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Fairview from Mount Saint Piran
Quartz Hill from the Southeast
Citadel Lake from the Citadel Pass Trail
Fatigue Mountain from Citadel Pass
Citadel Peak from Citadel Pass
Citadel Pass from below Quartz Hill
Citadel Peak from the Citadel Pass Trail
Gargoyles in Cory Pass
Cory Pass from the South
Mount Louis from the Southeast
Cory Pass and Mount Edith
View Northwest from the Summit of Mount Rhondda; Fisher Peak
Mount Gordon and Vulture Col
Mount Olive from the North
Snowdrift on Rhondda Summit Ridge
Ayesha Peak
Peyto Hut from Mount Rhondda
Mount Thompson from the Southwest
Peyto Lake from Mount Rhondda
Mount Collie from the Wapta Icefield
Mount Rhondda and Mount Habel from the Wapta Icefield
Saint Nicholas Peak from the North
Tarn near Black Mountain Summit
Hidden Lake in August
South End of Redoubt Lake and Escarpment
Redoubt Lake Outflow
Redoubt Lake
Merlin Lake and Mount Richardson
The Skoki Lakes from the Deception Pass Trail
Cotton Grass in Baker Lake Meadows
Ptarmigan Lake, Boulder Pass, and Redoubt Mountain
Castilleja Lake from the Merlin Lake Trail
One of the Red Deer Lakes
Skoki Mountain from the Northeast
Baker Lake at Dawn
Baker Creek Valley from the Northwest
Fossil Mountain from Baker Lake Campground
Cyclone and Pipestone
Merlin Meadows and Mount Richardson
Mount Douglas from the Red Deer Lakes
Molar Mountain from the East
Mount Hector from the East
Waterfall on East Side of Brachiopod Mountain
Brachiopod and Anthozoan from Deception Pass
Brachiopod Summit Block from Ridge
Baker Lake Outflow
Mount Douglas and Mount Saint Bride from the West
Unity Peak from the Northeast
Little Baker Lake and Oyster Peak
Ptarmigan Peak and Ptarmigan Lake
Deception Pass
Wall Lake from Akamina Ridge
Upper Kintla Lake from Akamina Ridge
Akamina Ridge Panorama
Mount Laussedat and the Blaeberry Valley from Terminator Peak
Forum Lake
Fitzwilliam Basin Panorama
Holloway Rock from the West
Mount Bridgland and its Higher Outlier
Kataka Mountain from the West
Mount Fitzwilliam from the Second Lake
Monarch Mountain from Alpine Lakes
Mount Fitzwilliam from the East
Grizzly Bear
Natural Bridge on the Kicking Horse River
Mount Owen from President Pass
Emerald Lake Area from President Pass
The Goodsirs from President Pass
Bald Eagle Landing on Yellow Island
Mount Baker and Bellingham from Mount Constitution
Maligne Canyon Ice
Whistlers and Honkers
Mount Olympus from Hurricane Ridge
McDonald Peak and the South End of the Mission Range, Montana
Marias Pass
Saskatoon Berries at Kinney Lake
The Silverhorn from the Little Athabasca Glacier
Sunrise over the Sunwapta Valley
The Ramp on Athabasca's Normal Route
Tangle Ridge, Wilcox Peak, and Sunwapta Peak
Ox-eye Daisy at Kinney Lake
Noseeum Peak from Molar Pass Trail
Little Lost Lake and the North End of the Premier Range
Spawning Chinook Salmon in Swift Creek
Nordegg from Shunda Mountain Summit
View North from Molar Pass
One-Year-Old Wapiti in Jasper National Park
Mount Pierre Elliot Trudeau
Angel Glacier from Cavell Meadows
Mount Hector from above Molar Pass
Mountain Goats below Roche Miette
Snow-covered Rocky Defile Rapids on the Coppermine River
Mount Vaux from the Wapta Highline Trail
Molar Pass from the Molar Pass Trail
Mount Burgess and Emerald Lake from the Yoho Pass Trail
The Mitre from the Plain of Six Glaciers Trail
Vice President from Burgess Pass
Nigel Pass from the Jasper Side
View Northwest from Jonas Pass
Cairn with Antlers at Jonas Pass
Second Memorial Lake, Kananaskis
Mount Saskatchewan from Nigel Pass
Upper Brazeau Valley from Near Nigel Pass
Jonas Shoulder and Poboktan Mountain
Ruby Mountain from the West
Mount Southesk, Southesk Cairn, and Southesk Pass
Waterfall in Grotto Canyon
Thistle Mountain from the West
Grizzly and Cub in Retreat
Southesk Cairn from the Northwest
Mount Russell and the Ruby Creek Valley
Mount Balcarres from the Rocky Pass Trail
Sunrise above Medicine Tent Lakes
Mount Balinhard from Rocky Pass
The Medicine Tent Lakes
Mount La Grace
Morro Peak from the West
The Athabasca Valley from Morro Peak
Blue Grouse on Morro Peak
Mountain Goats at Gibbon Pass
Bow Valley Panorama from Castle Lookout
Mount Alberta from Wilcox Peak
Sentinel Pass from the Giant Steps
The Giant Steps in Paradise Valley
Taylor Lake and the Northwest Ridge of Mount Bell
Mount Bell and O'Brien Lake
Big Rock: Largest Known Glacial Erratic in North America
Upper Waterton Lake and Border Range Peaks
Blakiston Falls in Waterton Lakes National Park
Red Rock Canyon
Seventeen Peaks in the Southern Canadian Rockies
Mount Custer and Cameron Lake
Harlequin Ducks near Berg Lake
Whitehorn Mountain from Kinney Lake
Emperor Falls below Mount Robson
Overlander Falls
The Falls of the Pool from the Berg Lake Trail
Overlander Mountain at Sunset
Klapperhorn Mountain at Sunset
Titkana Peak, Tatei Ridge, Snowbird Pass, and Chushina Ridge
Mumm Peak and Mount Anne-Alice from the Snowbird Pass Trail
Rearguard Mountain
Mount Robson and the Robson Glacier from the North
The Reef Icefield from Snowbird Pass
Mount Robson from Snowbird Meadows
Snowbird Pass on a Bluebird Day
Resplendent Mountain from the North
Vancouver Island Peaks from the Wild Pacific Trail
Shadow Lake and Mount Ball
The Guardian of Wilcox Peak
The President and Vice President
Panorama of Peaks Northwest of the Little Yoho Valley
Cirque Peak, Bow Lake, and Num-Ti-Jah Lodge
The North Ridge of Athabasca from Boundary Peak
Hilda Peak from Summit of Boundary Peak
Snowshoe Hare (Varying Hare)
Bow Glacier Falls from Bow Lake
Mount Tekarra
Sand Dunes on the Shores of Jasper Lake II
The Palisade and a Mixing of Waters
Mount Temple from the Far Side
Lower Kananaskis Falls
Tangle Falls
Wild Gaillardia on Cinquefoil Mountain
Crowfoot Mountain from near Bow Glacier Falls
Fossil Falls from the Aster Lake Trail
Mount Marlborough
Fossils near Fossil Falls (Peter Lougheed Provincial Park)
The View Eastward from Aster Lake
Sunrise on Andromeda
The Saskatchewan Glacier
Terrace Mountain and Castleguard Meadows
Onslow Mountain and Mount King George from Northover Ridge
Hidden Lake from the North
Labelled Panorama from Castleguard, Part 2
Labelled Panorama from Castleguard, Part 1
Mount Saskatchewan from the Summit of Castleguard
Mount Bryce from the Summit of Castleguard
Descending Castleguard
View South from Summit of Castleguard
Dawn over the Saskatchewan Glacier
Massive Moulin on the Saskatchewan Glacier
Southside Glacier of Mount Andromeda
Castleguard Meadows and the Spring-Rice Group
Wooden Wreckage on the Saskatchewan Glacier
Castleguard Mountain
Hidden and Upper Kananaskis Lakes from the Aster Lake Trail
Northover Ridge and Mount Worthington
Warrior Mountain
Mount Northover, Alberta Side
Mount Beatty and Three Isle Lake from Northover Ridge
King George and the Royal Group
Mount Joffre from Northover Ridge
Mount Lyautey from the South
Hidden Lake and Mount Indefatigable
Mount Northover, British Columbia Side
Rock Bridge on Route to Bow Hut
Upper Section of Bow Glacier Falls in Full Spate
Bow Lake from the West, with Cirque Peak
Andromache from Bow Lake
Bow Lake From Shoreline
Bow Peak from Bow Lake
Mount Olive and St Nicholas Peak
The Cirque with Bow Glacier Falls
Bow Glacier Falls
Leafy Aster
View with a Boom and a Whymper
Another View of Arnica Lake and Storm Mountain
We'll Just Call It Heather. . .
Gibbon Pass from Arnica Lake Trail
Arnica Lake and Storm Mountain
Mount Whymper from Vista Lake
Mount Hector from Panorama Ridge
Bident, Quadra, Fay, Babel, and Upper Consolation Lake
Bow Valley North of Panorama Ridge
Lake Louise Arnica
Red Paintbrush
Valerian on Panorama Ridge
Mount Temple from Panorama Ridge
Creeping Beardtongue
Silky Scorpionweed
The Moraine Lake Area from Panorama Ridge
Panorama Ridge (Bow Valley)
Fay and Babel above the Consolation Lakes
Consolation Valley Panorama
Fording a Babbling Brook on the Way to Panorama Ridge
Jacques Creek Valley from Cinquefoil
Mount Greenock from Cinquefoil Mountain
View Northwest from Hawk Mountain Summit: Morro Peak
Panorama from Hawk Mountain Summit: Mount Colin
Sand Dunes on the Shores of Jasper Lake
Jasper and Talbot Lakes from Cinquefoil Mountain
Hawk Mountain
Mount Richardson and the Sechelt Inlet
Morro Creek Gorge
Chapman Falls on the Sunshine Coast
Gray Wolf in the Rockies
The Crux Shoulder of Cinquefoil Mountain
Mount Colin and Hawk Mountain
Jura Creek Valley from Door Jamb
McConnell Ridge and Mount Baldy from Door Jamb
Descending Door Jamb South Ridge
Yamnuska and Nanny Goat Buttress from Door Jamb
The Heart Mountain Horseshoe from Door Jamb South Ridge
From Door Jamb to Loder
The Hot Springs Cove Boardwalk
View from the Wild Pacific Trail
Looks Aren't Everything: Skunk Cabbage near Hot Springs Cove Boardwalk
George Fraser Islands from Amphitrite Point
View from Hot Springs Cove
Taking the Waters at Hot Springs Cove
California Sea Lions on Adventure Point
Mounts Frederick and Ozzard from Ucluelet Harbour
The North Ridge of Mount Caubvick
Minaret Glacier and Mount Cladonia from Minaret Ridge
Cirque Mountain from Minaret Ridge
Landing Area in Koroc Valley
Cirque Mountain, Labrador
Descending the Minaret Ridge of Mount Caubvick
Rappelling down the Koroc Step on Mount Caubvick
Mount Caubvick South Face
Iceblue Tarn below Minaret Spur of Mount Caubvick
Caribou Bull in Northern Quebec
Mount Caubvick (Mont D'Iberville) from the South
Cirque Mountain Summit Area
Mount Caubvick North Ridge
Mount Caubvick from the North
Mount Murchison - West Side
Mount Sarbach from Glacier Lake
Cirque Mountain in the Torngat Range
Glacier on Mount Caubvick
Mount Caubvick in the Clouds
Mount Caubvick (Mont D'Iberville)
Mount Lefroy from the Southeast
Chinese Wall in Bryce Canyon
Tower Bridge Rock Formation, Bryce Canyon
Boat Mesa, Bryce Canyon
Near Fairyland Point, Bryce Canyon
Abbot Pass and Mount Victoria from the Plain of Six Glaciers Trail
Survey Peak, Mount Erasmus, and Mount Amery from the Glacier Lake Trail Bridge
"First" Falls on the Siffleur River
Mount Niles from Paget Peak
Sentinel Pass and Upper Minnestima Lake
The Lower Siffleur River Gorge
Clark's Nutcracker near Lake Louise
Lake Louise from the Plain of Six Glaciers
Lake Annette in Paradise Valley
Golden Fleabane on Paget Peak
Glacier Lake (Banff National Park)
Western Wood Lily near the Cline River
Snafflehound at Work on Sentinel Pass
Pika on the Plain of Six Glaciers Trail
Falls on the Siffleur River
Sherbrooke Lake from Paget Peak
Prickly Rose on the Glacier Lake Trail
Ribbon Falls
Abbot Pass and the Death Trap
Ribbon Lake in Early June
Chain Gang on the Ribbon Creek Trail
Yellow Columbine in Paradise Valley
Autumn Aspens in Abraham Lake
Helicopter Rescue on Mount Rae
First Glimpse of the Ramparts from Maccarib Pass
The Grand Sentinel
Oldhorn Mountain and Portal Creek
The Portal and Mount Maccarib
Peveril Peak from the Maccarib Pass Trail
Chak Peak
Yellowhead Lake and Sleeper Mountain
The Dolomite Creek Valley, Isabella Lake and Conical Peak
Jasper Townsite and the Victoria Cross Ranges
Wenkchemna Pass and Eiffel Lake
Boaters on Lake Five, and Mount Hardisty
Yellowhead Mountain from Yellowhead Lake
Rearguard Falls (Fraser River)
Garibaldi Lake, Battleship Islands, and Mount Price
Lake Louise without Mount Victoria
Red Squirrel at Lillian Lake
Rush Hour on Mount Temple III
The Sinclair Creek Valley from the Kindersley-Sinclair Col
Looking West from Parker Ridge
Lillian Lake and the West End of Mount Kidd
Mount Sinclair from the Sinclair Creek Trail
Rush Hour on Mount Temple II
Rush Hour on Mount Temple I
Mount Patterson and Peyto Lake from Cirque Peak
Bow Lake and the Wapta Icefield, with Mount Rhondda
Helen Lake and Cirque Peak
Kinuseo Falls, BC (2003)
The Wapta Icefield from Cirque Peak
Kootenay Fire from Kindersley-Sinclair Col
Mount Tekarra and the Colin Range
Edith Cavell and Throne Mountain from the Skyline Trail
Mount Tekarra from the Skyline Trail
Curator Mountain and Curator Lake
The Watchtower and Excelsior Creek Valley
Mount Edith Cavell and the Cornice at the Notch
Xanthoria elegans on Redcap Mountain
View from near Redcap Mountain Summit
Ridgewalking Redcap
Mount Baldy from the Heart Mountain Ridge
Ruby and Thistle from Redcap
A Tree with Heart on Heart Mountain
Endless Chain Ridge at Dawn
Mount Smuts and Mount Shark from near Chester Lake
Mount Lougheed from Mount Allan
Mount Kidd from Mount Allan Summit
A Bee, a Fly, and a Flower: Eva Lake Trail
Bennington to Oubliette: South of the Ramparts
Hilda Peak from Wilcox Pass
Pingos near Tuktoyaktuk, NWT
Lewis Hills: High Point of the Island of Newfoundland
Rope Cove Valley, Lewis Hills, Newfoundland and Labrador
Buds Ponds, Lewis Hills, Newfoundland
Waterfall in the Blow-me-down Mountains, Newfoundland and Labrador
Green Garden in Gros Morne National Park IV
Western Brook Pond in Gros Morne National Park II
Western Brook Pond in Gros Morne National Park I
Green Garden in Gros Morne National Park I
Green Garden in Gros Morne National Park II
Green Garden in Gros Morne National Park III
Gros Morne Mountain, Newfoundland
Turner Glacier in Auyuittuq National Park
Summit Lake in Auyuittuq National Park
Mount Asgard from South
Nanna and Breidablik Peaks in Auyuittuq National Park
Kimmirut (formerly Lake Harbour), Nunavut
Weasel River Valley with Thor Peak
Caribou along the Itijjagiaq Trail, Nunavut
The Itijjagiaq Route on Baffin Island
Mount Robertson, Mount Sir Douglas, and the Robertson Glacier
Top Dog on Ha Ling
Alpine Cinquefoil on the Huber Ledges
Mount Dickey and Mount Coursier from the Southwest
Mount Kitchener and the Sunwapta River at Dawn
Marmot on the Continental Divide
Yukness Lake and Lake O'Hara
Mount Athabasca from the East
Mule Deer near the Ram River
Icefall on Mount Athabasca
Bighorn Ram by the Luscar Road
Dangerous Beauty: Lupine on the Eva Lake Trail
Whistling Ridge from the West
Yellow Paintbrush on Centennial Ridge
Rock Fins on Centennial Ridge
Miller Lake
Eva Lake Cabin
Gusty Peak and Chester Lake
Red Monkey-Flowers on Mount Revelstoke
Eva Lake in Mount Revelstoke National Park
The Eastern Monashees from Mount Revelstoke
Upper Prospectors Valley from Wenkchemna Pass
Leman Lake and Spray Pass
Odaray Mountain from Lake O'Hara
North Face of North Twin from Woolley Shoulder
On the Summit Ridge of Mount Alberta
Mount Alberta: Downclimbing into the Notch
Mount Alberta's Japanese Route: the Last Pitch
South Face of Robson from near Little Robson
South Face of Robson - Overview
Mary Lake and Cathedral Mountain
Blue, White, and Green: Mount Chester from the Chester Lake Trail
Mount Collembola from Mount Allan Summit
Mount Wilson in the Sun
The Ram Range and the Upper Ram Valley
White Mountain Avens on the Huber Ledges
Sunwapta Pass and Parker Ridge from Wilcox Peak
Opabin Lake and Opabin Pass
Ribbon Creek Valley from Centennial Ridge
Centennial Ridge from Mount Allan Summit
The Tower of Babel
Mount Ernest Ross from Kootenay Plains
The North Wall of the Valley of Lakes
Roche a Bosche, Coronach Mountain and Roche Ronde from Hidden Valley
Hidden Falls on Arctomys Creek
Mount Murchison and the North Saskatchewan River
Mount Erasmus from the Valley of Lakes
Arctomys Peak and Mount Lyell from the Valley of Lakes
Berg Lake Trail near White Falls
Sulphur Ridge and the Miette Valley
The Ramparts and Tonquin Pass
Mount Putnik from Upper Kananaskis Lake
Mount Indefatigable from the South
Ram Falls, Alberta
Climbers (Two- and Four-footed) at Hidden Valley, Jasper
Blackface Mountain
Ptarmigan in Wilcox Pass
Cardinal Divide from Tripoli Ridge
Mount Cardinal from Tripoli Ridge
Descent from Wilcox
Mount Kitchener's Southeast Face from Mount Athabasca's North Glacier
Snow Dome from Wilcox Peak
Wilcox Peak
A Riot of Colour on the Numa Pass Trail
Snow Dome, the Dome Glacier, and Mount Kitchener
The Monarch from Larix Lake
Antler Mountain from the Jasper Skyline Trail
White Water on the North Saskatchewan River
Castle Mountain
Cone Mountain from Watridge Lake
The Canadian Birkebeiner 2002
Spruce Grouse at Johnson Lake
Curator Lake and the Notch
Mount Tyrwhitt from the Ptarmigan Cirque Trail
Siwash Rock
Mount Stephen from Burgess Pass
Wapta Mountain from the Yoho Pass Trail
Mount Burgess from the Burgess Pass Trail
Cascade Mountain from the End of Lake Minnewanka
Commonwealth Peak, Mount Birdwood, and the Pig's Tail or Shark's Tooth
Emerald Lake from the Yoho Pass Trail
Mount Shark from Buller Pond
Arnica by Karst Spring Outflow, Kananaskis
Mount Morrison and Mount Turner from Buller Pond
Ravens at Johnson Lake
Forbidden Lands: The Northern Fairholme Range from Tunnel Mountain Summit
Cow Moose in the Smith-Dorrien Valley
Ha Ling Peak from North Canmore
Panorama of the Northern President Range from the Wapta Highline Trail
Mount Robson and the Robson River
Glacier Des Poilus from the Yoho Iceline Trail
Panorama of Dry Island Buffalo Jump, Alberta
Takakkaw Falls from the Iceline Trail
Foster Peak in Kootenay National Park
Floe Lake from the Numa Pass Trail
Herbert Lake in the Morning
Mount Wilson in the Rain
Pond by Hart Mountain, Manitoba
Cabin Ruins by Rock Lake
Rainbow over Miette
Utopia Mountain from Sulphur Summit
The Upper Fiddle River Valley From Sulphur Summit
Rain Coming at Rock Lake
The Athabasca Valley from the Mount Colin Hut Trail
Mount Colin from the Overlander Trail
Leyland Mountain from the East
High Winds on the Cardinal Divide
Cap Bon Ami and Cap Gaspé from Mont Saint-Alban
Chief Creek with the Front Ranges in the Distance
Plains Bison in Elk Island Park
Angel Glacier
Lake O'Hara and Mount Schaffer
Marble Canyon in Kootenay National Park
Mount Daly and Takakkaw Falls from the Iceline Trail
Lake Superior from Agawa Pictograph Trail
Michael Peak from Emerald Lake
Mount Sir Donald
Floe Lake and the Rockwall
Elephant Rocks and Gusty Peak
Banff Townsite, Tunnel Mountain and Mount Rundle, 2001
Yellow Lady Slipper on the Berg Lake Trail
Scarab Lake, Egypt Lake, and Scarab Peak
Whiskey-jack at Lake Agnes
Mountains Around the Upper Paradise Valley
Kinuseo Falls, BC (1977)
Ancient Pictograph in Whiteman's Gap
Upper Grassi Lake, Alberta
The Athabasca Valley Entrance to Jasper National Park
Long Beach: Miles of Sand
Johnston Canyon, Banff National Park
Kootenay Plains as the Leaves Turn
The Athabasca Glacier
Jasper - the Bear
The Pollination of Moss Campion on Leyland Mountain
Virl Lake and the Whistlers
Wapiti in Jasper National Park
Mount Mackenzie and the Cardinal Divide
Pika at Second Geraldine Lake
Sunset over Lake Astotin, Elk Island National Park
Forest Stream Near Mont Saint-Alban
Mountain Goats by the Athabasca River
Mount Chephren and North Waterfowl Lake
Mountain Sheep on the Cardinal River Divide
Larch Valley: Golden-mantled Ground Squirrel
Rock Lake: A Boy, his Dog, and Mount Kelsey
Upper Kananaskis Lake, Mount Sarrail, and Mount Foch
Cypress Hills, Saskatchewan
Marmot in Consolation Valley
Unnamed Peak above Talc Lake from the Monarch Ramparts
Sunset on the Pacific Rim
Autumn in Elk Island Park
Golden Larches at Chester Lake
Sheep by Curator Lake
Mont Royal: Urban Mountain
Alpine Forget-Me-Nots in Wilcox Pass
Lake Oesa from the Wiwaxy Gap
Surprise Point, Outpost Lake, and the Upper Astoria River Valley
Sunrise on the Ramparts
The View From Mount Hays
Cap des Rosiers
Les Chutes Du Diable
Sunshine Meadows: the Lakes
Kinney Lake
Mount Temple
Avalanche on Mount Victoria South Peak
Eiffel Peak

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