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Photo Essays in Central Vancouver Island

Only the first 100 Photos are shown, use a smaller Radius Search around a peak if you want to see all photos.

25Golden Hinde from Phillips RidgeRobin Tivy
19The Golden Hinde Looking Meaner Than It Really IsGord Johnson
18Elkhorn from NorthReid Holmes
17Tom Taylor from East RidgeSasha Kubicek
16Triple Peak from 5040 PeakDavid Campbell
15Mount Colonel Foster: North Tower in CloudsSteven Harng
15Albert Edward from Mount PhillipsDavid Campbell
15Golden Hinde from Schjelderup LakeRobin Tivy
15Puzzle Mountain from the EastDean Richards
14The Mackenzie RangeSandy Briggs
14Pogo Mountain from the SouthDavid Campbell
14Septimus, Rosseau, and the Misthorns David Campbell
13Mount Syd Watts above Ralph LakeDavid Campbell
13Klitsa Mountain from Shoulder of Mount CokleySasha Kubicek
13Castlecrag Mountain from the WestDavid Campbell
13Mariner Mountain from summit of Tom TaylorSasha Kubicek
12 Velella Peak from shoulder of Mount Tom TaylorLucas Earl
12Alexandra Peak and The Golden Hinde from Mount WashingtonSasha Kubicek
12Mount Myra from Ralph River CampSasha Kubicek
12Nahmint Mountain from the NorthDavid Campbell
12Lone Wolf Mountain from northern subpeak of Mount Tom TaylorLucas Earl
11The Golden Hinde at SunriseSandy Briggs
11Cobb Mountain from the WestDean Richards
11Ursus Mountain from the Cream Lake TrailLucas Earl
11Mariner Mountain in WinterDavid Campbell
11Steamboat Mountain and Hidden Peak from PogoDavid Campbell
11Mount DeVoe from the NorthwestLen Zedel
11Peak 5040 in Winter, Vancouver IslandSandy Briggs
11Phillips Ridge with Big Interior and Tom TaylorKeith Freeman
11Mount Phillips and Buttle Lake David Campbell
11Mount Brooks and Mount Elma from Lake Helen MackenzieLucas Earl
11Golden Hinde from Marble MeadowsTim Deutscher
11Mount Mitchell West FaceDavid Campbell
11Mount McBride from Treeline on Mount Adrian in Winter.Sandy Briggs
10Mount Colnett from Radar HillLucas Earl
10The Red Pillar's Summit TowerSasha Kubicek
10Island Sunset behind Burman's ShoulderKeith Freeman
10Moyeha Mountain from Mount Myra approachSasha Kubicek
10Nine Peaks from Near Mount SeptimusSandy Briggs
10Catface Mountain and Lone Cone, Clayoquot SoundDavid Crerar
10Mount Filberg from the WestDean Richards
10Upper Klitsa Mountain from its northeast RidgeDavid Campbell
10Mount Tom Taylor from Big Interior SubpeakLucas Earl
105040 Peak from the NorthDavid Campbell
10Alexandra and Jutland PeaksDavid Campbell
10Cat's Ears Peak, Vancouver Island, BCSandy Briggs
10Matchlee Mountain from northern subpeak of Mount Tom TaylorLucas Earl
10Big Interior MountainJustin Lynch
10Tom Taylor in WinterDavid Campbell
10Mount Myra Summit David Campbell
10Mount Elma from Lake Helen MackenzieLucas Earl
9Scimitar Peak and The ScissorsSandy Briggs
9Mount Thelwood from Mount MyraSasha Kubicek
9Augerpoint Mountain from Jack's TrailDavid Campbell
9Shepherd Ridge David Campbell
9Flower RidgeDavid Campbell
9Rambler Peak and Upper Elk River ValleyLen Zedel
9Thelwood-Moyeha in WinterDavid Campbell
9Rees Ridge ( Mount Celeste and Iceberg Peak) from summit of Mount BecherSasha Kubicek
9Syd Watts and Sid Williams David Campbell
9Weathered Limestone On Phillips RidgeRobin Tivy
9Mount Thelwood from Big Interior SubpeakLucas Earl
9Mount Harmston and Argus Mountain from Big Interior subpeakLucas Earl
9Mariner Mountain from subpeak of Big Interior Mtn.Lucas Earl
9How Myths Are Born: Axcalibur, Cream LakeSandy Briggs
9Twilight Hits The Golden HindeKeith Freeman
9Mount Colonel Foster (Vancouver Island) in Early January 1996Sandy Briggs
9Elk River Valley Peaks from the Golden HindeDavid Campbell
9Kowus Peak from northern subpeak of Mount Tom TaylorLucas Earl
9Moyeha Mountain from northern subpeak of Mount Tom TaylorLucas Earl
9Golden Hinde and other big peaks from northern subpeak of Mount Tom TaylorLucas Earl
9Mount Tom Taylor from northern subpeakLucas Earl
9Klitsa Mountain from the EastKlaus Haring
9Morrison Spire from Marble MeadowsDavid Campbell
9Matchlee Mountain from Trio MtnSasha Kubicek
9Mount Brooks from Lake Helen MackenzieLucas Earl
8Mount Colonel Foster from the SoutheastLen Zedel
8Nine Peaks from the Cream Lake TrailLucas Earl
8Rosseau-Septimus from Nine PeaksDavid Campbell
8Mount Septimus from above Cream LakeLucas Earl
8Mount Gibson from aboveKlaus Haring
8Mount Mitchell South RidgeDavid Campbell
8The Golden Hinde in WinterSandy Briggs
8Black Peaks from Handsome Mountain summitSasha Kubicek
8Mounts Frederick and Ozzard from Ucluelet HarbourDavid Wasserman
8Bedwell Lake from Big Interior SubpeakLucas Earl
8Mount Thelwood from northern subpeak of Mount Tom TaylorLucas Earl
8Adder Mountain South SideDavid Campbell
8Clarence Peak and Mount George V from NorthwestFred Touche
8Cream Lake in late AugustLucas Earl
8Mount Harmston from Red Pillar summitSasha Kubicek
8Albert Edward and Hope Lake from the SouthDavid Campbell
8Mount FrinkDavid Campbell
8Golden Hinde and Behinde from NorthwestLen Zedel
8Mount Adder North Face from north Ridge approachSasha Kubicek
8Mount Filberg from Trio MountainSasha Kubicek
8Red Pillar North SideDavid Campbell
8Argus Mountain from summit of Red PillarSasha Kubicek
8Argus Mountain: North SideDavid Campbell
Total Photos: 100