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Mount Lucania - Northeast Flank # 10850

Below is a description of the photograph you were looking for, and the circumstances surrounding the photo.
Date: 2004.05.03
Vantage Point: From summit dome of Steele SE6

Caption: The east-northeast side of Mount Lucania, the third highest mountain in Canada. The pass on the far right is known as Shangri-La col and leads to the main summit of Mount Steele. From right to left are the summits of Lucania NE4, Lucania NE2, Mount Lucania, and Atlantic Peak. If I'm not mistaken, Aurora Ridge that runs up to Lucania NE4 from the left has seen one ascent.

PhotoDescr: This picture was taken during a failed attempt of Mount Steele and Mount Lucania. Altitude illness, bad weather, lack of time, and dwindling motivation led to an early retreat. The clear visibility is deceptive as the winds were about 100 km/h and temperature about -20C as this picture was taken. The straight-line distance from the camera to Lucania's main summit is 14 km.

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