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Mount Rath # 10669

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Date: 2007.12.02
Vantage Point: From Highway 37

Caption: Mount Rath in the French Range

PhotoDescr: Mount Rath is located in the heart of the French Range which runs north-south on the west side of Dease Lake. It's a remote range without any major roads for access. Dease Lake is out of sight in the valley below.

While the north was being hit with the first big freeze of the winter and the south with an early snowfall, I decided I'd get up to Cassiar for a ski. I was hoping that Cassiar would be sheltered a little more from the wind thus avoiding the extreme windchill that was forecast. It wasn't and I drove the 90 minutes right back to Dease Lake stopping along the way for a few opportune photos. I nearly froze my fingers off getting a picture of a moose in the Dease River.

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