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Photo Essays in Idaho Montana
22Upper Waterton Lake and Border Range PeaksDavid Wasserman
18McDonald Peak and the South End of the Mission Range, MontanaDavid Wasserman
15Clifty Mountain from the NorthWayne Weber
15The Agassiz Glacier PeaksRick Collier
13Mount Siyeh from the SouthBill Maurer
12Upper Kintla Lake from Akamina RidgeDavid Wasserman
12Mount Cleveland - Northwest FaceKevin Altheim
12Mount StimsonKevin Altheim
12Mount Jackson and the Jackson GlacierKevin Altheim
11Chapman Peak from the NorthRick Collier
11Merritt and NatdasKevin Altheim
10Little Chief Mountain - Northeast Face CloseupKevin Altheim
10Chief MountainKevin Altheim
10Mount Wilbur from the Slopes of HenkelKevin Altheim
10Olson Peak, Shaheeya Peak, Chapman Peak, Mount Custer, and Forum PeakAlex Joseph
10Gunsight Mountain - East FaceKevin Altheim
9Blackfoot Mountain and Pumpelly GlacierKevin Altheim
9Granite Park and Mount GouldKevin Altheim
9Apikuni MountainKevin Altheim
9Kinnerly Peak, Kintla Peak and Parke PeakAlex Joseph
9Mount Cleveland from Kootenai PeakKevin Altheim
9Bald Eagle Mountain from the NorthWayne Weber
9Reynolds MountainKevin Altheim
8Flinsch Peak and Oldman LakeKevin Altheim
8Cathedral Peak and Shepard GlacierKevin Altheim
8Little Dog and Summit MountainsKevin Altheim
8Edwards MountainKevin Altheim
8Iceberg Peak and CirqueKevin Altheim
8Grizzly MountainKevin Altheim
8Profile View, North Face of Mount SiyehEd Cooper
8Gunsight Peak from Hortman RidgeSandra McGuinness
8Kootenai PeakKevin Altheim
7Lake Elizabeth and Bear MountainKevin Altheim
7North Face of Chapman PeakSerguei Okountsev
7Kintla Peak and Agassiz GlacierKevin Altheim
7Thunderbird MountainKevin Altheim
7Mount JacksonKevin Altheim
7View Southwest up Lake SherburneKevin Altheim
7Mount Henry North Face and CirqueKevin Altheim
7North Face of Mount SiyehEd Cooper
7Stanton and VaughtKevin Altheim
6Harrison Peak Sandra McGuinness
6Chief Mountain from the Summit (?) of Pine RidgeRick Collier
6Red Eagle MountainKevin Altheim
6Citadels (Right) and Stoney Indian Peaks (Left)Alex Joseph
6Fusillade MountainKevin Altheim
6Mount WilburSerguei Okountsev
6Piegan Mountain and GlacierKevin Altheim
6Cathedral PeakKevin Altheim
6Vigil Peak North FaceKevin Altheim
6View Southwest up Saint Mary LakeKevin Altheim
5Mount Jackson and the Harrison GlacierKevin Altheim
5Ahern PeakKevin Altheim
5Granite Park and Mount GouldKevin Altheim
5Sinopah MountainKevin Altheim
5Gunsight Mountain and Sperry GlacierKevin Altheim
5Singleshot MountainKevin Altheim
4Ahern Glacier ca. 1985Kevin Altheim
4Marias PassDavid Wasserman
4Cracker Lake and Canyon Creek Valley Seen from the Summit of Mount Siyeh.Ed Cooper
4Bear MountainKevin Altheim
3Chimney Rock, IdahoSandra McGuinness
2Gunsight Pass and Lake Ellen WilsonKevin Altheim
Total Photos: 63