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Subject User: Martin Ortmayr
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Shady Magic Peak
Lake of the Woods and Lakeview Mountain
Apex Mountain Area from the North
Heading Down from Seed Peak
Estekwalan NE Slopes
Mount Larrabee and the Border Peaks
Heading Down from Alpaca
Bighorn Peak from the South
Plains north of Lakeview Mountain
Ovis Mountain
North End of Stave Lake from Crickmer
Devil's Peak from the south
Sootip Tarn
Meslilloet Area from the Northwest
Nordheim Ridge and the Upper Similkameen River Valley
Dam Ridge from Beauty Peak
Snazzy and Snass from Dewdney
Mount Dewdney Northerly Views
Mount Dewdney Southeast Views
Tulameen Mountain in the Fall
Rohr Lake and Rancherie Peak
The Sphinx and Upper Sphinx Glacier
Mount Fee and Mount Cayley
Echo Lake and Alec Lake
Gillanders Creek Valley
Buck Mountain
The Cayoosh Range
Hiking the Moraine on the way to Opal Cone
Ipsoot Mountain from the North
Mt. Sefrit from the SW
Gunsight or In-SHUCK-ch Mountain from the Northeast
North side of Watersprite, Gibson, Martin Peaks
Steinbok and Ibex Peaks
Lone Goat Mountain in the Fall
Wedge Pass
North Side of Strawberry Mountain
Dixie Butte
Chipmunk Mountain
Flat Top Mountain
First and Second Brothers Mountains
Third Brother Mountain
Fourth Brother Mountain
Guardian Slabs
Mount Howard from Lillooet Lake
Mount McDonald from Birkenhead Lake
Long Lake in the Winter
Middle Needle M in Winter
Camels Hump
Kalamalka Lake and Terrace Mountain
Hiking the Mount Currie Meadows
Mount James Turner
Doctor's Peak from the South
Mt. Aosta from the SE (Aerial)
Cougar Mountain
Unnecessary Gully
Flame Peak from Glacier Lake
Ryan Peak Zoom
Mount Morrison
Gingerbread Lake Dried up
Mount Barbour
The North side of Keg Peak
Winchester Mountain
Omer Lake Basin and Red Mountain
Zenith and Tantalus from the High Falls Creek trail
Appa Glacier and Longspur Peak
Ipsoot Mountain from the South
Avalanche into Duffey Lake
Chanter Peak From West of Cyrtina Creek
Gotcha Peak
Mount Jim Kelly and Coquihalla Mountain from the Northwest
Needle Peak and Markhor Peak from The Flatiron
Blowdown Lake
Gott Peak from the Southeast
Haystack Mountain
The Boxcar
Low Cloud over Howe Sound
Burwell and Coliseum from Crown
The Lions, Harvey and Brunswick from Crown

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