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Rosseau-Septimus from Nine Peaks # 11499

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Date: 2008.06.07
Vantage Point: Nine Peaks

Caption: Looking northeast from Nine Peaks to the Septimus-Rosseau massif

PhotoDescr: This photo was taken during the second day of a three-day ski trip to Nine Peaks. Late spring is the perfect time to head back to Nine Peaks as you can take advantage of going on skis, and the route is much less complicated when filled with snow.

Despite being a beautiful area, I was suprised how little traffic Nine Peaks sees. Since a new summit register was put in in 2003, there has been roughly two ascents per year.

This view over to Septimus-Rosseau is therefore a little less common than the classic view of Septimus seen from Cream Lake. Cream Lake is just off out of sight to the left of the photo. Septimus is to the left of the craggy cluster of peaks. There are a few rock routes up this side, but they are mostly sporting. Rosseau is the peak in the middle, and there is a scramble route up this side. The Misthorns are on the right of centre, and the bump on the far right is Margaret Peak. Love Lake is in not visible, but is nestled in the cirque below the massif. Love Lake is typically approached via the Della Falls trail. Della Lake and Della Falls are also not visible, but are on the same side of the valley as this photo was taken from and directly below the line of sight.

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