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View of East Side of Garibaldi Massif # 10842

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Date: 2007.09.08
Vantage Point: From our bivouac below the SE ridge of Atwell

Caption: View of the East side of the Garibaldi massif from our bivouac below the southeast ridge of Atwell. Part of Atwell can be seen on the left, the highest rock pinacle in the centre is Garibaldi, and part of the Tent is visible on the right.

PhotoDescr: Lara, Ben and I traversed from Brohm ridge to the Garibaldi-Tent col to a camp below the southeast ridge of Atwell. Climbed Dalton Dome the next day and completed the traverse to Elfin Lakes.

This photo shows the east side of the Garibaldi massif. From the camp we walked around numerous crevasses and climbed the snow face in the centre of the photo to gain the Cheekye Glacier plateau. See this photo for a close-up of the route.

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