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Subject User: Greg Jones
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Mount Fee East Face
Volunteer Peak and the Ryan River Headwaters
Yukness Mountain and Mount Hungabee
Cotard Peak - Northeast Face
Majestic Peak - West Face
Mount Pocaterra - East Face
Elpoca Mountain from below Piper Pass
Mist Mountain - Southeast Face
Gap Mountain South Face
Glacial Lake below Ayesha Peak
Sun Peak (Mt John Clarke), Mount Tinniswood, and Mount Albert
Mount Truax - Southeast Exposure from "Verdia Lake"
Noel/Hurley Divide
Plateau Peak and the Homathko Icefield
Bishop River Headwaters
Five Brothers Peaks and Chilko Lake
Peaks Above the Appa Glacier
Peaks above Noel Pass
Blanca Lake and the Approach Ridge
Birkenhead River Headwaters
Chipmunk Mountain - Northwest Exposure
Bastion Peak - Eastern Exposure
Moat Peak and Moat Lake
Rampart Mountain - Northwest Ridge
Bastion Peak - Southern Exposure
Outrigger Peak - North Ridge
Granite Peak - North Face
Molybdenite Lake and the "Brew Range"
Cloudraker Mountain - Southeast Ridge
Mount Bute - Northwest Ridge
Skihist Massif from the East
Dunkeld Peak Summit and Meslilloet Mountain
Dunkeld Peak (Peak 5384' Meslilloet Creek) - North Face
Ursus Mountain - Southern Exposure
Tillworth Mountain - Eastern Exposure
Little Scherle Peak - Northern Exposure
Scherle Peak - Northwest Exposure
Spire Peaks - Northeast Exposure
Klowa Mountain and the Headwaters of Nikaia Creek
Spring Has Sprung on Cayoosh Mountain
Cayoosh Mountain - Southwest Face
Mission Ridge - South Side
Ring Mountain - North Face
Close Call on Little Ring Peak!
Spring Peak - South Face
Antimony Mountain - South Slopes (Skihist Mountain Access)
Marten Mountain - West Face
Klesilkwa Mountain - South Face
Doss Peak - East Face
Melvin Peak - North Face
Whatever You Want: Eastern Cayoosh Goodness
Peaks on the Lost/Downton Divide
Priory Peak and Meadow Dome
Battleship Lake and Bellavista Ridge
Antimony Mountain - (North) East Face
Kwoiek Needle from Antimony (Blue) Lake
Mount Ling - West Face
Conway Peak - North Face
Inverness Mountain - West Face
Marten W2- East Face
Mount McHardy from the South
Mount Dolly Varden - East Face
Mount Barbour - West Ridge
Gingerbread Lake and the Pemberton Icecap
Melvin Peak Approach
Crux on the North Ridge of Melvin Peak
Linus Mountain - East Face
North Downton Creek Alpine-Soprano Peak
Redoubt and Peaks at the Head of Paleface/Depot Creek
"Biggies" at the Head of Kwoiek Creek
North Paleface Creek Headwaters
North End of Custer Ridge And Thompson
Copper Mound - North Face
The Still - North Face
Approaching Klesilkwa Mountain
South Side of the Sumallo/Skagit Divide (Silvertip Mountain, etc)
Mount Barr - North Face
Approaching Mount Barr
Mount Baker: Coleman-Deming Route
Glacial Oddities and Colfax Peak
Sub-Peak of Foley
Goetz Peak - West Side
The Price We Pay for Turns in December
Mount Taillefer from the South
Mount Crerar from the East
View Southwest from Diamond Head
Welch and Foley
Waterfalls and Tricouni Peak
Kwoiek Glacier Area
Skihist Lake from our campspot
Skihist Mountain: Towers of Choss
Mount Rexford and South Nesakwatch Spire
Robson River Headwaters
Getting My Bearings High Above Melvin Creek
Melvin Lake and the Eastern Cayoosh Range
Mount Howard - Northeast Face
Approaching summit of Vantage Peak
Cypress Point (Stave Lake)
Coquitlam Lake Peaks
North Miller Creek Headwaters
Heli Skiing near Rhododendron Mountain?
Tantalus Range from High Falls Creek
Sumallo-Skagit Divide from McGuire
Statlu Lake Area
Helm Creek Headwaters
Mount Robson - From Berg Lake Campground
Thar Peak and Coquihalla Mountain
Sweet Turns on Cayoosh
Nak and Yak
Approaching Zoa Peak
Helm Lake and Black Tusk
Vicuna and Guanaco from Zoa
Canadian Border Peak and Range from McGuire
Above Pitt Lake
Arrowhead Lake (Stein Divide)
Mount Robson from the Shores of Berg Lake
View Up the Gold Creek Valley
Mount Robson Threatening to Reveal Itself
Slesse Divide from Williamson Lake
Slesse Divide from Mount MacFarlane
Smugglers Ridge and The Pyramids
From the Summit of Mount McGuire
Waterfalls and Welch Peak
Mount MacFarlane-Canoe on Pierce Lake!
Kokanee Lake
Looking Back at Black Tusk
View from The Pyramids (Kokanee Glacier Park)
John Carter and Small Falls of Upper Sapphire Lake
Pyramids and Kaslo Lake Area (Kokanee Glacier Park)
Upper Pierce Lake from Mount Macfarlane

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