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Subject User: Sandra McGuinness
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East Side Mount McLeod
Mount Thurston from Elk mountain
Elk Mountain from Trail to Thurston
Archduke Mountain from the Settlers Group
Mount Wilkinson from Bacchus Ridge
Unnamed Peak between Mount Clark and Bacchus Ridge
Bacchus Ridge
Mount Beguin from the Southwest
Mount Bulmer from South
Winter Peak
Tooth Ridge Towers
Mount Willet, Standard Ascent Route
Norns Range: Mount Spiers and Airy Mountain to Ladybird Mountain
Chariot Peak and Thor Lake
Demers Peak and Lakes
Mount Dorval from Urd Peak (East)
Southwest Peak (Mount Buri) from Mount Bor
Looking Down on Urd Peak
All the Devils: Devils Couch to Mount Bor
Cache Peak from Mount Independence.
Mount Independence, West Side
Cherry Pip Pass
Tabletop Mountain
Bellavista Ridge, Priory Peak, Meadow Dome
Climbing Moraine Pass, Tundra Peak Behind
Shields Peak
Diversion Peak
Haven Peak
Meadow Dome from Ridge from Contemplation Peak
Meditation Mountain from the Southwest
Contemplation Peak, Meditation Mountain and Lindisfarne Mountain
Mount Skook Jim from Bellavista Ridge
Tynemouth Mountain from Arrowhead Mountain
The Long Southwest Ridge of Long Mountain
Arrowhead Mountain
Anemone Peak and Tabletop Mountain
Texas Peak from Reco Ridge
Paddy Peak from Reco Ridge
Mount Pool and Company
Mount Homer and Mount Jowett
Mount Thompson from Great Northern Mountain
Mount Pool from Great Northern Mountain
Not So Great: Great Northern Mountain
Trout Mountain from Great Northern Mountain
Record Mountain from Old Glory Mountain
Goat Mountain
Mount Saint Thomas from Old Glory
Mount Kirkup from Old Glory Mountain
Mount St Leon from Kuskanax Mountain
East Face Kuskanax Mountain
Mount Islip from Kuskanax Mountain
Unimpressive Mount Irvine
Mount Lasca
The Purcell Wilderness: Carney and Fry Creeks
Looking through the Fog at Tooth Ridge
Kootenay Lake and Mount Brennan
Kootenay Joe Ridge
Mount Willet from the South
The Settlers Group: Winter, Bulmer and Beguin
Mount Tyrrell from the North
Sandon Peak from Northeast
Mount Payne from the Southeast
Mount Cody from the North
Winter in the Goat Range: Mount Dryden
Commonwealth Mountain from the South
Mount Grohman
Mount Huscroft
Armstrong Mountain
Flatiron Mountain
Mount Wilkie
Spine Mountain
Redcliff Peak
Spyglass Mountain and Tenderfoot Mountain
Mount Homer
Sunset on Mount Templeman
Triune Mountain
Jackson Peak from Haystack Mountain
Mount Goodwin from Haystack Mountain
Haystack Mountain from the South
Craig Peak from Haystack Mountain
Mount Niord from Mount Denver (Southeast)
Mount Denver
English Peak from the New Denver Glacier
Iron Peak from below the New Denver Glacier
Mount Meers from Mount Denver (East)
Hela Peak and the Devils Range
Mount Denver, English Peak, Iron Peak and the New Denver Glacier
Mount Twigg
Mount Milford from Mount Holmes
Ladybird Mountain From the South
Mount Humphreys from Muriel Lake
Mount Fiske from Lake 11,939
Mount McDuffie From Black Giant
Mount Warlow From Black Giant
Muriel Peak in Spring
Black Prince (left) Lucifer Peak (right) from Gwillim Lakes
Grays Peak
Midday Peak from Cabin Peak
Diminutive Mount Roberts
Mount Charybdis from the south shoulder of Mount Solomons
The West Side of Black Giant
Gobblers Knob From Reynolds Peak
Mount Raymond
Overlooking the Pallisade Crest from Contact Pass (Norman Clyde)
Mount Gould From Upper Onion Creek Valley
The Purcells over Top of Scranton Basin
Aaron Hill from the East
Mount Retallack and Granite Knob
Boomerange Mountain and Cresting the Kokanee Glacier
Mount Robert Smith in Winter
Craigtown Peak From The North
Mount Stanley in Winter
View from Stott Peak: Mount Kelly and Two Fire Lookouts
East Face Sandon Peak
Reco Mountain from the South
Sangrida Peak from the South
Mount Spiers from the Southwest
Mount Yuill in Winter
White Queen
North Side Mount Plewman
Mount Beattie from Evening Ridge
Mount Lepsoe from Strawberry Pass
Talus Hill from Violin Lake Forest Service Road
Lake Mountain from Lookout Mountain
Unnamed Peak to the Southwest of Mista Peak
Mista Peak from the North
Mount Woodbury from Sunrise Mountain
Pontiac Peak from Mount Woodbury
Mount Carlyle from Mount Woodbury
Sunrise Mountain from the East
The Mulvey Group from Dag to Nisleheim
Airy Mountain in Winter
Mount Cornfield North Side
Mount Ruppel from Mount Cornfield
Mount Heyland from Long Mountain
Mount Aylwin from Long Mountain
Devils Range From Lucifer to Devils Spire
Mount Proteus
Schooner Ridge and Pass
Scylla Mountain and The Chinese Wall
Looking South to Mount Shardelow
Peaks of the Melville and Nemo Groups
Looking Along the Traverse Route from Proteus to Moby Dick
Obstacle Mountain
Ferrite Peak (Iron Ridge) and Thumb Spire
From Melville to Homer: The North Side of Charybdis Mountain
Mount Billy Budd and Claggart Peak
East Ridge Escalade Peak
Mount Alan Campbell - View of Ski Route
Esmeralda Peak - Southwest Ridge
Mount McKean, North Side
Northwest Face of Blacktail Mountain
Long Mountain from the South
North Face Titei Mountain
Nasokwen Mountain from the West Ridge
Mount Chipman from Mount Kemp (Northeast)
Mount Holmes from Trafalgar Mountain
Looking Down on Mount Buchanan Fire Lookout
Looking Down on Diminutive True Blue Mountain
Mount Kemp from the Southeast
Trafalgar Mountain from the North
North Side Mount Midgeley
Mount Leary from the Nakusp Range
Another View of Mount Cooper
Summit Peak and Magenta
Mount Ferrie from the West
North Star Mountain from North Star Spur (North)
Mount Waldie from the East
Mount Cody from Mount Payne (Northwest)
South Slopes Reco Mountain
Selkirk Peak from Mount Payne (Northeast)
Idaho Peak from Mount Payne (Northeast)
Early Spring on Mount Carlyle and Mount Cody
Northwest Ridge of Mount Payne
Wolf Peak from the Camel (South)
Wolf Peak Panorama
Sunset Mountain from Mount Giegerich
South Side of Ymir Mountain
Traveling through the Wide Winter Country: Approaching the Summit of Mount Elise
Foremast Peak and Schooner Pass
Nemo Group from Schooner Ridge
Mount Proteus to Moby Dick Mountain and All the Peaks Between
Typee Mountain
The Poopdeck
Outrigger Peak from Typee Mountain (West)
Looking Down on Omoo Peak
Nautilus Mountain from Typee Mountain (Northwest)
Omoo Peak and Typee Mountain from Vicinity of Schooner Pass
Pequod Mountain from Pequod Pass
Pequod Pass, The Poopdeck, Mount Ahab, Mount Butters
Moby Dick Mountain and Pequod Mountain
Peaks South of Houston Creek
Yes Please Spire and Moby Dick Mountain North Side
Moby Dick Mountain from Typee Mountain
Mainmast Peak from Foremast Peak (Southwest)
Forecastle Peak, Pequod and Moby Dick Mountains
Vistamount from Omoo Peak (Northeast)
Schooner Ridge from Pequod Pass (West)
Mount Butters From Typee Mountain (South)
Benito Cereno from the Summit of Typee Mountain
The Great White Whale: Moby Dick and Proteus
Mount Ahab: South Side and Ridge
South Side of Mount Ahab and Mount Butters
Mount Jardine, North Side
Nice Meadow, Rubbly Rock: Mount Schroeder
Giants Kneecap
Now You See It, Soon You Don't: The Rapidly Disappearing Kokanee Glacier
Ross Peak
East Buttress Mount Afton
The Panther: Bagheera Mountain
Cat of the Mountain: Catamount Peak from Mount Abbott
The Great Bear: Ursus Major From Abbott Ridge
Peaks of Cougar Brook
Cheops from Abbott Ridge
Sun God Mountain from Mount McLeod
A Bonny View: The North Side of Mount Bonney
Young's Peak: Northwest Ice Face
South Face Tenquille Mountain
Mount McLeod from Fossil Pass
South Face Goat Peak
Uto Peak from Mount Abbott
Saddle Mountain and Fire Lookout
Upper Saddle Mountain from Saddle Mountain (south)
Pointy Peak - The Real Steeple Mountain
Wood Peak From Kootenay Mountain (NE)
Not Much To Look At: Mount McGregor
Wurttemberg Mountain
North Side Sir Benjamin
Mount Pythias from the Gothics Glacier
North Side Mount Fria
Mount Damon From Gothics Glacier
The Gargoyle and East Peak of the Gothics
Ski Route up Sentinel Peak in the Adamants
Not Really Nondescript: Mount Sir George
The Two Summits of Mount Wotan
Unicorn and Horn
Ygdrasil and Sir Benjamin across the Gothics Glacier
Pioneer Peak from the East
No Takers: Cycle Peak from the Southwest
Enterprise Peak: Southeast face
Ridgewalking on Sentinel Peak
Sir Benjamin, West Face
Gibraltar Peak and The Toadstool
Houdini Needles: Now You See Them
Mount Quadrant, Aerial View Southwest Aspect
Skier Enroute to Friendship Col: Mount Colossal and Enterprise Peak
West Face of Mount Quadrant and the Rabbit Ears
The Mythology of Gog and Magog
Minor Peaks of the Adamant Range
Wall Mountain from the South
The View from Wall Mountain
South Sister in the West Kootenays
The West Kootenay Three Sisters
Dominion Mountain and Barrett Lake
Skiers on the Bonnington Traverse, East Spur Siwash Mountain
Magenta Peak from Southeast
Winter on the Fourth Brother
Big Buck Mountain in Winter
Mount Vingolf, North Side
The Southwest Side of Big Sister Mountain, Northern Valhallas
Not That Rugged: Rugged Peak from Southwest
Skiers above Shannon Lake
North Face Mount Harlow in Winter
Mount Rainier from The Tooth
The Tooth, Washington
Three Sisters from Reno Mountain
Winter on Evening Ridge
Winter in the Norns Range
North Face Hilda Peak
Meadow Skipping Terrain: South Side Naumulten Mountain
Skiers En Route to Mount Rollins
Going Strong at 70: Bert Returning to the Lodge from the West Ridge of Mount McBride
Mount Neptune from the Cutblock below Mount Crowe
Mount Mackie from Mount Neptune (Southwest)
Another Grand Day in the West Kootenays: Doug on Embla Peak
East Side of Mount Crowe
A Pretty Nice Place for Lunch: Microwave Peak, Kootenay Pass
Hoder Creek Panorama
Harrison Peak
Gunsight Peak from Hortman Ridge
Chimney Rock, Idaho
Mount Heimdal, the North Side
Baldy Mountain from the Qua Area
Snowcrest from the West
Mount Faith from Cowpie Lake
Valley Fog: The Valhallas and Norns Ranges
East Blackfriar
Snowy Top, Idaho
The Big Peak of the Goat Range: Mount Cooper
The Towers: Leaning That Is
Peaks of the Silver Spray Drainage
Mount Kemball East Face and Scramble Route
Moonlight Peak East Face
Kyawats Mountain from the South
Burning Brightly: Fire Spires
Looking South to Snowy Top
Skiers Arriving at Top of OK Mountain
Mount Loki: New Trail to Summit
Kelly Peak from North
Gates Peak with Route Descriptions
Mount Macbeth: North Face Route
So Foul and Fair: Descending the Macbeth Icefield
The Sleepwalker: Lady Macbeth
An Unusual Spot for a Snowpit: Avalanches on Cornice Ridge
High Hike-to-Climb Ratio: South Ridge of Ingalls Peak
Fun Fall Climbing: The Liberty Bell Group
The Valkyr Range: Lequereux to Naumulten
Towering Tupper: A Fun Climb
The Hot Summer of 2006: A Very Dry Glacier View Peak
The Teetering Towers of Caribou Ridge
Nice-Looking Peak in Spring: Mount Freya from Mount Heimdal (South)
Mountains and Ice: The Wonderful McBride Traverse
Looking West to the Big Guys: Valhallas From Valkyrs
Shrinking Wildlands: Skiers Above Ingersoll
The Northern Valkyrs: Mount Rollins
I Wanna Ski That - Baldy Mountain
Winter In the Nelson Range
Tiny Tenderfoot Lake
Late Summer on Tenderfoot Mountain
Upper Kuskanax Creek: Once a Wilderness
Early Winter in the Valkyrs
The Clachna What? Peaks above the Clachnacudainn River
Not Another One: Asgard South Face and Southwest Ridge
Banshee and Diablo from Mount Prestley
The Dark Prince: Devils Dome and False Devils Dome
On the North Ridge of Midgard
Between Heaven and Earth: Midgard Peak
Among the Devils: The Couch and The Spire
Bifrost Bridge: The Route to Asgard
Under a Darkening Sky: The Devils Range from Drinnon Peak
Tom Tiedje Approaches Elusive Pass
Mr Bivouac Cruising Through the Snow Bowl
Morning in the Meadows below Endless Chain Ridge
Wretched is Spelt Kokanee Glacier
A Flying Vacation: Helicopter over Kaslo Lake
Travels through My Own Backyard: Dominion Mountain
Ain't No Mountain Small Enough: Mount Baldur
The Hanging Judge: Mount Begbie
In the Clachnacudainn Range: Mount Coursier
Mount Williamson from Mount Revelstoke
Looking North from Revelstoke: Mount Dickey
Looking over Woden Peak
Lucifer Peak from Black Prince Mountain
Truce Group: Cauldron to Tranquility
Another One for the Tick List: Emperor Peak
Morning Light on the Truce Group
Monica Meadows and the Truce Group
The Drying of the Purcells: Eyebrow, Birthday and the Starbird Glacier
No Better Place on Earth: Camp Below Mount Monica
Mount Amen-Ra from Monica Meadows
West Face Route on Mount Clutterbuck
Birthday Peak from the South
The Commander Group
Gregorio Peak from Gwillim Lakes Plateau
The Inexplicably Named Granite Peak of the Southern Purcells
Farnham Tower and Mount Farnham
Howser Towers and the Bugaboos from Eyebrow Peak
Kane Peak
Hampshire Mountain and Insect Peak
The Leaning Towers Group
Caribou Ridge and Satisfaction Peak from Mount Chipman
Long Mountain at the End of a Long Day
Whitewater Mountain and Mount Brennan
Boomerang Mountain and Mount Robert Smith
Arlington Peak from Mount Ruppel
Cauldron Lake
Seven Sisters and Crowsnest Mountain
Mistaya Mountain and Mount Patterson
Gwendoline Mountain and Black Fang
Mounts Harmon and Griffith
Black Fang and the Catamount Glacier
Bident Mountain and Mount Quadra from Consolation Lakes
Mount Crawford
Mount Fleance from the South
Rogers, Swiss and Hermit From the Southeast
Mount Sifton from the East
West Ridge of Mount Tupper
Mt Grady and Mt Burnham
Gold Range From Mt Odin
East Ridge of Mt Odin
Peak 9100 From the Frigg Glacier
The Three Peaks of Mount Prestley From The South
Peaks Around Mulvey Lake
Wolfs Ears and Dag
The West Ridge of Mt McGill
On the Final West Ridge of Mt McGill
Gladsheim Peak from Summit of Mt Nott
View from the Summit of Little Dag
Forest Fire Smoke Over the Mulvey Group and Devils Range
The Traverse Route for Nott, Batwing, Little Dag and Dag
Mt Bagheera From Mt McGill
The East Ridge of East Wolfs Ear
Hiking North Towards the Summit of Meadow Mountain
Panorama of the Bonnington Range
A Winter View of Copper Mt from Siwash Mt
Toad Mountain
The Goat Range from London Ridge
Spillimacheen Glacier and Peaks
Copper Mountain From Red Mountain
An Old Goat Climbs Mt Huestis
Ram River Glacier and Icefall Mountain from Mt. Huestis
September Sunset on Mt Harris, Banff N.P.
Mount Huestis (finally)
The Three Summits of Willingdon From Clearwater Pass
Quartzite col from the NE
Primrose Icefield
Mount Siwash from Copper Mountain
Mounts Bell and Chris Spencer from Cavalier
The Bonnington Range from Copper Mountain
Mts Munday, Agur and Jester from Mt Cavalier
Rossland Range
Finality Mountain from Peak 8789
Mount Munday
True Summit of Mount Munday
Mts Cavalier (left) and Jester from Dais Glacier

Total Photos:415