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Spruce Grouse at Johnson Lake # 1006

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Date: 2001.10.02
Vantage Point: From Johnson Lake Circuit trail

Caption: The male spruce grouse [i](Dendragapus Canadensis)[/i] is distinguished from the female by its black breast patch, white-outlined black throat, and red patch above the eye.

PhotoDescr: Spruce grouse tend not to avoid humans, sometimes having to be shooed out of the way by hikers who don't want to step on them. On other occasions they will startle the unwary by suddenly rising out of trail-side shrubbery with a noisy beating of wings.

These grouse inhabit spruce forest and sub-alpine woods, and spruce needles are a mainstay of their diet. Not picky eaters, they will also ingest berries, seeds, other plant parts, ferns, mushrooms, and insects.

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