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Brachiopod Summit Block from Ridge # 11734

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Date: 2008.08.22
Vantage Point: Brachiopod Summit Ridge

Caption: The rocky summit of Brachiopod crowns the scree slopes of the scramble route.

PhotoDescr: Four members of the Grant MacEwan Mountain Club scrambled to the summit of Brachiopod and followed its summit ridge southward. See the trip report for details.

By this time, most of the snow that had fallen the previous day as we hiked in had melted off, but small patches are visible in the foreground, and the top of Fossil is still white.

This shot is essentially the reverse point of view to this shot. Deception Pass, the vantage point for the other shot, is on the left of this photo, with Fossil Mountain to its right and the Skoki Valley behind.

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