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The Skoki Lakes from the Deception Pass Trail # 11758

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Date: 2008.08.23
Vantage Point: Deception Pass Trail

Caption: The higher lake (centre) is Zigadenus Lake; the lower lake (right) is Myosotis Lake.

PhotoDescr: These two lakes were named in 1911 by James F. Porter, a surveyor and alpinist from Chicago, after the genus names of two flowers. Zigadenus Lake is named after the white camas (Zygedenus elegans) and Myosotis Lake is named after the alpine forget-me-not (Myosotis alpestris). The spelling of the upper lake was corrupted in the official name, according to Place Names of Alberta: Volume 1, in which it is the last entry.

Ptarmigan Peak (left) and Pika Peak (centre) are behind the lakes, with Mount Richardson partly visible through the col between Pika and the Wall of Jericho.

Together, the lakes are known as the Skoki Lakes. They are the headwaters of one of the streams that flow through the Skoki Valley into Little Pipestone Creek; none of the streams have names.

We reached this point while on a daylong loop through the Skoki area. See the trip report for details.

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