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Subject User: Graeme Pole
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Dolomite Peak from Molar Meadows
Deep Mountains
Drummond Group from the north
Cataract Peak from the Pipestone Valley
Noseeum Peak and Noseeum SE1 from Molar Meadows
Summit Ridge of Devon Mountain
Mount Willingdon from Devon Mountain
Willingdon, Crown, and South Tower from Devon Mountain
A Wild, Crumbling Twin-Pack
Mount Hector from Devon Mountain
Kispiox SE4 and connecting ridge from Kispiox Mountain
Kispiox N3
Kispiox Mountain from the east
The President Range from the Summit of Mt. McArthur, 1891
Mt. Hector from the Summit of Mt. Andromache, 1887
An Impossible Thing of Beauty... or a Crumbling Choss-Pile?
The Beginning of the End in Sight
The End of the End in Sight
Evening Glory
Meadow, Mountain, and Ice
Bath Creek Headwaters
Along the Crest of the Whaleback
Mt. Balfour from Isolated Peak
Block Mountain
Rockwall Sunrise
Mt. Chephren and Lower Waterfowl Lake
Hiking the Southwest Ridge of Numa Mountain
Mount Saskatchewan from the Icefields Parkway
Floe Lake at Sunrise
The Three Summits of Bonnet Peak from the Summit of Block Mountain.

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