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Photo Essays in Bugaboo Group
19Howser Tower (Howser Spire) Southwest FaceJohn Scurlock
18The Bugaboos and the Vowell GlacierDoug Brown
17West Ridge of Pigeon and Howser SpireDoug Brown
15Howser Spire North Ridge IntegralDoug Brown
14Pigeon Spire - Glacier ApproachAlex Joseph
12Moon over HowserDoug Brown
12Snowpatch - Northeast FaceDoug Brown
11Northeast Ridge of BugabooDoug Brown
11Brenta SpireKyle Martens
11Bugaboo SpireMike Warren
10Snowpatch Spire - West Face - AfternoonAlex Joseph
10The Bugs: A View Northwest from the CatamountStephen Skog
10Rock Ridge, Sextet Ridge, and Hound's ToothDean Richards
10The Vowells from the Summit of South Howser TowerUlysse Richard
9Bugaboo Spire North FaceJohn Scurlock
9Howser Towers and the Bugaboos from Eyebrow PeakSandra McGuinness
9Hounds Tooth from Kain Hut TrailDean Richards
8Snowpatch Spire from Kain DescentMike Warren
8Crossing the Great Gendarme on Bugaboo SpireRick Collier
8Howser Towers from the Beaverfoot RangeRick Collier
8Howser Peak from the SouthDean Richards
8Photo of Pitch 18 on All Along the Watchtower - North Tower Ulysse Richard
8Snowpatch Spire Southwest FaceJohn Scurlock
7Thimble Peak and Flattop Peak from the SouthDean Richards
7Looking Up at Pitch 21 on All Along the WatchtowerUlysse Richard
7Surf's Up! - Snowpatch SpireAndrew Rennie
7Upper Bits of Bugaboo SpireMike Warren
7Sunrise on Howser Spire and Pigeon SpireEd Cooper
7Bugaboo Spire with Cobalt LakeMyk Kurth
7On the Northeast ArÍte of Bugaboo SpireMichael Stanton
7Cobalt Lake Spire from Eastpost SpireDean Richards
7Sunrise on Snowpatch SpireMichael Stanton
6Esther on Pitch 4Mike Warren
6Esther Topping Out on Lion's WayMike Warren
6Snowpatch, Bugaboo, and Donkey's Ears from ApplebeeBrett Logan
6Bugaboo Spire and Snowpatch Spire from WestBrett Logan
6East Face Bugaboo SpireEd Cooper
6First Light on Pigeon SpireEd Cooper
6Climbing on Pigeon SpireMichael Stanton
6Little Snowpatch from Flattop PeakSteve Sheriff
5Snowpatch Spire - East FaceAlex Joseph
5Crescent SpireKyle Martens
5Snowpatch Spire, Bugaboo Spire, Snowpatch-Bugaboo Col PanoramaAlex Joseph
5Pigeon SpireHans Bauck
5Bugaboo - Blizzard on the Kain Route Pierre Signore
5The Great Gendarme on Bugaboo SpireDrew Brayshaw
5Howser Spires (north)Kyle Martens
5Becky/Chouinard False Summit RapUlysse Richard
5Bugaboo Spire - Kain Route - Gendarme PitchBrett Logan
5Brenta Spire from WallaceDoug Brown
5West Face of South Howser TowerUlysse Richard
5Restoration of Snowpatch and Bugaboo Spires (figuratively speaking)Ed Cooper
5McTech Arete, Crescent SpirePaul Baker
4Pigeon Spire East faceBrian Pegg
4Descending Perfect Ridge of Pigeon Spire Looking West to Howser TowersAlex Joseph
4Snowpatch - S FaceBrett Logan
4Climbing the North East Ridge on Bugaboo SpireToby Johnson
4Snowpatch Spire Seen from Bugaboo Spire, 1958 Ed Cooper
4Not the West Face of South Howser SpireHans Bauck
4Bugaboos from Jet at 10,000 MetresLen Zedel
4Bugaboo SpireHans Bauck
4Bugaboo Spire - S + NE RidgesBrett Logan
4Snowpatch at SunriseDavid Begg
4Below the Great Gendarme on BugabooDrew Brayshaw
4Crescent Spire - McTech and Donkey's EarsBrett Logan
4The Bugaboos from Brenta SpirePaul Baker
4Bugaboo Spire - NE RidgePaul Baker
4East Face of Snowpatch Spire from the North.Ed Cooper
4Pitch 11 on the Becky/ChouinardUlysse Richard
4Eastpost Spire, Southwest FaceKyle Martens
3Howser SpiresHans Bauck
3Bugaboo Spire from the Kain Hut Back DoorDrew Brayshaw
3Mike Budd on the Great GendarmeRick Collier
3Snowpatch from the NortheastRick Collier
3Trail to the Kain HutPierre Signore
3Eastpost Spire - South SidePierre Signore
3Snowpatch Spire - East FacePierre Signore
3Bugaboo Spire - East FacePierre Signore
3Snowpatch Spire - North FacePierre Signore
3Snowpatch SpireHans Bauck
3Snowpatch SpireEric Dahlberg
3The West Face of Little Snowpatch Peak Steve Sheriff
3Farnham Group from the Bugaboos (Telephoto)Dean Richards
3Snowpatch spire: the PatchKyle Martens
3Septet Range from the BugaboosDean Richards
3Bugaboo SnafflehoundDrew Brayshaw
2The MarmolataKyle Martens
2Approaching the "Bugs"Pierre Signore
2Hound's ToothHans Bauck
2Brenta SpirePierre Signore
2High on Bugaboo SpireGeoff Baart
2Bugaboo Glacier & Hounds ToothDan Hay
2Sunshine CrackUlysse Richard
Total Photos: 93