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Photo Lister (Author Version)
Subject User: Fred Touche
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Epode Peak - Northwest Side
Slim Mountain - East ridge
Gait S1 - West Ridge
Leckie Peak - West Side
Porcupine Mountain - North Side
Lupen Peak from Northwest
Fisher NE1 - North Side
Fisher Mountain - North Side
Scherle Peak - North Side
Tillworth Mountain - North Side
Peggy Peak - North Side
Gait W3 - East Side
Tillworth South S2 - North Side
Ursus Mountain and Shishbanga Peak - North Side
Farrier Peak - West Face
Calkin Peak - Northwest Side
Leckie SE1 - North Side
Leckie Peak - Southwest Side
Gait Peak - West Face
Gait S1 - North Ridge
Gait N1 - West Face
Gait S1 - West Side
Gotcha Peak - West Face
Sad Peak from Northwest
Tandem Peak - North Face
Tandem Peak - Northeast Face
Silent Hub Peak - Summit from Northwest
Cog Peak
Windfall Peak - Southeast Side
Outreach Peak - East Side
Pushki Peak - Southeast Ridge
Notgott Peak - West Ridge
Joffre Landslide
Joffre Peak Post Landslides
Bush Mountain - South Side
Black Butte - South Side
Shumard Peak - South Side
Hunter Peak - Southwest Side
El Capitan (Texas) - North Ridge
El Capitan (Texas) - South Face
Guadalupe Peak - East Side
Mount Chief Pascall - North Face
Mount Chief Pascall Summit Block
Bottom of Widowmaker Arete on The Camel
Godmother Peak - Southeast Side
Splindle Peak - Northeast Face
Capilano Mountain - West Face
Mount Troubridge - Southeast Side
Tin Hat Mountain - Summit Block
Muppet Peak - South Side
Walt Hill - South Side
Tin Hat Mountain - Southeast Ridge
Goat Island Peak - South Side
Goat Peak - South Side
Mount Webb - Northeast Face
Williams Peak - Southeast Side
Flora Peak - South Side
Cupola Peak
Mount Northgraves - Southeast Face
Northern Shulaps Range - Peridotite E1 and Big Dog Mountain
Shulaps E2 - Northeast Ridge
Brett Peak - Northeast Face
Retaskit Peak - West Ridge
Burkholder Peak - West Side
Mount Gallon - South Side
Shulaps E2 -West Ridge
Northwestern Shulaps Range
Shulaps Peak - Southeast Ridge
Mount Chief Pascall - North Face
Mount Kosegarten - Northeast Summit
Duchess Horn - North Side
Vantage Peak - East Side
Mount Duke - East Side
Mount Index - North Face
Humphreys Peak - East Side
Humphreys Peak - Southeast Face
Agassiz Peak - North Ridge
Black Elk Peak - Southwest Side
Devils Tower - Southwest Side
Lady Peak - Summit Block from South
Lady Peak - Summit Block from North
Cheam Peak - Southeast Ridge
Mount Gardner - East Side
Illal Mountain - East Side
Illal Mountain - South Side
Jim Kelly Peak - Southeast Ridge
Spiral Peak - Southwest Side
Coquihalla Mountain - East Ridge
Flora Peak - Southeast Side
Coleman Pinnacle - West Ridge
Mission Peak - West Side
Dipper Peak - North Ridge
Blanca Peak - South Ridge
Exodus Peak - South Side
Blanca Peak - West Ridge
Geodetic Peak - East Side
Sebring Peak - Southeast Side
Puck Peak from Northwest
Mission Peak - West Slope
Tsee Peak - East Side
Western Mission Ridge and Puck Peak
Eastern Mission Ridge and Mount McLean
Big Buck Mountain - North Face
Cousin Mountain - East Side
Fourth Brother Mountain - Southeast side
Third Brother Mountain - Southeast Side
Second Brother Mountain - East Face
Three Brothers Mountain (First Brother) - Northwest Side
Three Brothers Mountain (First Brother) - South Side
Ostinato Peak - Southwest Slope
Ostinato Peak - North Face
Santa Claus Mountain - South Side
Mount Seton - North Face
Mount Malcolm X - North Face
Ample Mountain - West Side
Saddlebag Peak - North Face
Skimka Peak - Northeast Face
Saddlebag Peak - Southwest Slope
Kaoham Peak - East Face
Modal Peak - Southwest Face
Skimka Peak - Northeast Face
Shawatum Mountain - East Side
Memaloose Peak - Northeast Side
Hozomeen Mountain - North Side
Porcupine Peak - South Side
Mount Killam - South Side
Mount Liddell and Mount Gambier - Southeast Side
Soames Hill - Southeast Side
Sheep Mountain - North Ridge
Sheep Mountain - East Face
Lamb Mountain - Southeast Side
Lamb Mountain - Northwest Slope
Mount Shuksan - West Side
Mount Herman - South Side
Table Mountain - Southeast Side
Mount Lincoln - Southwest Side
Illal Mountain - South Ridge
Coquihalla Mountain - East Side
Spiral Peak - South Side
Capilano Mountain - Southwest Side
Mount Windsor - Northwest Side
Deeks Peak - West Side
Deeks Peak - East Face
Strawberry Mountain - East Slope
Mount George V - Northwest Side
Mount Albert Edward - Southeast Slope
Clarence Peak - North Face
Clarence Peak - Eastern Summits
Mount Frink - Southeast Side
Mount Albert Edward - South Face
Clarence Peak and Mount George V from Northwest
Mount Syd Watts and Mount Sid Williams - Northwest Side
Augerpoint Mountain - East Side
Mount Syd Watts - Northeast Side
Mount Mitchell - South Ridge
Mount George V - Northeast Side
Castlecrag Mountain - Northeast Face
Castlecrag Pinnacle - South Side
Castlecrag Mountain - West Side
Mount Regan - South Arete
Augerpoint Mountain - Southwest Side
Mount Mitchell - South Ridge and East Face
Jutland Mountain - Southwest Face
Alexandra Peak - South Side
Looking Down at Castlecrag Pinnacle
Black Butte - West Side
Carnlick Mountain - Northwest Side
Campanula Peak - East Side
Phacelia Peak - Northeast Side
Hump Mountain - North Side
Far Mountain - Southwest Side
Mount Scot - West Side
Calliope Mountain - West Ridge
Scot N2 - Northwest Side
Saxifraga Mountain - North Side
Crumble Mountain - West Side
Stonecrop Ridge from the West
Campanula Peak - North Side
Hierochloe Peak - Northwest Side
Pipe Organ Mountain - South Side
Go-around Mountain - North Ridge
Calliope Mountain - South Side
Campanula Peak - Southeast Side
Monocephala Peak - Southeast Side
Wells Peak from Northwest
Chipmunk Mountain - South Side
Goat Peak - East Side
Sun God Mountain - Northwest Side
Finch Ridge - Northwest Side
Pump Peak - North Side
Fowl Peak - Northeast Face
Fowl SE1 - Northeast Face
Mount Ronayne - South Side
Markhor Peak From Southwest
Markhor Peak Summit Block
Needle Peak From Northeast
The Flatiron from Northeast
Alpaca Peak From South
Sawchuk Peak - South Side
Cloudburst Mountain - North Side
Zygo Peak - Northwest Ridge
Manatee Range
Meager Obelisk from Northeast
Earth Peak - Northwest Side
Two Doctors Peak - Northeast Flank
Spidery Peak and Overseer Mountain
Uriah's Heap - Southeast Side
Volunteer Peak - North Side
Kremlin Peak - North Face
Cloud Cap Peak - North Side
Free Will Peak - Northeast Side
Frozen Boot Peak - West Side
Pine Bump
Looking Down at Meager Obelisk
Three Stooges - North Side
Deroche N2 From the South
Harrison Hill - Northwest Side
Deroche SW1 - North Face
Deroche Mountain - South Ridge
Bacardi Peak - Southeast Side
Romeo Peak (Mine Peak) - Northwest Side
Juliet (Jessica) Peak - South Side
July Mountain - Southwest Ridge
Guanaco Peak - Northeast Side
Jenna Peak - Northeast Face
Vantage Peak from Southeast
Duchess Horn - North Face
Perspective Peak - South Aspect
Saddlebag Peak - West Side
Trilateral Peak - North Face
Ostinato Peak - West Face
Merlot Peak - South Side
Goat Peak from Northeast
Canine Peak - Northeast Side
Beaujolais Peak - Southwest Side
Sockeye Horn - North Face
Brown Molar Peak - West Side
Beaujolais Peak - West Face
Sockeye Horn - West Side
Brown Molar Peak - Northeast Side
Snout Peak from Northwest
Mount Shalalth - North Side
Skimka Peak - Northeast Face
Kaoham Peak - Northeast Side
Salishan Peak - East Side
Mount Seton Summit From Southeast
Ostinato Peak - South Ridge
Mount Seton Summit From Southwest
Trilateral Peak - North Side
Face Mountain - Northeast Face
Locomotive Mountain - Southeast Face
Face Mountain - Southeast Side
Tim Jones Peak - North Face
The Spatula
Mount Cayley Massif - East Side
Powder Mountain from Southeast
Spatula Peak - East Face
Pineau Peak - West Side
Brandywine Mountain - Northeast Side
Grand Marnier Peak - Southwest Side
Cognac Peak - East Slope
Meslilloet Massif - North Side
Mount Gillespie - South Side
Eyeore Peak - West Slope
Windfall N2 - North Side
Windfall N1 - North Face
Blowdown Peak - Summit Area
Pinecone Group from Northwest
Sky Pilot Group From Northeast
Split Peak - Northwest Side
Alpen Mountain - South Side
Clowhom N1 - Northeast Side
Clowhom Peak - Northeast Side
Jimmy Jimmy From Northeast
Coin Peak Summit
Basanite Peak - Northeast Face
Opal Hill - Southwest Side
Opal Hill - Southeast Side
Ruby Hill - East Slope
Gemstone Hill - Southwest Side
Mount Downton - Northwest Slopes
Itcha Mountain - West Slopes
Mount Tafari - South Ridge
Mount Selassie - South Face
Mount Downton - Northeast Side
Rainbow Mountain Summit from Southeast
Spectrum Peak - East Side
Gin Peak - North Face
Shawatum Mountain - North Side
Hatchethead Mountain - East Face
Silverdaisy Mountain - South Side
Claimstake Mountain - Summit Ridge
Claimstake Mountain - North Face
Mount Brice - Northeast Face
Eastpoint Peak - Northwest Side
Silvertip Mountain - East Face
Deeks Peak - Southeast Side
Gotha Peak - North Ridge
Macklin Peak - Northwest Side
Coburg Peak - Northeast Ridge
Mount Hanover - Ascent Gullies
Mount Windsor - Summit Block
Mount Hanover - North Face
Hat Mountain - South Side
Howe Sound, Anvil Island, and Leading Peak
Brunswick Mountain - Northwest Side
Cathedral Mountain - West Face
Wettin Peak - South Side
Mount Hanover - West Face
Hat Mountain - Summit Block
Boulder Mountain - North Side
Slumber Peak - Southeast Ridge
Molybdenite Peak - Northwest Ridge
Phair Peak - Southwest Face
Powellite Peak - West Face
Hat Mountain - East Side
Brunswick Mountain - Northeast Side
Twin One Glacier - Joffre, Matier, and Hartzell
Greifswald Peak - South Face
Greifswald Peak - West Side
Snowspider Mountain - North Face
Snowspider Mountain - North-Northwest Side
Mount Howard - Southeast Side
Baal Peak - Northwest Side
Unicorn Peak from Southeast
Mount Angeles - Southwest Side
Rocky Peak from the West
Rethel Mountain - North Face
The Owls - Southwest Side
Pitt S2 - North Side
Mama Bear Peak - Northwest Face
Three Bears Mountain - North Side
Baby Bear Peak - Northeast Face
Mama Bear Peak - North Ridge
Greymantle Mountain - East Side
Hellebore Peak - East Side
Greenmantle Mountain - West Side
Three Bears Mountain - East Side
Greenmantle Mountain - Northeast Side
Goldilocks Mountain - West Side
Roller Coaster Peak - West Side
Lone Knoll - South Side
Tuwasus Mountain - Southeast Side
Rain God Mountain - Northeast Side
Bluemantle Peak - West Slope
Goldilocks Mountain - East Side
Mist Door Peak from Southeast
Southeast side of Pitt NE0
Greymantle Mountain - South Face
Livingston Peak - West Side
Mount Sir Richard - South Face
Nivalis Mountain - South Face
Mount Pitt - East Side
Pitt S2 - East Side
Mount Pitt - Summit Block
Iceworm Peak - Northeast Side
Overseer Mountain - Southwest Side
Two Doctors Peak - Northeast Side
Earth Peak - North Side
Kremlin Peak - Northeast Side
Three Stooges - North Side
Frozen Boot Peak - Summit Block
Overseer Mountain - West Face
Uriah's Heap - South Side
Spidery Peak - Southwest Side
Frozen Boot Peak - Northeast Side
Three Stooges - Northeast Side
Madhorse E2 - Northwest Face
Madhorse Mountain - West Side
Overseer Mountain - West Face
Overseer Mountain - Summit Block
Zygo Peak - North Face
Beauty Peak - East Ridge
Crown Mountain Summit Block - East Side
The Camel - West View
Hanes Valley
The Camel Head-On
Spindle Peak - South Ridge
Godmother Peak - South Side
Panorama Ridge - North Side
Helm Peak From Northwest
Empetrum Peak - South View
The Black Tusk - Northeast Side
The Black Tusk - East Side
Bardean E1 - West Side
Mount Clarke - Southwest Side
Mount Bardean - West Side
Mount Ratney - Summit Block
Stonerabbit Peak - Northeast Side
Squeah N1 - East Face
Squeah Mountain - East Face
Jorgenson E1 - East Side
Jorgenson Peak - North Face
Jorgenson E1 - North Face
Tszil Mountain - East Slope
Slalok Mountain - North Face
Slalok Mountain - Southwest Ridge
Slalok Mountain - Upper Southwest Ridge
Mount Taylor - East Face
Tszil Mountain - Northeast Face
Twin Goat Mountain - North Side
Mount Matier - West Face
Duffey Peak - Northeast Side
The Flatiron - Northeast Face in Winter
Markhor Peak - West Side in Winter
Needle Peak - North Face in Winter
Needle Peak - West Ridge
The Defendant - South Side
Mount Crickmer - North Side
Mount Martyn - Southwest Side
Mount Moyer - Southwest Side
Hector Ferguson Peak - South Side
Raven Peak - Southeast side
Mount Nutt Summit from Southeast
Nutt SE1 Summit
Mount Gatey - West Side
Mount Robie Reid - Southwest Face
Edge Peak - East Side
Mount Nutt Summit from Southwest
Powder Mountain - South Side
Cayley Massif from the Southeast
Mount Fee - East Side
Evans Peak - South Side
Evans Peak Summit
Edge Peak - Southeast Face
Blanshard Peak - Southeast Side
North Twin Sister - Middle West Ridge
North Twin Sister - West Ridge
North Twin Sister - Upper West Ridge
North Twin Sister - Lower West Ridge
South Twin Sister - North Ridge
North Twin Sister - North Face
Found Peak - Northeast Face
Linus Mountain - Faulty Tower Connecting Ridge
Soprano Peak - Northwest Side
Soprano Peak - East Ridge
Modal Peak - Southwest Side
Linus Mountain - Southeast Ridge
Soprano, Tessitura, and Melvin Peaks
Crown Mountain and The Camel in Winter
Soprano Peak Summit Area
Tenor Peak - North Face
Mount Schroeder - East Side
Lost Peak - North Face
Statimcets Peak - South side
Skimka Peak - Southwest Slope
Contralto Peak - Northeast Face
Faulty Tower - Southwest Side
Found Peak - Northeast Side
Faulty Tower - South Side
Melvin Peak - Northwest Side
Snass Mountain - Northwest Side
Sitkum Peak - South Ridge
Snass S1 - North Side
Snass W2 - East Side
Snass SE1 - Northwest Side
Snazzy Peak - Southwest Side
Rainbow Mountain - Southwest Side
Runner Peak - South Side
Little Diamond Head and Neighbours
Mamquam Massif - West Side
Meager Landslide Terminus
Raging Upper Lillooet River
Looking Down at Keyhole Falls
Keyhole Falls
Meager Landslide Terminus and Spindrift W3
Upper Gold Creek
Raven Peak Massif - South Side
Blanshard Peak - North Ridge
Edge Peak - Northwest Side
Pitt Lake - Southern Half
Mount Bole - West Side
Mount Kranrod - West Side
Hector Ferguson Peak - Northwest Face
Osprey SW1 - Southwest Side
Mount Robie Reid - Northwest Side
Osprey SW1 - North Side
Judge Howay Massif - West Face
Osprey Mountain - South Side
The Tent - North Face
Mount Garibaldi From Atwell Peak
Coliseum Mountain - Southeast Side
Pump Peak - South Side
Dalton Dome - Northwest Face
Garibaldi Park - Southwest Corner
Pyramid Mountain - West Face
Traverse Peak from Mount Breakenridge Summit
Darkside Peak - Summit Block - East Side
North Darkside Hump - Southeast Side
Darkside Peak - Northeast Side
Face Mountain - Southeast Side
Face Mountain - East Side
Locomotive Mountain - Northeast Side
Cheekeye Butte - Northeast Side
Nikaia Mountain - North Face
Siwhe-Stein Divide
Nikaia NE3 - West Face
Nebula - Nebula S1 Connecting Ridge
Old Pierre Mountain - Northwest Side
Skayuk Peak - Northwest Side
Pukulkul Peak - Northwest Side
Galaxy Peak - West Side
Nebula Peak - South Side
Halkomelem, Katzie, Stalo, and Skakala
Betstel Pinnacle - Southwest Side
Nebula S1 - South Side
Betstel Pinnacle - South Side
Halkomelem Peak - Southeast Side
Stalo Peak - Southeast Side
Katzie Mountain - Southeast Side
Mount Marriott - Northeast Face
Delusion Peak from Northwest
Eanastick Plug - East Side
Mount Pitt - Southwest Side
Mamquam Mountain - Northwest Side
Mamquam Mountain - Summit Block
Delusion SW1 from Northeast
Darling Peak - North Side
Garibaldi Massif from Southeast
Looking Down Along Atwell's South Arete to Diamond Head
Mount Baker - East Side
Foley-Conway Connecting Ridge
Stewart Peak and Baby Munday - East Side
Halberds Edge Ridge - North Side
Rampart Mountain - Northwest Aspect
Garibaldi Park - Northeast Corner
Mount Harrison Massif - Southwest Side
Mount Steele - Upper Southeast Ridge
Mount Logan Massif - North Side
Mount Lucania - Northeast Flank
Mount Munday - South Face
Agur S0 - North Ridge and West Face
Mount Agur Summit
Malt Peak - Southwest Side
Mount Brew - East Side
Mount Shadowfax - West Side
Mount Gandalf - Summit Block
Mount Gandalf - East Face
Gandalf-Aragorn Connecting Ridge
Mount Taillefer - West Side
Mount Aragorn Summit Boulder
Hope Mountain - Southeast Ridge
Mount Whitney - East Side
Mount Meager Rabbit Ears in August
Mount Job - North Face
Capricorn Mountain - East Face
Pylon Peak - Northeast Aspect
Mount Meager - East Side in August
Plinth Peak - South Face in August
Haylmore Peak - Southeast Side
Pelion Mountain - Northwest Side
Tzoonie E5 - East Side
Sigurd Peak - South Side
Mount Jimmy Jimmy - Southeast Slopes
Ossa Mountain - East Side
Cloudburst Mountain - Southwest Side
Zenith Mountain - Northwest Side
Crystal S1 - North Face
Silver Peak - West Face
Isolillock Peak - North Face
Cayoosh S2 - North Ridge
Cayoosh Mountain Summit
Lindisfarne Mountain - West Face
Anemone Peak - Northeast Side
Fake Peak - Northeast Ridge
Panorama Peak and Ridge - South Side
Guard Mountain - West Side
The Black Tusk - South Side
Glacier Pikes - Southwest Side
Warren Glacier from Table Meadows
Guard Mountain - South Side
Deception Peak - Southwest Face
Glacier Pikes W1 - East Slopes
The Table - Southeast Side
The Table - West Face
Glacier Pikes - Northwest Ridge
The Table - South Face
The Sharkfin - West Face
Garibaldi Massif - Northeast Side
Cheam Range - Northeast Panorama
Clarke SE2 - North Side
Mount Judge Howay - Upper East Side
Viennese Peak - West Ridge
Recourse Peak - Southwest Ridge
Mount Clarke - West Summit
Mount Clarke - South Side
Mount Clarke - Upper Southeast Ridge
Mount Clarke Summit
Clarke - Ratney Connecting Ridge
Viennese Peak - South Face
Viennese E1 - Southwest Side
Recourse Peak - Southeast Face
Isolillock Peak - Southwest Side
Three Sisters - South Side
Hector Ferguson Peak - Summit Knoll
Raven Peak - Upper East Face
The Defendant - Southwest Side
Mount Martyn - Northwest Side
Osprey Massif - South Side
Mount Robie Reid - West Side
Flood Peak (Tenas Highpoint) - East Face
Fake Peak - Northeast Side
The Black Tusk - Southeast Face
Mount Price - Northeast Slopes
Hour Peak - Northeast Face
The Sphinx - North Ridge
Mount Carr - East Face
Veeocee Mountain - Northeast Side
The Bookworms - North Side
Isosceles Peak - Northeast Face
Castle Towers Mountain - South Side
Mount Carr - West Side
Mount Davidson - Southeast Ridge
Parapet Peak - South Ridge and East Face
Tutankhamen Peak - North Side
Gentian Peak - Northeast Side
Castle Towers Mountain - North Face
Mount Sir Richard - Southwest Ridge
Crosscut Ridge - East Face
The Minute Hand - South Side
Corrie Peak - Southeast Side
The Gatekeeper - Southeast Side
Mount Luxor - East Face
Phyllis Engine - West Face
Nivalis Mountain - East Side
Cornice Collapse on Nivalis Mountain
Mount Henderson - North Side
Mount Dodds - Southwest Side
Mount Dodds - Southwest Ridge
Mount Fulgora - East Side
Mount Porter - West Face
Traversing Mount Robson's Southeast Ridge
Glacier Bay - Margerie Glacier Terminus
Thumb Rock - Mount Shasta
Wheeler Peak - Northeast Face
Mount Hood - Southwest Slopes
Start of Avalanche Gulch - Mount Shasta
Siwhe Headwall
Petlushkwohap and Skihist from Far North
Stein W2 - North Face
Siwhe Creek Drainage - Intlpam SE5
Evenglow Mountain - East Side
Sugarloaf Mountain - East Side
Red Banks - Mount Shasta
Mount Yale - North Slopes
Buffalo Peaks
Albuquerque from Sandia Crest
El Capitan - Southwest Face
The Watchman - Zion National Park
Landscape Arch
The Dragonback
Half Dome - Northwest Face
Bryce Canyon
Mexican Hat Rock
Shastina - East Slopes
Mount Columbia - Northwest Slopes
Mount Harvard - Southeast Ridge
Mount Saint Helens - North Slopes
Stein Mountain - Northwest Face
Siwhe NW0 - South Face
Siwhe Mountain - South Side
Stein Mountain - East Slopes
Stein Mountain - Southeast Ridge
Evenglow Mountain - North Face
Mount Job - East Ridge and North Face
Perkin's Pillar - South Face
Gunsight Peak - East Slopes
Garibaldi Massif From South
Atwell Peak - Southeast Face
Wedge Mountain - East Face
Perkin's Pillar - Northeast Side
Mount Hunter
Foley Peak - West Side
The Still - South Face
Welch Peak Summit
Cheam Range - Western Portion
Stewart Peak - East Side
Upper West Buttress on Denali
Climbing Toward Denali's West Buttress
Mount Foraker
Lower Coleman Glacier
Cadwallader Range From McGillivray Pass Area
Whitecap Mountain from Mount Bobb
Mount Piebiter - North Face
Mount McGillivray - North Side
McGillivray Pass
Standard Ridge
Bendor Mountain - North Face
Rampart Towers on Bendor Mountain
Mount Truax From the Southeast
Hawthorne Creek Headwaters
Mount Bobb From the Southwest
Perkin's Pillar Silhouette
Pylon Peak - Northeast Slopes
Mount Meager - Southwest Side
Mount Meager - West Ridge
Capricorn Mountain - East Face
Pylon and Capricorn from the North
Plinth Peak - Southwest Slopes in July
Gunsight Peak - East Face
Sunrise on Gunsight SW1
Eaton Lake from Campsite
Mount Grant - South Side
Eaton Peak - Northeast Face
Atwell Peak - Looking Down East Ridge
Mount Jacobsen From the North
Fyles Glacier Panorama
Chili, Tzintli, and Geryon
Northwest Monarch Icefield Panorama
Cerberus Mountain from NE (Summit of Dagon)
Nusatsum Falls
Hyperion Peak and Icarus Mountain
North Bentinck Arm
Unnamed Peak on Pearl Massif
Polar Bear Peak
Pearl Peak Massif
Mount Jacobsen - South Side
Mount Logan's East Peak from Hubbard Glacier
West Jacobsen Peak From Fyles Glacier
Mongol Mountain - Southeast Spur
Upper Talchako Valley
Ant Lake
Talchako Glacier Terminus
Ski Touring in Southern Tweedsmuir Park
Monarch Massif from the Northwest
Talchako Mountain from the Southwest
Mount Belial from the South
Mount Jacobsen Area
Talchako Mountain from the Northeast
Pandemonium Pass
Polar Bear Peak - West Ridge
Horribilis Peak
Mount Dagon - Southwest Ridge
Monarch Mountain from Talchako Glacier
Monarch Massif from the North
Mount Fyles After a Storm
Mount Satan - East Face
Hunlen Falls
Wedge Mountain - North Arete
Widgeon Peak from the South
Coquitlam Mountain
View North from Widgeon Peak
Widgeon Peak Approach
Widgeon Peak Summit
Parkhurst Mountain and Rethel Mountain
Wedge Mountain - Northeast Buttress
Slesse Mountain Area
Baby Munday Peak
Lesser Wedge Mountain - North Face
Gaining the Wedge-Weart Col
Chaos Creek Headwaters
The Owls From Weart Glacier
Eureka and Oasis Mountains
Wedge Mountain - Northeast Side
Armchair Glacier
Wedge Mountain - North Side
Mount Meager - West Slopes in July
Capricorn Mountain - East Face
Mount Job - East Ridge and North Face
Western Cayoosh Range
Lake Lovely Water
Alpha and Serratus
Omega Mountain - Northwest Face
Mount Taillefer - North Face
Capricorn Mountain From the West
Mount Job - South Face
Mount Job - North Face
Affliction Glacier
Capricorn Mountain and Mount Meager
Cadwallader Range
Omega Mountain - North Face
Niobe, Pelops, and Iota
Mount Mills Summit
Mount Dodds Summit Pinnacle
Mount Mills Camp Site
Mount Mills - West Slope
Upper Tchaikazan Valley
Fishem Lake and Fishem Peak
Central Tchaikazan Valley
Transition Peak
Frank Smith Glacier
Tchaikazan Glacier Terminus
Plinth Peak - North Face in April
Lower Taseko Lake Campsite
The Gargoyles
The Black Tusk
Atwell - East Face
View From Panorama Ridge
Peak 7200 - South Face
Peak 7200 - West Ridge
Chipmunk Mountain - Northwest Face
Mount Quincy Adams - North Face
Fairweather Mountain - Northeast Face
Mount Rainier Summit
Seven Sisters Peaks
Whitemantle Range from the Northeast
Pingualuit Crater
Silvertip Northeast Ridge
Mount Athabasca
Logan Massif from the Northeast
Robson Icefall
Resplendent Mountain from Robson's Southeast Ridge
Upper Southeast Ridge - Mount Robson
Robson from the Northeast
Waddington from Northwest Summit
Mount Robson - North Face

Total Photos:807