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Subject User: Vern Dewit
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JI19 from Mount Shanks
Stenton Peak rises over Stenton Lake
Arete Peak, Mont Des Poilus and Mount Collie
Mount Lotosky and Poland
Minnow Peak from just under North Molar Pass
Mount Hensley
Mystic Peak from Helena Ridge
Noetic Peak from Helena Ridge
Mount Brussilof from Alcantara
Orient Point from End Mountain
Mount Denny SW Face
Mount Potts
Mount Turner Summit Block
Nestor Peak and Lake
Mount Currie from Cross Ridge
Simpson Ridge from the East
Nasswald Peak
Golden Mountain
Fallen Peak
Peak DR3
Revenant and Apparition Mountain
Mount Cadorna, Swiderski, Battisti and Stilleto
Kink Peak
Mount Davidson
Mount Oliver
Fallen SE2
Astral Peak
Castle Rock
Puma Peak
Spectral Peak
Revenant Mountain (Panorama)
Riverside Mountain
Mount Muir
Muir SW2
Mount Shankland
Mount Armstrong
Courcelette NW3 (Panorama)
Mount Abruzzi, Connor and Lancaster
Revenant and Apparition Mountain
Courcelette NW3
Bridge Peak
Tuff Puff and Whirlpool Ridge
Landslide Peak
Panorama from Peyto Peak including Mount Baker
White Pyramid from Epaulette Lake
Twins Tower and Son of a Twin
Panorama from Woolley including Englehard, Cromwell and North Twin
Panorama from Diadem Peak including Mushroom, Stutfield, Woolley and Alberta
Panorama from Woolley including Mount Alberta, Palmer S2 and Palmer
Little Alberta from the Woolley Shoulder
Little Alberta and Surrounding Peaks
West Twin from South Twin
Bluerock Mountain and Mount Burns
Cougar Mountain from Threepoint Mountain
Panorama from South Twin Peak including Wales Peak
Threepoint Mountain
Mount Rose
Panorama from Cirrus including Tuft Peak
Mount Rose Panorama including Threepoint Mountain
Panorama from Threepoint Mountain including Cougar Mountain
Mount Leman and Area Panorama
Panorama from Bluerock including Mount Rose
Summit Panorama from Chickadee Peak (includes Peak B57)
Androlumbia Summit Panorama (includes Watchman Peak)
Androlumbia (Andromeda SW2)
Farbus and area Panorama from Mount Andromeda
Mount Saskatchewan (NW4, NW3) and area Panorama from Mount Andromeda
Iceberg Lake panorama including Vulture Peak
Panorama from Lioness including Purple Mountain
Panorama from Evelyn Peak including Empathy Peak
Mount Kerkeslin and SE5 (Windy Castle)
Windy Castle (Kerkeslin SE5)
White Goat Peaks (Troll, Dasent, Gruff)
Cline, Lion and Lioness
Barnes Peak
Mount Pengelly and Darrah N2
Darrah S2 and Centre Mountain
McGladrey and Ptolemy SE5
Panorama from Wilson to Lion, Lioness
Division Mountain and Glacier Lake Panorama
North face of Forbes
Guardgoat Peak over Cline Pass
Rearguard Mountain and Titkana Peak
Tatei Ridge
Mount Willingdon, Devon E2 and Devon Lakes area Peaks
Devon Mountain and Devon Lakes
Clearwater Mountain and Siffleur River Valley Peaks from Devon Mountain
Mount Waffl and Mount Robson from Berg Lake
Mount Collie
Lynx Mountain and the Robson Glacier from Titkana Peak
Valad Peak and Mount Henry MacLeod
Extinguisher Tower
Fortuna, Tyche, Moriah and Rebakah from above Swan Pass
Moriah, Rebakah and FB06 from Swan Pass
Mount Waffl from Rearguard
Mount Sarrail and Aster Lake peaks from Mount Marlborough
Hall Tower
Arctomys Peak Panorama
Marmota Peak
Quill Peak
Porcupine Peak
Spreading Peak
Portal Peak
The Five Lyell Peaks
Oppy Mountain and Lyell Creek
Christian and Walter Peaks
Arctomys Peak and Creek
Park Mountain
Mount Willis from Cline Pass
Hooge Peak and Area
Mount Habel - Summit block Routes
Mont des Poilus from Yoho Peak
Ramp Peak Panorama
Quartzite Peak Panorama
Ribbon Peak from above Memorial Lake #3
Wedgewood Peak Route Photo
Mount Strom Route Photo
Devils Head from the East
Mount Fryatt West Ridge Route
Twins Tower from North Twin Col
Mount Assiniboine East Face
Poltergeist, Astral and Castle Rock Peaks
Panorama of Lake Minnewanka from Mount Inglismaldie
Burstall Pass from Snow Peak
Brocks Peak from Mount Aylmer
Summit Panorama - Commonwealth Peak
Summit panorama - Bertha Peak
Wonder Peak Summit Panorama
Summit view from Nub Peak
Mount Cautley and the Assiniboine Environs
Mount Engadine and Buller Pond
Mount Hornecker
Windy Peak
Mount Alderson Panorama
Lilliput Mountain Ascent Slopes
Mount Balfour

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