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Photo Lister (Author Version)
Subject User: Doug Brown
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Cloudraker from Arrowhead (from Northeast)
Long Peak from Tynemouth
Sun God to Copper Mound from Finch Ridge
Kootenay and Steeple
Silvertip, Belvedere, and Azimuth Notch
The Walls of Adamant
Blackfriars from the Southwest
Adamant and the Gothics from the South
The Eastern Gothics
Alpenglow on Sir Sandy
East Ridge of Dag - Route Topo
Bridge Peak from Sessel
Delilah - Northeast Face
Sessel from the North
Camp under Thiassi
Lone Goat Creek
North Ridge of Cranberry
Niflheim, Thor and Stegasaur Ridge
Gates and her Glacier
Castle Towers from the North
Skiing on the Forger Glacier
Top of Kelly Peak
Avalanche Lake and Gates Peak
Gates Peak from the North
Benvolio Cornice
Overlord Ski Gully
West End of the Devils Range
Evans Lake and the Devils Range
Underneath Devils Dome
The Dark Drinnon Peak
The Marvelous Mulvey Group
Fireworks over Gladsheim
Mamquam from Drop Pass
Sir Richard and the Upper Ubyssey Glacier
South Ridge of Sinister Peak
The Minute Hand - Northeast Side
Mount Pitt to Wolverine Pass
Misty Icefield from South Side of Hour Peak
The Sharkfin
Howard, Twin One Glacier, and Matier from Vantage Col
Howard, Matier, Vantage Col from Twin One Lake
Gunsight from Snowspider
Brenta Spire from Wallace
Howser Spire North Ridge Integral
Conrad and the Vowells
Southeast Peak of Caribou Ridge
Woodbury Drainage
Kane from Glacier View
Satisfaction Peak and Caribou Ridge
Conrad from Bill's Pass
Wallace Pano
West and Centre from the East
The Bugaboos and the Vowell Glacier
Caribou Ridge from Upper Ben Hur Lake
Kokanee Glacier from Glacier View Peak
Sunrise and McQuarrie from the Northeast
Northwest Peak of Caribou Ridge
Long and Nasokwen from the Southeast
Glacier View Peak and the Woodbury Glacier
Upper Ben Hur Lake
Mount Chipman from the West
He Devil and Sheep Lake
360 Degrees of Freedom: A Purcell Panorama
Mount Maye and Commander
East Ridge of Rogers
South Side of Hermit Mountain
Sir Donald and Dawson Ranges from Tupper Glacier
Cond Peak, Sawtooth Ridge and Kokanee Glacier
Swanzy and Bonney from Hermit
Dawson Range from Hermit
Sunset on Avalanche
After the Storm at Hermit Meadows
Paupo and Virgil
Kokanee Range from the Northwest
West Side of Hampshire
Scrambling on the North Face of Hampshire
Commander and the Commander Glacier
The Cleaver and the Commander Glacier
Farnham From North Ridge of The Cleaver
Truce Mountain, Jumbo Pass and the Horseshoe Glacier Group
Summit Ridge of Karnak
The Cleaver and the Guardsmen
Jumbo and Karnak
Tilley from the North
The Begbie Ledge
Davis Peak from Begbie-Tilley Col
Begbie and his Ledge
Begbie and Tilley from the Northeast
Northeast Ridge of Bugaboo
Snowpatch - Northeast Face
Spear Spire to Wallace Peak
West Ridge of Pigeon and Howser Spire
Moon over Howser
Three Peaks of Prestley
Sunset on Midgard
West Ridge of East Prestley
Climbing South Ridge of Nisleheim
Gimli from Nisleheim
Prestley from the East
Gimli Morning
Nisleheim from Southeast
Mount Hardisty in Spring
Fosthall Alpenglow
Gold Range in Winter
Clutterbuck to Findlay Panorama
Frigg Tower and Mooncastle Lake
Stegasaur Ridge and Mount Thor
East Ridge of Mount Grady
East Ridge of Mount Burnham
Mount Findlay and Lone Cairn Lake
Hall Peak and Leaning Towers from the East
Mount Pambrun from the Southeast
Mounts Clutterbuck and Lees
Mount Findlay
South Face of Eyebrow Peak
East Face of Mt. Monica
Starbird Sunset
Mount Odin and Saturday Peak from the NW
Peters Lake and the Gold Range
Gold Range Panorama
Glamorgan Peak - NE Ridge
Galway Peak - SW Face
Irish Peaks
The Devils Range from the West
The Mulvey Group of the Gladsheim area - Valhallas
Dais Glacier Area from Mt. Munday

Total Photos:126