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The Spearhead, the Spearhead Glacier and Phalanx from the E
View of Banana Chute, Psycho Chute and the Bench at the Exit of the Northeast Face from Russet Lake
View of Wedge's SW face from the Spearhead Glacier
North and West face of Trorey from the SE face of Decker
Fitzsimmons, Iago, Overlord and various glaciers from Decker
Blackcomb Peak from Disease Ridge
Fissile Peak NE face
Back side SW face of Fissile Peak showing summit ridge approach
Fissile Peak ridge approach from Fissile-Whirlwind col and the E face
Whirlwind Peak in winter
Fissile Glacier and the Whirlwind Glacier
On the NE face of Fissile
Looking back to Fissile Peak chutes from the base of the NE face
More on the NE face of Fissile
Mt Davidson, Cheakamus Glacier and Castle Towers from Fissile approach
Tremor, Shudder, and Trorey from the Spearhead Glacier
Cassiope and Saxifrage and the Place Glacier from Lower Joffre Lakes.
Star Mountain from Standard Ridge
Glacier on Ronnie's Col with Mt Piebiter to the north in the clouds
Star Mountains north face
Mt McGillivray from McGillivray Pass
View of Standard Ridge and mountains south of McGillivray Pass area from McGillivray Ridge
Stonecrop Glacier, Mt Spetch and Mt Slalok from Lower Joffre Lake
Mt Tszil and Taylor from the NW arm of Joffre
Cayoosh Mountain from Lower Joffre Lake
Moonrise over Joffre
Early Season Look at the East-facing Bowls Guarding Cayoosh
Bowls West of Cayoosh Mountain
Chief Pascall in Early Winter
Early Season Slots on the Decker Glacier
Panoramic View of Decker; the Decker and Trorey Glaciers from the Spearhead
View down Finger Chutes off Decker Mountain
Fissile Peak with Named Chutes from Decker
The Twilights from Molas Pass
Old Glory from Mount Plewman
Red Mountain Pass
View North from Molas Pass Looking into the Animas River Drainage to Silverton
Tomichi Dome on the Monarch Crest
Monarch Crest Trail and Colorado 14'ers
Mount Marcellina and Mount Gunnison from the Road to Kebler Pass and Crested Butte
The West Elk Mountains of Colorado in Living Colour
Tablelands from the Coast off Woody Point
Gros Morne Shrouded in Clouds
Old Crow from the Viking Highway
Talus Field Approach to Gros Morne
The MoHo of the Tablelands
Big Cottonwood Canyon in the Wasatch
Colorado 14'ers - Mount Shavano; Antero; Princeton and Columbia or Harvard
Climbing down from Gros Morne and Looking into Bonne Bay
Tablelands Panorama
Tenquille Alpine Looking South to Camel's Back and Mount Morrison
Grouty Peak from the Hurley Forest Service Road
Mount Morrison and Morrison SE6 from the North Side of the Lillooet Valley
Copper Mound from Tenquille Alpine
Goat Peak and Tenquille Mountain from Tenquille Lake
Sun God Mountain from Tenquille Lake
Lilloet Valley Looking West from the Tenquille Access Road
View up Taylor Creek Trail to Taylor Pass Hidden in the Clouds
Panorama of Cheekye Ridge and Mount Garibaldi from Paul Ridge
View of Pyramid Mountain, the Mamquam Icefield and Mamquam Mountain from Elfin Lakes
Columnar Peak; the Gargoyles and the Peaks of Garibaldi Hidden in Cloud - Panorama from Elfin Lakes
Tantalus, Garibaldi, Bishop Glacier, Mamquam Mountain and the Kitchen Sink Panorama from Elfin Lakes
Subalpine Approaching Windy Pass Looking Down to Eldorado Creek
Taylor Creek Climb to the Alpine and Taylor Pass Panoramic
Taylor Pass Summit View down Eldorado Creek and Taylor Creek
Eldorado Basin Alpine Flowers
Windy Pass
Windy Pass View of Castle Peak and Fortress Ridge
Grasslands Trails from Spruce Lake down Gun Creek
Mount Sheba; Open Heart and the Gun Creek Drainage West to Warner Pass
Taylor Pass Looking East to Shulaps Range Panoramic
Clemenceau Summit from the West Face Standard Route Approach
Approaching Mount Clemenceau and View of the Southwest Face
View of the Tusk Glacier from Lower Flanks of Mount Clemenceau
Approaching Clemenceau via the Southwest Face Standard Route
Sluff Management Skiing on Reconaissance Ridge
Younghusband Ridge from Tusk Glacier
East Face of Tusk Peak
Duplicate Mountain North Face from Clemenceau Glacier
Fissile Peak from Oboe
Duplicate Mountain East Face from Clemenceau Glacier
Mount Shackleton and the Shackleton Group
Seracfall on the Columbia Icefields
Duplicate Glacier from Tusk Pass
Duplicate Glacier and Tusk Peak from Mount Clemenceau's Southwest Face
Cummins Ridge North with Reconnaissance Ridge and Mount Clemenceau West Face Views
La Traviata Couloir on Tumbledown Mountain
The "Airstrip" of Tusk Glacier with Mount Clemenceau
Northwest Face of Clemenceau
Mount Shipton's West Face
West Face of Tusk Peak Up Close and Personal
Cummins Glacier from Northeast to East from Laurence Grassi Hut Panorama
Moonrise over Goat Peak
View from Top of Perly Rock Looking North to Uto Peak
Glacier Crest and Approach to Illicellewaet via Great Glacier Trail
Lookout Mountain and Lookout Col
Icefall on Approach to Perly Rock at Toe of Vaux Glacier
Perly Rock from Downslope
View Looking Upslope to Perly Rock above Icefall
View from Illicellewaet Drainage up Vaux Glacier to Lookout Col
Mount Sir Donald from Lookout Col
View from Asulkan Valley to Sir Donald, Vaux Glacier and Perly Rock
Illicellewaet "Great Glacier" from Perly Rock panorama
Glarona - a Subpeak of Tumbledown Mountain
Symphony Peak and Centrale Peak from the South
Mount Durrand Viewed from Fronalp - a Subpeak of Mount Tumbledown
Durrand, Allalin and Symphony Glaciers from Forbidden Peak
Tumbledown Mountain's Sunbaked South Face at Sunset from the Durrand Chalet
Concordia Ice Fall and the Moloch Hut at Sunset
Mount Sir Donald from Durrand-Symphony Col
Zwillings's East and Falady Col Heading up the Graham Glacier
Clemenceau Icefield Panorama
Skiing Grizzly Meadows with Big Sister as the Backdrop
Looking South to Mount Stanley, Mount Livingstone and Mount Rhodes
Reconaissance Ridge from Tusk-Irvine Glacier
Tracks on Tusk-Irvine Glacier
Thin Snowbridges on Tusk-Irvine Glacier with the East Face of Shipton in the Background
Rugged Peak as the Backdrop to a Ski Run
Skiing down the Jewels with Silver Mountain as the Backdrop
Mount Vingolf's North Face and Surrounding Panorama Looking into the Northern Valhallas
Mount Moloch from Salbyt Peak
Salbyt Peak to the Durrand Glacier Area Panoramic Southeast to Southwest View
Sentinel Peak Approach
Tusk Peak from Tusk Glacier
Moloch Hut and Mount Moloch from Julianna Glacier

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