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Mount San Gorgonio from Ridge East of Mount Cornell # 10615

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Date: 2007.03.19
Vantage Point: From Ridge East of Mt. Connell

Caption: During a spring ascent of Mt. Cornell, part of the San Jacinto massif, it was possible to look north down an impressive couloir feature that extends all the way to San Gorgonio Pass below.

PhotoDescr: Mount San Gorgonio, the highest point on the massif in the background, provides a cooler environment than the surrounding desert year round. The peak rises 2522 m above the surrounding plains and due to its massive size has a varied area for hiking, skiing, snowshoeing and the like.

San Gorgonio Pass, at 760 m, is a venturi between San Gorgonio and San Jacinto. As a result, there is an extensive windfarm to the east which provides hectares of windmills generating electricity for the big urban centres nearby.

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