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Knight Peak - West Face from Laughington-Lady col
Alpenglow on the SW Face of The Still
Golden Ears Aerial Profile from East
Blanshard, the Ears, and a Smidgen of Edge
Old Pierre - Southwest Side from Air
Bucklin Peak and Mamquam from Upper Bucklin Creek
Cinnamon near Sundown
Mount Albert - West Side and Spire from Air
Ripples in Mulvey Lake from summit of Asgard
Chimney on P3, Koedt-Rowat Route, Gladsheim
Peaks on Doctors-Trio Divide
Trio Spires and Fresh Snow
North Faces - Dag, Little Dag, Batwing, Nott
Yak Southeast Face
The Pleiades East Face and Larrabee Northeast Side
Mountain Caribou in the Yukon
Mount Hunt from Simpson Tower
Sockeye Horn and peaks behind
Misty Pillars on Noel
Beaujolais Peak from West
Dag and Little Dag from Batwing Summit
Asgard South Face Topo
Western Simpson Range from Air
Peaks of the Eastern Simpson Range from the Air (Panorama)
Slesse Moonset
Niut Range Aerial Panorama
Rock East of Gladsheim: Molars, Humps and Wedge Topo
Gladsheim South Face Route Lines
Sunset on the South Side of Mulvey Basin
Midgard Peak from the beach at Mulvey Lake
Slesse - Southeast Side
Mount Denver and Goat Range from Gladsheim
High on the Koedt-Rowat Route (Gladsheim Southwest Face)
Gneiss Spires: Molars, Humps and Wedge
"I Wanna Climb That" - Asgard Reflecting in Mulvey Lake
Gimli, Mulvey Lake and Nisleheim from Gladsheim Southwest Face
Klite and Headwall Creek Divide
Queen Bess East Face from On High
Mount Albert - Northeast Side from Air
Raleigh from 30,000 Feet
Climbing on Southwest Buttress of Mount Sloan
Mount Vayu Area from Sloan
Mount Sloan - South Face Showing Line of Southwest Buttress Route
Red Rexford at Night - Climber's Delight
Rapid and Pocket Peaks from Labour Day
Sundial Effect: Slesse Sunset on Mount Cope
Unnamed Peaks in Pelly Mountains, Yukon
Pierce Lake Reflections
Outram North Face from Sowaqua FSR
Outram - Northeast Face of Northeast Peak
Slesse in the Clouds
Mount Osmington
Good Night Settler, Good Night Urquhart
Coquihalla Mountain and Mount Jim Kelly at Sundown
Estero North Face from Air
Lost Creek Forest Service Road to Stave Lake Trail Overview Photo
Nak and Yak from Thar
Nodoubt North Face in Clouds from Edgar
Study in Gray - Rexford Group in Fall
Zupjok and Llama
Wrottesley Area of Howe Sound from Leading Peak
South Faces of the Eastern Panpipes
Plinth Peak and Fred Touche
Rideout-Payne Topo
Outram - East Face Headwall from Base
Arjuna-Horn-Nyland Area from South
Outram - Sunrise on East Face from Base
Mount Pitt from Garibaldi Neve
Standing Around in the Niut Range
The First Ascent of Peak 8700
Coquihalla Mountain - North Side in Winter
Grimface, Macabre, and Matriarch from the Deacon
Boxcar West Face
Lakeview Mountain
Snow Dome Ice Topo
"Cloud Tide Coming In" in the Chilliwack Valley
Nusatsum Divide from Southwest
Talchako - Southeast Flank
Foley Peak - West Ridge In Winter
Mount Fitzwilliam from Yellowhead Lake
Yellowhead Mountain - South Face
Mount Robson Alpenglow
Peaks above Stokke Creek
Yak From Southwest
Saugstad From North
Ape Peaks - Northwest Faces
Old Settler - Southwest Side from Air
Fagervik From Air Over Yale Creek
Old Settler - NE Side From Air, Winter Conditions
Nusatsum - Northwest Side
New York Mountains from Sand Dune
Desire From Northeast
Pinecone Lake Peaks From Northwest
Hiking below Alpaca
View Down Rennell Sound to Matlock and Peak 14-36
QC Alpine: Peak 18-29 (1029m), Graham Island
Fun in the Forest on Descent from Mount Barr
Lindeman From Centre Creek
Granite Shadows on Urquhart
View Up Fyles Glacier to Fyles
Twin Towers of Jacobsen from North
Chism, Plutus, Crazy, and Sunshine from Northwest
Mikey Likes It
Mount Ling from South Ridge
Robertson - East and Northeast Faces from Peak 2011m
Old Pierre, Remote, and Mount Lamont from Robertson Peak
Chehalis Bush
Fall Colors on Welch and SubFoley
"I'm Not Convinced The Rock Is All That Good"
Approaching Robertson Summit Col
Alpen Mountain from North
Atwell and Garibaldi from near Mount Alpen
Vicuna - Southwest Face
Thar-Nak-Yak : Zopkios Ridge North Faces (Summer)
Al-Pika Slabs Topo
Devastator Peak from Angel Creek (South)
Rexford-Illusion Group From West
Frosted Rexfords: They're Magically Delicious
Three Brothers from Big Buck
Matier Glacier in the Shadow of Stonecrop
Macabre and Matriarch South Faces
Borealis Peaks from South
Horribilis from West
Mount Kerr from Lime Ridge
Once In A Red Moon
Pearl Peak Group from North
Edwards Range from South
Deacon and Pope from Slopes below Grimface
Peaks around Snout of Talchako Glacier - Monarch, Ratcliff, Concubines
Firefighting on Mount Coulter
Styx and Little Bassard from Northwest
Snowside and Styx from North
Saugstad from Southeast
Jacobsen Lake and the Frozen Circle of Hell
Smoke on the Water, Fire in the Sky - Lonesome Fire
4th Class Scrambling on Northeast Ridge of Sloan
Ratcliff Contemplation
Talchako North Face from North
Blackhorn and Whitesaddle from East
Ault Lakes from Sloan
Cathedral Ridge from Grimface - Matriarch, Macabre, Denture
Orthodox Mountain and Wall Creek Meadows
Judge Howay - Hanging Valley Overview Photos
Witness and Defendant from North
Serac of Doom
North Face - Mt Breier
Grimface - South Face
Judge Howay - Full Frontal
Hope Mountain West Face
Ibex - Southeast Face and Southeast Ridge
Williams Peak from Center Creek Road
Climbing on NE Ridge of Quartz
Ice Feathers on Summit Rocks, Mount Outram
Goat Ridge - North Face
Knight Peak Northwest Face from Lady
Morning Alpenglow on Rusty and Pagoda
Judge Howay Upper North Face from North
Chilcotin Sunrise
Reliance and Peak 2781 from North
Avalanche On North Face Robie Reid
Busy Day On Memorial Ledge on Stawamus Chief
Camel Mountain and Waddington Range from Quartz
Deception Pinnacles from SW
Unnamed Summit in the Coast Mountains
Cloud Cap on Prince Of Wales Peak
Bonanza Range and Tsitika River through the Haze
Blackhorn South Face
Homathko and Endeavour from Southeast
Mount Mason area from East
Stave-Winslow Divide 2: Peak 6200
Stave-Winslow Divide 1: Peak 6000
Ratney and Stonerabbit From Last Cutblock in Bradley Creek.
Oh God Not Another Judge Howay Photo!
The "Llamoid Group" (Alpaca-Vicuna-Guanaco) From Zoa
Pyramid and Spire Peaks from Garibaldi Neve
Sim River
Belize Inlet
Sampson From Vayu
Knight Inlet In Late Summer
Silvertip Area from Outram
Lone Goat and Spickard Group From Skyline 2 Trail
Glacier Bay Area of Knight Inlet from Air to NW
Mts. Magin and Wakefield from above Knight Inlet
Coast Mountains in Late Winter
Nesakwatch East Faces and Rexford NE Face
North Ridge of Peak 8500
Gendarmes on Peak 9200 East Ridge
Synchronicity (WI4), Duffy Lake Road
Gandalf East Face
West Ridge - North Twin Sister
Xwisten Pillar - First Ascent
Lava Caves and Waterfall - Upper Lillooet River
Ronayne North Face from Slopes of Sun God
Slabs and Walls in Satsalla Headwaters
Rappelling off Taikonaut (WI4), Carpenter Lake
Alpenglow and Larches in Snow Lakes Wilderness
Ogilvie from West
Xwisten, We Have a Problem...
Moonrise-Wedgemount Lake
The 1995 Rescue on Angel's Crest
Knight Peak - North Face from Base
Birkenhead Massif from North
Ottarasko South Face
Moore and Liberated Group From Air to NW
Razorback - Northeast Face
Ogilvie Peak (Quem-quema) from South
North Face of Madrigal Mountain
On Mantle Glacier Looking SW to Armada
Silver and Isolillock North Sides from Landstrom Ridge
West Face of Kolos Peak In Mist
Gibson Pass
The Changing Climate: A Lakeful of Ice Cubes
Hat Mountain and Toba-Daniels Divide from North
Brem River Peaks
Sussex and Essex from South
Peak 8400 and Tarn
View South to Bute and Sir Francis Drake
Rockbound Lake and Castle Mountain
Hiking Out From Uto
Northeast Face of Pk. 2774m on Razor Valleau Divide
Liberty Bell - Beckey Route Approach Gully
Dewdney and Snass Group from Outram
Hozomeen Towers From NE
Castle Peak and Frosty Area from North
Shawatum Southeast Face and Silvertip From Snow Camp Mountain
Determination and Furrowed From Air
Doran Creek Peaks From Queen Bess Basecamp
Homathko Icefield and Compton Neve from Northwest
Kingcome Glacier Icefall
Seracs on Satsalla Glacier
Williams Peak Group from Slesse Southeast Pk.
Needle Peak - Southeast/East Buttress
Mamquam - From SW
Garibaldi SW aspect from Squamish
Samson Group From North - Labelled
Reliance From East
Niut Range Panorama From South East (Summit of Silver Swan)
Up, Up and Away
Mirror, Mirror on the Ault
Copilot from Stawamus Chief
Cayoosh Mountain From Upper Joffre Lake
Moraine Reflection In Upper Joffre Lake
The Swan Group From South Ridge of Armada
Armada and Mantle From W
Waddington Group Sunrise
Reliance - Cold Morning View of North Face (From Air)
View Down Mantle Glacier To Naval Anniversary Range and Tatlayoko Lake
Steinbok and Gamuza from Ibex
Generic Coast Mountains Shot - Unnamed Peaks Galore
The Satsalla Monolith
Peak 5900, Atlatzi Headwaters, From South
North Faces - Homathko, Endeavour, PPCLI
Scrambling on South Ridge of Armada
Queen Bess from Northwest
Razorback - East or Southeast Ridge
Pagoda and Plummer From East
View West to Waddington Range
The "Two Sexes" From Armada Mountain
Urquhart - Composite East Face Photo showing line of NE Buttress
Pleiades and Larrabee From Slesse Area
Mount Medissa from Urquhart S Side
Eaton Peak and Mt. Grant from East
View Southeast from Ibex: Tulameen, Outram, Hatfield, Bombtram
Summit of Outram
Halfway up Flight 810 Buttress, Mt Slesse SE Peak
Lava In The Rainforest
Les Cornes and Springbok Arete From Ibex
Harrison East Divide Peaks From East
Urquhart - Upper East Face From SE Col
North Face Of Cheam - Summer Sunset
Proof Is In The Pudding - Pitch 3
South Face of Ibex
Proof Is In The Pudding - Pitch 5
Proof Is In The Pudding - Pitch Two
View Up Stave Lake
Central Anderson River Peaks From Gamuza
View NE From Mt. Brew - Fountain Ridge and Points Beyond
SE Face of " Kul Ta Le (Three Mile) Peak" From Air
Kingcome Range From Air
Mount Brew (Lillooet) - North Face Route from Lake at Base
MacLeod Peak from W
"Charnaud Towers" Double Cirque from Charnaud Creek
Mt. Stephens from Wakeman Sound showing NE Face
Peak 5610 From Northwest
View South From Mt Brew - High Peaks of the Lillooet-Nahatlatch Region
500m High Waterfall in Kingcome Valley
Upper NE ridge of Mt. Brew
Arthur Seat - South Face
Western Anderson River Peaks From Gamuza
Peak 6600 Between Forks of Kookipi Creek from North
Sunset Shadow Of Old Settler on Mt Medissa
Kwoiek Needle-Chochiwa Glacier Area From South
In Search of Adventure? Cayoosh Wall PhotoTopo
Mt. Brew - North Face Photo Topo
Natural Granite Arch & Waterfall on Monmouth Creek
Squamish and Sky Pilot Group from W side of Squamish River
Tomyhoi - North Side
American Border Peak from from Canadian Border Peak
How Bad Is "Bad Rock"? Cdn. Border Pk
Near Summit - South Ridge, Canadian Border Pk.
Mount Prestley - East Side from Gimli
West Ridge of Cheam Peak
Ottarasko from Nicholson
North Faces - Yak and Zopkios Ridge from Zoa
Sunset on Mt. Larrabee
Stawamus Chief Mountain from the Air
Alpenglow on the Thimble
Oregon Jack (WI 3+), Clear Range
Rideout - SE side
Whitesaddle - SW Side
Hell Raving Creek and Northern Pantheon Range
Alpine Tarn near Sun God
Robie Reid From South - Winter - From Air
Manson Ridge - Outram Group From South
Quartz Crystal Mountain - NE face from Truax
Eaton Lake From Mount Grant
Goat's Throne - North Face from Truax
The Tube (WI4), Cayoosh Canyon
Mysterious "Face" on Gimli Pk.
Asgard and Devils Range
N. Peak of Medissa and Urquhart
Old Settler - Halfway up W Buttress of S Peak
Midgard from Nisleheim
Guardian Peak - South Face Slabs
Illusion Peaks From South
Anderson River Panorama (Labelled) From West
Urquhart - West Ridge and South Face
Old Settler - North Face from Base
Alpaca - North Ridge
Larrabee From NW
Gore Tex Testing 101
Purple People Eaters - Pitch 3
North Buttress Of Rethel
3rd Pitch of Lillarete - Mount Athelstan
Ascending Peak 9000, Niut Range
NW Face of Cheam from Base of Climb
Howe Sound Peaks From Ferry (labelled)
Lady Peak from West Ridge of Cheam
Whitesaddle & Blackhorn From South
Mt. Lincoln Sucker Hole
The Boys Compare Their Units
Canadian Border Peak From Tamihi Creek
Sunset Over Red
Fred on NW Face of Cheam
Peak 9200 - South Slopes
Cheam Peak - Northwest Face
American Border Peak From Tamihi Creek
Redoubt Northeast Face - Midway Snow Arete
Fairholme Range From Cascade
North Face of Webb - Winter
Judge Howay SE side
Thirsk North Face
Stave River Big Wall (aka Winslow Wall)
Slesse Area East Faces Photo Topo
Northern Chehalis Panorama
Clouds In The Cadwallader Range - Chism, Shadowfax, Taillefer
Storm Light on Old Settler
Rexford - Standard Route Photo Topo
Thiassi Area From Hurley River
This Side Up - Nesakwatch Granite
Towers in the Mist on Plutus
North From Sun God - Cadwallader Range
Topping Out On Cascade Falls
Somewhere on Polar Circus
Bendor Range Labelled Panorama From Truax
View West From Truax (Labelled)
Black Tusk In The Autumn Mists
Scrambling on Mt. Medissa
Tramway Mountain and Gray Rock Mine
Harrison-Big Silver Divide
Urquhart S. Face From Approach
Moonwalk on Medissa
Choss Surfing: Descending A Gully on Castle Mountain
Sunshine From Crazy
Urquhart Brockenspectre
Old Settler PhotoTopo II(North & East sides)
Cascade Range Mountain Goat
Peaks Around Head Of Rutledge Glacier In Winter
Peaks Above Powell Lake
Sunset Over Temple
Ipsoot and Rhododendron From Sun God
Birkenhead Peak and Lake from Sun God
Next Stop Japan - Pacific Sunset
Paymaster - Final Ice Pitch
Looking Up Hawthorn Creek To Bobb From Crazy
Ermine Below N Face of Crazy
Hatfield From Sowaqua Creek Road
Mt. Dewdney - NW side.
On The East Ridge of Rexford
West Face of Mt. Sir Donald From Base
Looking Up Tatlayoko Lake To Homathko Group
Tupper - South Face from Rogers Pass
Sawback Range Sunset From Castle Hut
Upper Corners of Ha Ling NE Buttress
Bugaboo Snafflehound
Kontlan and Peak 9400 from NW
Bifrost Pass area from Niut Range
Eastern Niut Range From Peak 9000
Setting Up a Trundle On Vayu
Exploring in the Niut Range
Razorback From SW
Pumice Skiing on Pk. 8281
Brewer Buttress Pitch 4
Urquhart Area From South
Looking South From Truax to Cadwallader Range
Pk. 8133 From Hurley River Valley
Plutocrat - Nearing The Top
Hiking on Truax
Sun God - Upper West Ridge
Place Glacier Area
Coquitlam-Pitt Divide From Seymour
Crossover In The Mist
Cerulean -Tenquille Lake Area from Sun God
Mt. Baird Area From Old Settler
Cascades on Indian River
Free Standing Unclimbed Rock Tower
Sky Pilot, Ledge, Ledgeling, Nai - From Stawamus River
Meslilloet From Belknap Lake Area
Mt. Churchill from mouth of Jervis Inlet
Mount Douglas From South
Mount Douglas From West
Schist Cap to Nipple Area - West of Boston Bar, From East
Kwioek Needle from Stoyoma Cr (SE)
Runner Peak from Seymour
Retreating From 810 Buttress, Mount Slesse
Looking North From Mt. Seymour - Elsay, Bishop, Meslilloet, Mamquam, Pinecone
Slesse South Peak and South Spur
Bouldering on Pump Peak
Cheam Range and Sea of Clouds
North Buttresses in Slesse Group - Labour Day and Station D At First Light
Isolillock and Silver from SW
Vicuna Peak - Granite Horn
Scrambling Near Summit of Isolillock
Pocket Meadow campsite near Vayu
Canadian Border Peak from East
Looking North From Uto Peak
Wells Peak - Silver Bluffs
Splitter Granite on Nesakwatch Spire
Needle - North Side from Yak
Chehalis & Judge Hazy Panorama
Offroute on Yak Check
W Buttress of S Nesakwatch - Crux Pitch
Morning Light on Slesse East Face
Animal Tracks Near Squamish
Morning From Weart
Gimli: WNW Ridge and Space Buttress
Wedge and Lesser Wedge From Owls
Central Niut Range
Asgard from Nisleheim
Gladsheim from Gimli Area
Peaks East of Camel, Niut Range
Alpine Squalor In The Niut Range
Vayu North Face From Pancake Glacier
Hiking Out From Sir Donald
Sir Donald - North Face
Winter Coming at Sloquet Hotspring
Approaching Peak 8500
Anderson Group Cloudshadows
Hiking Up Castle Mtn. Hut Approach Gully
Balancing Act on Thimble
Sir Donald West Face and Waterfall
Needle Peak - Crux Scrambling Section of NE ridge
Pilot and Copper from Castle
Climbing on SW ridge of Uto
Meager Obelisk from ridge East of Madhorse Creek
Taillefer and Long Lake in November
The Many Flavors of Snafflehound (Weasel)
Unclimbed North Face of Unnamed Peak in Kookipi Drainage
Alcoholic Divide And Fee (Squamish-Cheakamus Divide)
Helmets Work
Purple Comet And Tighty-Whities On Stoltmann Buttress
McGuire - East Side From Borden Creek
Rexford East side - late June
Peak 8380 area and Hurley River Valley from Sloan
Black Tusk Reflections
High On Ninja Tiger Arete
Yak Peak PhotoTopo
Bendor Range from Sloan
Sloan North Face
Looking West From Isolillock to Cheam Range
Border Peaks, Larrabee and Pleiades From Chilliwack Valley
Happy Face On Lake Near Isolillock
Quartz - Inspecting the North face
On Shimmering Ground: Snowslogging in the Niuts
Whitesaddle - Southeast Aspect from Basecamp in Whitesaddle Creek
Looking South to Homathko Icefield
Approaching the Summit Massif - Peak 9580
Pagoda and Rusty from Nicholson
Steep Snow on NW Ridge of Pk. 9580
Razorback and Niut from the West
Nicholson - Summit Couloir
Mullen North Face
Pantheon Range Labelled Panorama
North Faces In Niut Range - Rusty, Pagoda, Hanging
Quartz- East Cirque at Dawn
Bizarre Ice Hoop
Approaching Nicholson
Robson from South - Winter
Habrich - North Face from North (Winter)
Birkenhead Massif from East
Keyhole Falls - Lillooet River
Plinth North Face with Ascent Lines
Nesbitt from West
Mt Currie North Face - Spring Conditions.
Approaching the Mousetrap
Baby Munday from South at dawn
The Medusa
Welch And Still From Airplane Creek
Nepopekum Falls
Yak and Zopkios Ridge from West - Winter
Old Settler from the North - Winter
Rethel -North Face (Wedgemount Lake Bluffs) from Northeast
Kranrod Northwest - East Face from east.
Blanshard Needle from Edge
Remote Peak Area from SE above Stave River
Nebula South peak and Betstel Pinnacle
Judge Howay Ice (winter conditions)
Judge Howay - upper section from NE
Robie Reid - N face
Nahatlatch South Divide in winter
North Face of Mount Judge Howay
Stonerabbit from West
The Judge Area from South
Judge Howay - upper portion of standard route in winter
Urquhart from West
Ratney Group in Winter From The Air
Viennese in Winter
Golden Ears From the South (winter)
Shaun Neufeld on South Ridge of Edge
Night N Gale
Not-so-unclimbed Ice on West (Nesakwatch Creek) Side of Illusion Peaks
In The Dihedral On Standing Wave - Mount Athelstan
East Faces of Edith S. and Center Peaks
Summit of Rexford
Looking Into Mulvey Basin
Rexford South and Pi Pillar
Lindeman and Centre Cr. Approach from Rexford
Slesse Area From West
Border Peaks and Larrabee From McGuire
Looking East from Gimli to Dag and Wolfs Ears
Sunset in Valhalla
Gold Range from Shelter Bay ferry
Summit Tower of Mt. Louis
High on the Kain Route
Shuksan from Rexford
Pillar of Pi from the base
North Nesakwatch Spire - West Face from Base
Eaton Peak and Chilliwack Group From Grant
Starting up the Snowy Owl
Cheam Range panorama from Rexford
Gimli S Ridge - part way up
Silvertip to Payne - Sumallo Headwaters from Grant
Mount Louis - Southeast Aspect from Mouth of Gargoyle Valley
Slesse Group from Rexford
Nisleheim from the East
South side of South Nesakwatch Spire from Rexford
Hiking In To Mt. Sloan
Two Summer Skiers on Wedgemount Glacier
South Face of the Owls
Eastern Dickson Range from Sloan (labelled)
The infamous "Nesakwatch Notch"
Clearing storm at Wedgemount Lake
McGuire From Chilliwack
Snowy Owl Couloir- Halfway Up
High on Standing Wave - Mount Athelstan
Starting Up Moonraker - Mount Athelstan
Meager Group Labelled Panorama from Athelstan
Salal Walls of Athelstan -Photo Topo
Salal Creek and Lillooet Icefield from Athelstan
North Face of McGuire under Spring Conditions
Fern on Raised By Bears, 4th pitch - Mount Athelstan
Vicuna Beach - Third pitch
Williams Peak from ridge to west in early winter conditions
North Face of Knight Peak from Jones Lake
North side of Cheam from Agassiz - Spring 2001
North Faces of Lucky Four Group - Cheam Range
North Face of Stewart Under Spring Conditions
Unsettled Conditions On the NW Ridge of the Settler
Viennese - North Face at Sunset
Vicuna from Alpaca-Vicuna Col
Topping Out on Moonraker (Mt. Athelstan - Salal Creek walls)
Mount Webb from Radium Lake
Mount Redoubt - halfway up on the Northeast Face
JF Recovering Ice Axe on Redoubt's Northeast Face
Looking north from Peregrine Peak.
Headwaters of Sockeye Creek from Gandalf Area
Scrambling on the Northwest Ridge of Cypress Peak
On Wedgemount Glacier
Lindeman and MacDonald From Webb
Lady and Cheam from Jones Lake
West ridge of Needle Peak
Scrambling on Needle
Alpine Bouldering - West Ridge of the Vx (2)
Jeff victorious atop the Vx
Alpine bouldering - West Ridge of the Vx (1)
Jeff Attempting Summit Mantel - The Vx
Climbing "Lillarete", Mt. Athelstan
Approaching the Northeast Ridge of Silvertip
Chehalis Range - Grainger and Nursery from Clarke
The Sphinx from Gentian
3rd pitch of Ninja Tiger Arete
Ninja Tiger Arete, Scuzzy Mountain
Unclimbed crack on Northeast Face of Alpaca
Summit of Alpaca
Alpaca From Vicuna
The Grass Is Always Greener On The Other Variation - Slesse NE Buttress
Last pitch of Widowmaker Arete, The Camel
Unclimbed Rock!
Cloudwalking on Fraser Peak
Below the Great Gendarme on Bugaboo
Crux pitch of the NE Buttress of the Old Settler
Birkenhead Peak - Leaving the Birkenstock Couloir
Looking down the North Face of Castle Towers
Huge Gendarme on Lady
First Pitch of the Digestive System (Hutton/Fleet var.), Mount Webb
Sky Pilot- West Ridge ledge traverse of doom
Castle Towers and Sphinx Bay from Price
North Buttress of Chamois
Bugaboo Spire from the Kain Hut Back Door
Ben Lomond from Mt. Sheer area
Ratney Group from Clarke
Overseer from NW
Lions From Harvey
Taillefer area from Shadowfax
Aragorn from Shadowfax area
Old Settler Photo Topo Guide
The East Lion
Summit of Tricouni
East side of Tricouni
East face of Silvertip-1999
Williams Peak from Chilliwack Lake Road - Feb 6 2001
Climbing Bre-X Buttress, Mount Vayu
Lydia from Lake Lovelywater
Brew Lake
Climbing in the Fog
Tricouni Peak from the north
Randy Stoltmann Tower from Athelstan Summit Plateau
Mt. Sheer and Mountain Lake Hut
Needle Peak from NE showing North Ridge Route
Sunset on the Settler
North Ridge of Clarke - II
"5.9 fingercrack" on the Camel
North Ridge Of Clarke - I
4th pitch - Pup Buttress
Castle Towers from Gentian
The Table - North Side
6th pitch - Pup Buttress
Scary slab
Up The Nose
Climbing Lady Peak
Gimli from SW
The Great Gendarme on Bugaboo Spire
Frost Fiend area from Vayu
Sunrise on Mt. Baker from Shuksan
East face of Alpaca Peak
Spring snow climbing
Daybreak on Wedge
Alpine Rock - East Ridge of Fraser Peak
Athelstan from the south
Purple People Eaters

Total Photos:660