from the middle of one of its long sides. It is bounded on the east by an escarpment. The rocky slabs atop the escarpment narrow here to a few inches, and a waterfall begins right at the edge of the lake.

These waters flow down between Heather Ridge and Anthozoan Mountain on one side, and Redoubt Mountain and Lipalian Mountain on the other side, to join Baker Creek south of Anthozoan.

We visited this area on our return trip from the Baker Lake backcountry campground.

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