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Upper Brazeau Valley from Near Nigel Pass # 10064

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Date: 2007.07.20
Vantage Point: From north of Nigel Pass on Nigel Pass Trail

Caption: Marble Mountain (right edge skyline) is the only named peak visible.

PhotoDescr: The Jonas-Brazeau loop is the third most popular backpacking trip in Jasper National Park, but it begins in Banff National Park, crossing into Jasper at Nigel Pass. On the first day of a quick three-day trip to the Jonas Pass section of the route, we saw this view of Jasper National Park looking down the Brazeau River valley as we descended from the highest elevation of the day.

The Nigel Pass Trail doesn't pass over the lowest point of Nigel Pass, since that point is above steep cliffs on the Jasper NP side. Rather, it goes through a higher col to the east, separated from the true pass by a low east-west ridge.

Four Point Creek and Jonas Pass lie on the far side of the unnamed ridge dominating the view. Our destination for the day was Four Point Campground, just beyond the end of the ridge, about 8 trail km from this vantage point.

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