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Subject User: Cliff Jennings
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Brandywine Meadows Pan (Mount Weart to Garibaldi)
Peralta Hike 63 pan (Weavers Needle from above Fremont Saddle)
Peralta Hike 44 (wildflowers & Superstition Mtn)
Peralta Hike 60 pan (view East to Pinal Peak) labelled
Peralta hike 24 (Ocotilla & Weavers Needle)
Siphon Draw Hike 76 pan (John Pinnacles & Four Peaks) Browns Peak
Cornice blasting 06 (blast) view of Ember Mountain
Cornice blasting 04 (Overlord background)
Snowshoe Al's Habrich Trail 25 (sunset view of Mount Wrottesley)
TV Site-Helicopter in front of Rainbow Mtn
1971 TV site 02 (Mount Sproatt to lower slopes of Whistler)
1968 CJ Jumping off Whistler peak (Rainbow Mountain)
Mt Andromeda 06 (view of Mt Bryce)
Skiout to Green Lake 05 (Cliff with Trorey Mountain centre)
Skiout to Green Lake 09 (Cliff with Wedge Mountain behind)
1969 Heli Ski 15 (view of shoulder of Mount Pattison from Decker)
1973 Highland Staff 05 (Decker Glacier looking at Shoulder of Mount Pattison)
1973 Highland Staff 01 (on Decker looking at Mount James Turner)
Tea House Hike 17 pan (view of Mount Fergusson)
Tea House Hike 15 pan (view of Mount Sloan)
1971 Cloudburst 04 (view of Garibaldi Mountain)
1971 Cloudburst 05 (view of Tantalus Mountain)
1971 Cloudburst 02 (view of Table Mountain & Mount Garibaldi)
1971 Cloudburst 01 (view of Serratus Mountain)
1968 Glacier Bowl 01 (below Whistler Peak)
1968 Exhilaration 05 (Bobby Calladine) Whistler Glacier Bowl
1968 Exhilaration 02 (Little Whistler)
1968 Whistler Bowl 11 (Bill Chaplin & Brian Williams)
1968 Whistler Bowl 07 (John Lund VD Trees)
Whistler from Blackcomb 1997 pan
1970 Mount Tinniswood from Ipsoot Mtn
1970 Rhododendron Mountain from Ipsoot Mtn
2019 Rhododendron Mountain from Hurley FSR
1968 Gondola & Lower T-Bar on Whistler
1968 Whistler Bowl 02 (Cliff Jennings Peak) view of Sproatt Mountain
1969 Rainbow view of Whistler Alpine
1973 Rainbow, Gin & Tonic Lakes view of Whistler Mountain
1973 Rainbow, Gin & Tonic Lakes 08 view of Rainbow Mountain
1973 Rainbow, Gin & Tonic Lakes 10 view of Wedge Mountain
1969 Armchair Glacier on Mount Weart
2013 view of Joffre from Cerise Creek Summer Trail
1972 SAR Igloo building on Little Whistler 02 crop view of Mount Weart
Skating on Tyaughton Lake 20 pan (Shulaps Range)
Skating on Tyaughton Lake 19 pan (Truax Mtn) 2160
Wedgemont Lake hike 01,Cabin below Weart Mountain
Armchair Glacier 04 (serac collapse) below Mount Weart
Wedge & Weart 09, Ole & Armchair Glacier below Mount Cook
Whirlwind 04 vert pan (Kees & Clare Hut)
Whirlwind 05 vert pan (Kees & Clare Hut)
Whirlwind 02 (Kees & Clare Hut)
Whirlwind 03 (Kees & Clare Hut)
Marriott Basin hike 68 (Mushroom Cloud from Forest Fire flareup 03)
Marriott Basin hike 73 (Sara & Zoey above cabin)
Marriott Basin hike 53 (view of Hut & Joffre)
Marriott Basin hike 49 (Sara & Zoey + Mt Marriott)
Marriott Basin hike 58 (Mt Rohr)
Marriott Basin hike 51 (Zoe & Cayoosh Mt)
Marriott Basin hike 45 pan (Joffre to Cayoosh above Lake)
Symphony Peak 08 pan (Cheakamus Lake & Forger Peak)
Natural Cornice avalanche 01 (onto Snowbowl Glacier)
1986 Whistler Peak Chair blasting
ARCHIVE WMA_P88_019 CARTER 2160 Castle Towers
ARCHIVE WMA_P88_005 CARTER Whistler Peak
Ascending James Turner Neal Carter on peak & Tremor Mountain behind
Ascending James Turner Charles Townsend on peak
Ascending James Turner on Turner Glacier
Ascending James Turner view of Shudder Glacier
Ascending James Turner view of Wedge & Lesser Wedge
Ascending James Turner view of Wedge & Lesser Wedge
Mount James Turner from Symphony 01
Frozen waterfalls 18 pan (Cheakamus Falls)
Frozen waterfalls 09 vert pan (Brandywine Falls climbers)
Frozen waterfalls 11 vert pan (Alexander Falls)
South Cinnabar 54 pan (Tyaughton Lake)
South Cinnabar 32 pan (Crane Peak)
South Cinnabar 27 pan (Pearson Peak, Pearson E3, & Pearson SE5 )
South Cinnabar 24 pan (Eldorado High trail in meadows & Evola Peak)
South Cinnabar 44 pan (Tyaughton Lake) & Ernie Peak
South Cinnibar 22 pan (meadows & mountains) Mount Truax
Xmas day 01 (Crane Peak from cabin)
North Cinnibar 93 pan (Carpenter Lake, Pearson Peak, & Tyaughton Lake)
North Cinnabar 42 pan (Blue, Shulaps & Rex Peaks)
North Cinnibar 71 pan (Blue slush pond & Crane Peak)
Pearson Ridge looking SW to Mount Sloan
Pearson Ridge looking SSW to Mount Williams
Pearson Ridge looking South to Mount Truax
Castle Peak from old road below Eldorado Mountain
Doug & Ian in natural armchair facing Eldorado NE2
Telephoto of Eldorado Mountain & North ridge
Zoe watching Doug in his natural armchair facing Eldorado E2
Doug & Ian by pond with Eldorado Mountain behind
Mount Sheba from the East
Castle Peak from meadows below Eldorado NE2
EldoradoNE2 from meadows below
Alaska Cruise 04 pan (Mt Watson, Mt Fairweather)
Alaska Cruise 16 (Mt Watson, Root2 & Mt Root)
Alaska Cruise to Juneau from Hubbard Glacier 17 (Mt Fairweather)
1971 Blackcomb Mountain from Harmony Bowl on Whistler
1971 Overlord Mountain from Harmony Ridge on Whistler
1967 Pipeline survey 18 Glendenning helicopter view of Mount Ralph
Devastator & Pylon Peaks beyond Fish Lake
1967 Meager Mountain from helicopter
Two Doctors Peak from the West
Mt Casement 21 Descending to the Hunaechin Valley
Mt Casement 19 Mt Alexander
Mt Casement 22 survey & Mt Albert
Russet Lake Hike 61 (Castle Towers)
Russet Lake Hike 58 pan (Cabin & tents)
Russet Lake Hike 56 (Castle Towers)
Russet Lake Hike 53 pan (Castle Towers)
Russet Lake Hike 48 heart in snow below Fissile
1967 Singing Pass view of Tremor Mountain
Russet Lake Hike 12 pan (Singing Pass)
Wedge 13, Ole on Wedge Peak with Mt James Turner far left
Weart 07, Ole on Weart view of Lesser Wedge
Weart 06 Ole on Ridge above Armchair Glacier with Rethel Mtn
Wedge & Weart 10, Ole & Armchair Glacier
Weart 11, Cabin above Wedgemont Lake
Weart 12 (Wedgemont Lake & cabin)
Wedge & Weart 15, Wedge North Face & Mt James Turner
Wedge & Weart 13, Ole on Wedgemont Glacier
Mount Moe 08 looking at Weart & the Owls
Mount Moe 07 John on Pinnacle looking at Weart
Mount Moe 09 looking at Mount Neal above Weart Glacier
Mount Moe from campsite
Mount Moe 02 campsite & Mount Cook
Mount Moe 06 John on Glacier
Ipsoot Mtn 09 looking South West pan
From Ipsoot Mtn to Rainbow Mtn
Mount Tinniswood from Mount Casement
Mount Perkins & Oswald from Mount Casement
Sims Creek looking at South face of Mount Oswald
Photo of Mount Marilyn (Mount Francis?) from meadow S of Swift River
1966 Andromeda looking down on Wilcox Peak
1966 Mt Andromeda 14 view of Mt Columbia
East face of Mt Albert
1971 Wedge 14 view of Fitzsimmons Range
Wedgemont Lake hike 11, Wedge from Shoulder of Weart

Total Photos:146