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Mount Rosseau South Side # 11595

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Date: 2008.07.26
Vantage Point: bench below Mount Rosseau

Caption: Looking up to the south side of Mount Rosseau with Mount Septimus to the left

PhotoDescr: The photo was taken on the second day of a three-day traverse from Flower Ridge to Cream Lake.

From Price Pass, we worked our way up to a pass at the east end of the Mount Rosseau massif and swung around to the south side of the mountain. A bench heads across the south side of the mountain and enables a nice traverse high on the mountain, and above the steeper terrain around Love Lake.

This photo is looking up at the standard route up Mount Rosseau (reportedly Class 2-3). The route, I believe, heads up a gully coming off the top of the snow. It's not visible in the photo, but we stumbled across a bear a few minutes after, which was on the scree just below the cliffs. I have no idea what it was doing.

On the left is Mount Septimus. There are a few fifth class routes up the mountain from this side.

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