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Subject User: Stewart Douglas
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Lake Chilko and Subpeak of Mount Tatlow
Mount Sheba and Tyaughton Panorama
Spruce Lake and Meadows
Macbeth Icefield
Truce Mountain Glacier
Lorna Lake Outflow
Lorna Lake
Summer Flowers below Tricouni
Tomyhoi Peak and Yellow Aster Butte
Slesse and Rexford from Larrabee
Hozomeen from the West
The Old Settler from Daiphy Lake
Ross Lake
Smith Rock from above Asterix Pass
Silver Lake and Wells Peak
Sunrise on Mount Rogers
Canadian, American and Larrabee Peaks
Canadian Border Peak
Mount Seton (CY5) From the North
Panorama of "CY" Peaks
Duffey Lake Outflow
Spruce Lake
Mt. Sheba
Just Past Providence cove
Sombrio Sunset
Peeking at Vantage
Another Joffre Shot
Mt. Spetch
Needle Peak through the Clouds
Cheam Range Goodness
Foley Subpeak
Lorna Valley
Elbow Pass Scree
Broken Top
Middle Sister and North Sister
South Sister
Sunset over the Cayoosh Range
Ridges of Barkley Valley
Upper Twin Lake
Grizzly Falls
Nahatlatch lake
Norgar Lake
Clayoquot Valley Cedar
Mount Willet
The Joffre group and a Sunspot
Coquihalla Mountain in Winter
North side of Tynemouth Mountain
Cayoosh mountain
Porterhouse Peak through the Mist
Glacier View
Ashlu Mountain
Stein River
Arrowhead lake camp

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