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Photo Essays in Valhalla Area

Only the first 100 Photos are shown, use a smaller Radius Search around a peak if you want to see all photos.

23High on the Koedt-Rowat Route (Gladsheim Southwest Face)Drew Brayshaw
18"I Wanna Climb That" - Asgard Reflecting in Mulvey LakeDrew Brayshaw
18Gimli MorningDoug Brown
17Three Peaks of PrestleyDoug Brown
16The Northern Valkyrs: Mount RollinsSandra McGuinness
16North Faces - Dag, Little Dag, Batwing, NottDrew Brayshaw
16Gimli, Mulvey Lake and Nisleheim from Gladsheim Southwest FaceDrew Brayshaw
15West End of the Devils RangeDoug Brown
14Banshee and Diablo from Mount PrestleySandra McGuinness
14North Face Hilda PeakSandra McGuinness
14Ladybird Mountain From the SouthSandra McGuinness
14Hela Peak and the Devils RangeSandra McGuinness
13The Dark Prince: Devils Dome and False Devils DomeSandra McGuinness
13Iron Peak from below the New Denver GlacierSandra McGuinness
13Among the Devils: The Couch and The SpireSandra McGuinness
13Ripples in Mulvey Lake from summit of AsgardDrew Brayshaw
13Sunset on MidgardDoug Brown
13Demers Peak and LakesSandra McGuinness
13Gneiss Spires: Molars, Humps and WedgeDrew Brayshaw
13Winter in the Norns RangeSandra McGuinness
13Not Another One: Asgard South Face and Southwest RidgeSandra McGuinness
12Looking West to the Big Guys: Valhallas From ValkyrsSandra McGuinness
12The Mulvey Group of the Gladsheim area - ValhallasDoug Brown
12Chariot Peak and Thor LakeSandra McGuinness
12Prestley from the EastDoug Brown
12Gladsheim South Face Route LinesDrew Brayshaw
12Sunset on the South Side of Mulvey BasinDrew Brayshaw
12Mount Meers from Mount Denver (East)Sandra McGuinness
12Dag and Little Dag from Batwing SummitDrew Brayshaw
11Evans Lake and the Devils RangeDoug Brown
11The Dark Drinnon PeakDoug Brown
11Nice-Looking Peak in Spring: Mount Freya from Mount Heimdal (South)Sandra McGuinness
11Midgard Peak from the beach at Mulvey LakeDrew Brayshaw
11West Ridge of East PrestleyDoug Brown
11Gimli from NisleheimDoug Brown
11Skiing Grizzly Meadows with Big Sister as the BackdropLee Lau
11Looking over Woden PeakSandra McGuinness
11Asgard South Face TopoDrew Brayshaw
11Mount Niord from Mount Denver (Southeast)Sandra McGuinness
11Southwest Peak (Mount Buri) from Mount BorSandra McGuinness
11Mount Dorval from Urd Peak (East)Sandra McGuinness
11Mount Denver, English Peak, Iron Peak and the New Denver GlacierSandra McGuinness
11English Peak from the New Denver GlacierSandra McGuinness
11Rock East of Gladsheim: Molars, Humps and Wedge TopoDrew Brayshaw
11Looking Down on Urd PeakSandra McGuinness
10Sangrida Peak from the SouthSandra McGuinness
10Mount DenverSandra McGuinness
10Under a Darkening Sky: The Devils Range from Drinnon PeakSandra McGuinness
10Bifrost Bridge: The Route to AsgardSandra McGuinness
10Warner Ridge from Cahill Lake.Klaus Haring
10Nisleheim Peak South faceDave Sproule
10Gregorio Peak from Gwillim Lakes PlateauSandra McGuinness
10Mount Diablo and Banshee Peak from Chariot PeakJordan Peters
10South Side of Devils DomeJordan Peters
10Valhalla Sun DownMike Wickett
10On the North Ridge of MidgardSandra McGuinness
10Mount Heimdal, the North SideSandra McGuinness
10Hoder Creek PanoramaSandra McGuinness
10Mount Vingolf North RidgeStephen Skog
9Upper Urd Peak (300m)Robin Tivy
9Climbing South Ridge of NisleheimDoug Brown
9Between Heaven and Earth: Midgard PeakSandra McGuinness
9Fireworks over GladsheimDoug Brown
9Meadow Skipping Terrain: South Side Naumulten MountainSandra McGuinness
9The East Ridge of East Wolfs EarSandra McGuinness
9Mount Stanley in WinterSandra McGuinness
9Going Strong at 70: Bert Returning to the Lodge from the West Ridge of Mount McBrideSandra McGuinness
9Lucifer Peak from Black Prince MountainSandra McGuinness
9Unnamed Peak to the Southwest of Mista PeakSandra McGuinness
9Shrinking Wildlands: Skiers Above IngersollSandra McGuinness
9Looking South to Mount ShardelowSandra McGuinness
9All the Devils: Devils Couch to Mount BorSandra McGuinness
9Mount McKean, North SideSandra McGuinness
8Demers Peak from the EastKlaus Haring
8The long SE Ridge of Hela PeakKlaus Haring
8Skiers En Route to Mount RollinsSandra McGuinness
8Skiing down the Jewels with Silver Mountain as the BackdropLee Lau
8 Mount Bor from the SouthStephen Skog
8Rugged Peak as the Backdrop to a Ski RunLee Lau
8Underneath Devils DomeDoug Brown
8View of Mulvey Group including Gladsheim from Mt BuriRobin Tivy
8North Face Mount Harlow in WinterSandra McGuinness
8Gregorio Peak and Gwillim LakesRobin Tivy
8The Mulvey Group from Dag to NisleheimSandra McGuinness
8Mista Peak from the NorthSandra McGuinness
7The Three Peaks of Mount Prestley From The SouthSandra McGuinness
7North Ridge of Gladsheim PeakJordan Peters
7Early Winter in the ValkyrsSandra McGuinness
7Mount Vingolf's North Face and Surrounding Panorama Looking into the Northern ValhallasLee Lau
7Gregorio Peak from the North; II 5.7Steve Sheriff
7Peaks Around Mulvey LakeSandra McGuinness
7Mount Wilton (aka Frog Peak) from Little Slocan RiverJason Addy
7The Marvelous Mulvey GroupDoug Brown
7Gladsheim from Gimli AreaDrew Brayshaw
7Devils Range From Lucifer to Devils SpireSandra McGuinness
7Gladsheim Peak from Summit of Mt NottSandra McGuinness
7Wolfs Ears and Dag Sandra McGuinness
7Black Prince (left) Lucifer Peak (right) from Gwillim LakesSandra McGuinness
7Norns Range: Mount Spiers and Airy Mountain to Ladybird MountainSandra McGuinness
Total Photos: 100