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Photo Essays in Northern Vancouver Island
18Victoria Peak and Warden Peak from the EastSandy Briggs
16Sutton from "Third" LakeJohn Robertson
15Mount H'kusam from Springer PeakDavid Campbell
15Mount Abel from NorthwestReid Holmes
14Trio Mountain from the EastDean Richards
14Northwest Face of Rugged Mountain in WinterSandy Briggs
13Mount Cain - Vancouver IslandSandy Briggs
13Conuma Peak East Ridge from approach a.k.a. 'The Nootka Matterhorn'Sasha Kubicek
12Bonanza and AshwoodDavid Campbell
12Mount Bate Northwest Aspect from Mount AlavaSandy Briggs
12Pinder Peak from Nimpkish LakeDavid Campbell
11Mount Schoen and Schoen LakeDavid Campbell
11Victoria Peak, North FaceLen Zedel
11Big Baldy Mountain from Trio MountainSasha Kubicek
10Haihte Spire from "Haihte Lake"Sandy Briggs
10Haihte Range: Merlon, Ya'ai, and Haihte PeaksLen Zedel
10Bonanza Peak and Mount Ashwood (North)Sandy Briggs
10Len Taking the Mount McKelvie PhotoJohn Robertson
10Mount McKelvie from the NorthLen Zedel
10Maquilla Peak from Mount Cain Parking areaJustin Lynch
10Jagged mountainJustin Lynch
9Vegetated Ledges on descent of Rugged Mountain summitSasha Kubicek
9Haihte Range and Woss LakeDavid Campbell
9Mount CainReid Holmes
9Victoria and Warden from the Sutton RangeJohn Robertson
9Sutton Peak from the NorthJohn Robertson
9Warden Peak from Victoria PeakDavid Campbell
9Santiago Mountain from Conuma PeakSasha Kubicek
8Kokummi MountainLen Zedel
8Upper Rugged Glacier CampSasha Kubicek
8Stevens and Malaspina Peaks from Conuma PeakSasha Kubicek
8Alava/Bate Area from Conuma PeakSasha Kubicek
8Haihte Range Southwest Blades (Minke Peak)Sandy Briggs
8Eden Mountain from Southeast RidgeSandy Briggs
8Hiking up to Nathan Creek Col and Rugged MtnSasha Kubicek
8Summit Block of Warden PeakLen Zedel
8Rugged from Mount CainJustin Lynch
7Sasha on Pitch One of Rugged Mountain's Summit TowerSasha Kubicek
7Pinder PeakJustin Lynch
7Merlon Peak, North Face and Northwest Ridge in WinterSandy Briggs
7Approach to Sutton, 1986John Robertson
7Mounts Bate and Alava from the northwestRamsay Dyer
7Sutton Peak from the EastLen Zedel
7Viking Dome, Sphinx, and Rugged MountainSandy Briggs
7Rugged MacPacJohn Robertson
7Hapush Mtn from West Ridge of Mount CainKlaus Haring
6Mount AbelDavid Campbell
6The Haihte Range Sandy Briggs
6Conuma Peak East Ridge from Trio MountainSasha Kubicek
6Summit of Rugged MountainSasha Kubicek
6Lama de Lepore from Rugged Mountain summit ridgeSasha Kubicek
6West Ridge of Warden PeakLen Zedel
6Nissen Bight at sunsetKevin Teague
6Mount Cain - Panoramic from Dream ChuteJustin Lynch
6Whiltilla MountainDavid Campbell
6Rugged Mountain Massif from the Southeast (Telephoto)Dean Richards
5Rugged Mountain SW FaceSandy Briggs
5View of Nomash SlabsLen Zedel
5Maquilla PeakJohn Robertson
5Sutton Peak SummitJohn Robertson
4WW II Road to Cape Scott LighthouseMike Wickett
4Mount CainDavid Campbell
4Unnamed Peaks at the Head of Russell CreekDavid Campbell
4Len Zedel Hiking up Nathan Creek ColJohn Robertson
4Merlon Peak from the SouthLen Zedel
3Ya'ai Peak from Rugged GlacierTom Roozendaal
3Half Dome, Haihte RangeSandy Briggs
3Camp on the Rugged GlacierJohn Robertson
2Nissen Bight: Cape ScottMike Wickett
2Trio Mountain sub peaks from Trio Mountain summitSasha Kubicek
2Beach on Rosa IslandRobin Thacker
2Mount Judson, Tyee and Horseshoe from Trio MountainSasha Kubicek
Total Photos: 72