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Subject User: Don Funk
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Whitemantle Range - Labelled Panorama
Finality Mountain from the Dais Glacier
Jubilee Mountain - Northeast Side
Mount Bell - Southeast Side
Silverthrone Mountain - North Side
Mount Willoughby - North Side
Mount Albert-Whaleback Col
Mount Pearkes
Ponor Peak and Mount Crerar
Outrigger Peak from the Southwest
Mount Pearkes from Northeast Ridge
Mount Alfred from the Southeast
Snowfield Peak - North Side
Colonial Peak - Northwest Face
Colonial Glacier and Waterfall
Pyramid Peak - Northeast Face
The Knife-Edged Snow Ridge of Eldorado Peak
Eldorado Peak - East Ridge
Atavist Mountain - Northwest Side
Polar Bear Peak - South Ridge
Pearl Peak by Moonlight
Ogre in Lace
Mount Fyles - North Face
Atavist Mountain and Polar Bear Lake
Meadows at the Head of Ape Creek and Mount Lombroso
Musician Mountain from the Southeast
Monarch Mountain - Summit Pyramid from Northwest
Mount Fyles and the Fyles Glacier
Mount Dagon from the North
Mount Beelzebub from the Northwest
Monarch Mountain from the Northwest
Migma Mountain
Mount Jacobsen - Summit Pyramid Northeast Face
Erehwon Mountain and Mount Azazel
Ape Mountain
Talchako Mountain - Summit Pyramid from West
Fyles Glacier and Mount Jacobsen
Mount Jacobsen From North and Ape Lake
Musician Mountain - South Ridge
Mount Pearkes - North Side
Mount Tinniswood - Southeast Ridge
Mount John Clarke from Head of Outrigger Creek
Mount Oswald and Mount Pollock
Mount Albert - Northeast Side
Mount Casement and Mount Tinniswood
Princess Louisa Inlet and Mount Albert
Mount Alexander and the Blastus Ridge
Snowcap Icefield
Snowcap Lakes
Greenmantle Mountain - East Face
Greymantle Mountain from Summit of Greenmantle
Roller Coaster Ridge and Mount Pitt
Three Bears Mountain - West Side
Three Bears Mountain - East Side
Stupendous Mountain - Northwest Side
Lower Bella Coola Valley and Mount Pootlass
Mount Creswell and Kalone Peak - South Sides
Wolf Ears and Salloomt Peak
Thunder Mountain - Distant South Side View
Tzeetsaytsul Peak
Tsaydaychuz Peak from Thunder Mountain
Mount Saugstad - Northeast Side
A Lake Colored "Dusty Rose"
Thunder Mountain - Pillar
Mount Creswell - East Side
Kalone Peak and Index Crag
Ascent of Thunder Mountain - Summit Plateau
Thunder Mountain from the Noosgulch River Valley
Thunder Mountain - South Side
Nusatsum Mountain - North Face
Eldorado Peak - North Side
Mount Challenger - North Side
McMillan Spires, Mount Degenhardt, Mount Terror and the Crescent Creek Spires
Ruth Mountain - North Side
Mount Despair - Northwest Side
Inspiration Peak, Mount Degenhardt, and Mount Terror
Jerry Lakes
Luna Peak - South Side
Crater Mountain - Northwest Side and Access to Jack Mountain
Crater Mountain - North Slopes and Access to Jack Mountain
Terror Creek Basin
Mount Fury - Southeast Face
Jack Mountain - East Side Access
Azure Lake and Elephant Butte
Mount Despair - East Side
Mount Triumph - Northeast Side
West McMillan Spire - Southeast Side
Ice Falling from the Redoubt Glacier
Mount Custer - Southeast Side
Jack Mountain - Northwest Face
Mount Spickard as seen from Ouzel Lake
Mount Redoubt - Southwest Side
Bear Mountain - Southwest Side
Mount Blum - Northeast Face
Mount Blum - North Side
Mox Peaks - North Side
Mount Redoubt - East Side
Depot Creek Falls
Luna Peak - North Side
Bear Mountain - Northeast Face
Antimony Mountain and Claimpost Peak
Antimony Lake
Skihist Mountain and Claimpost Peak
Antimony Mountain - Southeast Ridge
Mount Spickard - Northwest Side
Custer Ridge and Mount Rahm
Glacier Peak - North Side
Mount Redoubt and Mad Eagle Peak - Northeast Sides.
Mount Custer - Southwest Side
Mount John Oliver
Mount Richard Bennett
Atwell Peak in Winter
Mount Garibaldi - North Side in Winter
Atwell Peak - Summit Pinnacle
Mad Dog Mountain - North Side
Mount Arjuna - North Side
Matterhorn Peak
Mount Saugstad - East Side
Happy Meadow Dome - Northeast ridge
The Horn - West Side
Nusatsum Mountain - Southeast Side
Defiance Mountain - South Side
Matterhorn Peak and Orbit Spire(s)
Mount Steele - Southeast Ridge
Walsh SE2 - Northwest Side
Mount Walsh - West Side
Mount Walsh Massif from the South
Mount Augusta and the Logan Massif
Mount Vancouver and Mount Queen Mary
Mount Lucania, Mount Steele and Mount Walsh
Mount Kennedy, Mount Alverstone, and Mount Hubbard
Mount Vancouver - Northeast Side
Kaskawulsh Glacier - Junction with South Arm
Kaskawulsh Glacier - Terminus
Mount Waddington from the Franklin Glacier
Mount Waddington - South Side
Combatant Mountain and Mount Tiedemann from the Southwest
Williams Peak - West Side
Mount Northgraves - South Side
Combatant Mountain, Tiedemann, and Asperity from the South
Mount Waddington - Southeast Side
Mount Waddington - Northwest Summit
"High" on the Angel Glacier - Mount Waddington
Mount Waddington - Southwest Face
A Gap in the Northwest Ridge of Mount Waddington
Yohetta Valley
Mount Goddard - North Side
Mount Farrow, Snow White Mountain, and the Seven Dwarfs
Mount Merriam and Mount Kese from Mt. Goddard
Chilko Lake - South End
Autumn Peak - Northeast Ridge
Mount Roach - South Side
Petlushkwohap Mountain- East Side
Autumn Peak - East Side
Petlushkwohap Mountain - South Ridge
Skihist Mountain - East Side
Nikaia and Klowa Mountains
Mount Roach - Southwest Side
Rock Spire along East Ridge of Mount Neilsen
Mehatl Peak and Tiara Tower - North Side
Skihist Mountain - Southwest side
Mount Neilsen - Northeast side
Mount Neilsen - East Ridge Scramble
Kwoiek Needle - Northwest Side
Mount Warner - East Ridge and Glacier
Peak 04-10 Warner Ridge
Peak 05-12 and Warner Ridge
Sluice Peak - South Face
Peak 05-12 Warner Ridge - Southeast Ridge
Taseko Mountain and Beece Peak
Mount Vic
Relay Mountain
Mount Sheba - Northwest Face
Deer Pass Grizzly - Face to Face Encounter
Cardtable Mountain and Castle Peak
Razorback Mountain - Entire North Face
A Rock Horn at the Head of Valleau Creek
Cloud-drifter Peak - North Side
Ottarasko Mountain - North Side
Razorback Mountain - North Face and Ridge
Blackhorn and Whitesaddle Mountains
Razorback Mountain - Northeast Side
Razorback Mountain and Head of Valleau Creek
Niut Mountain - West Side
Skihist Mountain - East Ridge Route via East Glacier
Mount Land and Mount Sloan
Mount Sloan - East Side
Mount Sloan - Summit Tower
Northeast Ridge of Mount Sloan
Manatee Peak from the Northwest
Elaho Mountain
Dugong Peak
Manatee Group (Northeast-Labelled)
Wahoo Tower
Sirenia Mountain
Manatee Peak - Southwest Face
On the Southwest Slopes of Manatee Peak
Skiing along Paul Ridge
A Family of Mountain Goats on the Slopes of Whitecap Mountain
The Head of Connel Creek and Mount Piebiter
Whitecap Mountain from Connel Creek
Mount McGillivray - Southeast Ridge
Long Legs and High Heels on the Hurley
Black Peak - South Side Route
Jack Mountain East Side, from Crater Mountain
Black Peak - Northeast Ridge
Black Peak from Lewis Lake
Liberty Bell Group
Silver Star Mountain
The Wine Spires and Silver Star Mountain
Tower Mountain - West Side
Golden Horn - Southeast Face
Head of Swamp Creek
Mount Larrabee
The Head of Noomst Creek
Monster Peak
The Nusatsum Divide Labelled Panorama
Defiance Massif - Southwest Side
Nusatsum Massif - Southeast Side
Happy Meadow Dome and Space Point Peak
Mosquito Pass and the Nusatsum Massif
Stein Mountain
Siwhe Mountain
Skihist Mountain and Peak 9100 (Nahatlatch-Stein)
North Kwoiek Creek
Petlushkwohap Mountain
Peeking Through the Clouds - The Serra Peaks
Siva Mountain
A Veil of Cloud Over Frontier Mountain
Angel Glacier - Mount Waddington
Mount Waddington - Northwest Ridge
Mount Hickson - Northeast Face
Fury Gap
Mount Waddington and Combatant Mtn.
Mount Goddard from Dorothy Lake
Mount Goddard - Summit Tower
Ashlu Creek Grizzly
Upper Downton Creek - Northwest Fork
Barkley Valley
Lost Valley Creek Headwaters
Caltha Lake
Stein River Headwaters
Mount Arjuna
North side of Defiance Mountain
War Drum Glacier
Erehwon Mountain and Chili Tower
Snowside Mountain
Cerberus Mountain - West Side
Cerberus Mountain - Northeast Side
Princess Mountain
Chilko Lake from Tsilos Provincial Park
Monmouth Mountain - North Side
Rim Mountain
Mount Rohr
Brandywine Mountain
Mount Fee from the East (In Winter)
Pyroclastic Peak and Mount Cayley from the Southeast
Atwell Peak - South Ridge
White Cross Mountain
Bridge Peak from the Bridge Glacier
Abbot Pass Hut
View southwest from Abbot Pass
Mount McGuire from Borden Creek (on skis)
Saxifrage Mountain from Cayoosh Mountain
Joffre Group from the Northwest
Cayoosh Mountain Access
Joffre Peak - South Side
Joffre Peak - East Side
Upper Anniversary Glacier and Mount Matier
Mount Warner - Summit Panorama
Ashlu Mountain - East Ridge
Ashlu - Elaho Divide
Sun Peak Sunshine
Mount Temple - View down the Southwest Face
Mount Temple from Larch Valley
Atwell Peak in Spring
Atwell Peak in Late Summer
Lillooet River Valley Fire
Mount Sampson - South Side
Fossil Mountain and Ptarmigan Lake
Mt. Sloan - Southeast Face
Glacier Peak
Boulder Creek Basin
Eastern Cayoosh Range from Seton Ridge trail
Wedge Mountain
Mount Weart - SE Ridge
Ogre Mountain
Monarch Icefield
Dickson Peak from the Roxey Creek Basin

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