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Mount Holden Western Aspect # 11637

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Date: 2008.06.30
Vantage Point: From the sub peak of Mount Holden

Caption: The 2002 m summit of Mount Holden with Forddred and Cassino rear left. Payne, Rideout's Pup, Rideout and Silvertip are at rear right.

PhotoDescr: An ambitious day trip that started with three hikers on one of the hottest days of the year saw only one of us make it to the summit of Holden. The first person bailed at Flora Pass and waited for another group and joined them going up Flora Peak.

Greg Amos and I continued along the ridge system surrounding Flora Lake and ascended Mount Wittenberg. Having had too much to drink the night before, Greg took a siesta whilst I dropped down to the Wittenberg/Holden Pass, up and over the sub peak and then finally on to the summit.

Some nice views were my reward, plus what felt like a long slog back up to Wittenberg and ridge to the Flora Lake trail.

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