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Photo Essays in Farnham Findlay Area

Only the first 100 Photos are shown, use a smaller Radius Search around a peak if you want to see all photos.

26Farnham From North Ridge of The CleaverDoug Brown
22Mount FindlayDoug Brown
22The Drying of the Purcells: Eyebrow, Birthday and the Starbird GlacierSandra McGuinness
21Jumbo and KarnakDoug Brown
19Mounts Clutterbuck and LeesDoug Brown
19Truce Mountain, Jumbo Pass and the Horseshoe Glacier GroupDoug Brown
18East Face of Mt. MonicaDoug Brown
17Another One for the Tick List: Emperor PeakSandra McGuinness
17Mount Maye and CommanderDoug Brown
17Mount Pambrun from the SoutheastDoug Brown
16South Face of Eyebrow PeakDoug Brown
16Mount Hamill from the SoutheastRick Collier
16Commander and the Commander GlacierDoug Brown
16Birthday Peak from the SouthSandra McGuinness
15Mount Amen-Ra from Monica MeadowsSandra McGuinness
15Saffron Peak from the WestDean Richards
15The Farnham Group from Commander GlacierOrvel Miskiw
15Clutterbuck to Findlay PanoramaDoug Brown
14The Settlers Group: Winter, Bulmer and BeguinSandra McGuinness
14Barn Mountain from the West (Telephoto)Dean Richards
14The Cleaver and the GuardsmenDoug Brown
13Bacchus Ridge from Mount WilletDean Richards
13360 Degrees of Freedom: A Purcell PanoramaDoug Brown
13Mount Lake - Southwest RidgeDean Richards
13Archduke Mountain from the Settlers GroupSandra McGuinness
13Mount Hamill from the SouthwestDean Richards
12Mount Farnham and the Farnham Tower - CloseupKevin Altheim
12Approach to Echo Peak from the NorthDean Richards
12Mount Fitzsimmons - East FaceDean Richards
12No Better Place on Earth: Camp Below Mount MonicaSandra McGuinness
12EH67 from Echo PeakDean Richards
12Morning Light on the Truce GroupSandra McGuinness
12Griswold Peak from the WestDean Richards
12Mount Rasmussen from McLeod-McLanders ColDean Richards
12Mount Bulmer from Mount BeguinDean Richards
11Kootenay Joe RidgeSandra McGuinness
11Mount Banquo from the NorthDean Richards
11Double Vision from NEKlaus Haring
11Mount Findlay and Lone Cairn LakeDoug Brown
11Farnham Tower and Mount FarnhamSandra McGuinness
11Redtop MountainDean Richards
11The Commander GroupSandra McGuinness
11Mammary Peak from the WestDean Richards
11Mount Lillian from the NortheastDean Richards
11Mount McLanders from Mount McCleodDean Richards
11Mount MacduffDean Richards
11Comb Mountain from the SoutheastDean Richards
10East Side of BastilleKevin Altheim
10Starbird SunsetDoug Brown
10Mount Wilkinson from Bacchus RidgeSandra McGuinness
10Jacobite Peak from Horsethief Creek ValleyKlaus Haring
10Mount Findlay from the Northwest (Telephoto)Dean Richards
10Medenagan From The NorthBrian Buick
10Mount Lake - East/Southeast Ridge and FacesDean Richards
10High on Mount CauldronPeter F. Green
10Looking through the Fog at Tooth RidgeSandra McGuinness
10Mount Peter from SWKlaus Haring
10Mount Lady Grey from the West (telephoto)Dean Richards
10The Sleepwalker: Lady MacbethSandra McGuinness
10The Inexplicably Named Granite Peak of the Southern PurcellsSandra McGuinness
9Mount Pambrun from the EastRick Collier
9Mount Willet from the SouthSandra McGuinness
9Mount Fleance from the SouthSandra McGuinness
9Truce Mountain from Cauldron MountainPeter F. Green
9Birthday SW4 from the Northwest (telephoto)Dean Richards
9Echo Peak from the NorthDean Richards
9Mount Lake - Lower East/Southeast RidgeDean Richards
9Mount Pambrun from the NorthwestDean Richards
9Mount Lake from the SouthwestDean Richards
9Mount NelsonKevin Altheim
9Mount Findlay from the Southwest (Telephoto)Dean Richards
9Camp Peak from NorthKlaus Haring
9Tooth Ridge TowersSandra McGuinness
9Winter PeakSandra McGuinness
9Mount Beguin from the SouthwestSandra McGuinness
9Bacchus RidgeSandra McGuinness
9Northface of Eyebrow PeakKlaus Haring
9Monica Meadows and the Truce GroupSandra McGuinness
8West Face Route on Mount ClutterbuckSandra McGuinness
8Mount Bulmer from SouthSandra McGuinness
8East Truce Glacier AreaKevin Altheim
8Mount Maye from NWKlaus Haring
8South Ridge of Double Vision PeakKlaus Haring
8Mount McCoubrey from Northwest SlopesRick Collier
8Mount Macbeth: North Face RouteSandra McGuinness
8Farnham and Farnham Tower from DelphineRick Collier
8Earl Grey from Jumbo PassKevin Altheim
8Peak B1 from the NorthDean Richards
8Mount Willet Stewart Douglas
7Red Line Peak from the NorthKevin Altheim
7Jumbo from JumboKevin Altheim
7Karnak Mountain - SoloKevin Altheim
7Birthday SW4 from the NorthDean Richards
7Mount Morigeau and Mount Rowand from the NorthwestDean Richards
7Eyebrow PeakKevin Altheim
7South aspect of Granite Peak Klaus Haring
7Eyebrow Peak from SEKlaus Haring
7 The North Face of Double Vision PeakKlaus Haring
7Birthday Peak from SEKlaus Haring
Total Photos: 100