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Photo Essays in Kananaskis Area

Only the first 100 Photos are shown, use a smaller Radius Search around a peak if you want to see all photos.

18The Three Sisters - from Canmore Amy Presse
16Evening Sunlight on Mount ChesterSteve Sproule
14Ice Climbing in KananaskisRay Borbon
14Helicopter Rescue on Mount RaeDavid Wasserman
14Mount Fisher from Mount RomulusBill Kerr
13Closeup Storm Kananaskis - South FaceKevin Altheim
13Gusty Peak-Mount Galatea-The TowerKevin Altheim
12Upper Corners of Ha Ling NE ButtressDrew Brayshaw
12Elpoca Mountain and MeadowsMitch Sulkers
12Threepoint MountainVern Dewit
12Bluerock Mountain and Mount BurnsVern Dewit
11The Mount Head Massif Rick Collier
11Kidd North - East FaceKevin Altheim
11The WedgeKevin Altheim
11Mount Sparrowhawk from the NorthRick Collier
11The Three Southeast Summits of Mount BurnsRick Collier
11An Early Winter West Aspect of Mount Evan-Thomas from Grizzly PeakAlex Joseph
11Mount Buller from the EastRick Collier
10Mount Jerram from Southwest ridgeRick Collier
10The Heart Mountain Horseshoe from Door Jamb South RidgeDavid Wasserman
10The Fortress from Highway 40Amy Presse
10Mount Baldy SW AspectReid Holmes
10Pyriform Mountain from the NERick Collier
10Moose MountainFraser Judd
10The West Ridge of Mount PottsRick Collier
10Mount Denny from the SouthRick Collier
10Romulus - Upper Part of Shortcut RouteBill Kerr
10Panorama from Threepoint Mountain including Cougar MountainVern Dewit
10Panorama from Bluerock including Mount RoseVern Dewit
10Compression Ridge, Bryant N4, Tiara Peak, GR406463, Belmore BrowneAlex Joseph
10Patterson's Peak from the NorthwestRick Collier
10Mount Glasgow Amy Presse
9Gusty Peak and Chester LakeDavid Wasserman
9McConnell Ridge and Mount Baldy from Door JambDavid Wasserman
9Mount Cornwall from GlasgowKevin Altheim
9Mount WintourKevin Altheim
9Mount Brock - West RibKevin Altheim
9Mount Rose Panorama including Threepoint MountainVern Dewit
9Wind Mountain from BogartKevin Altheim
9Rock Fins on Centennial RidgeDavid Wasserman
9Powderface Ridge from Powderface PeakAlex Joseph
9 Elpoca TowerOrvel Miskiw
9Route up Mount Schlee from Elbow River RoadBill Leach
9The Tower from GalateaKevin Altheim
9Mount Denny SW FaceVern Dewit
9Gibraltar Mountain IIRick Collier
9Fisher Peak from Opal Ridge (north summit)Alex Joseph
9Mount GalateaKevin Altheim
9Mount Inflexible: An Unusual View from the SouthwestRick Collier
9Golden Larches at Chester LakeDavid Wasserman
9The Crux South Buttress of Elpoca TowerOrvel Miskiw
9Cougar Mountain from Threepoint MountainVern Dewit
9Mount PottsVern Dewit
9Mount Lawrence GrassiAmy Presse
9Mount Lougheed from Mount AllanDavid Wasserman
9Blane - Closeup of West FaceKevin Altheim
9Elpoca Mountain from the SouthKevin Altheim
9Holy Cross MountainRick Collier
9Mount HoodKevin Altheim
9The Kananaskis Range from GalateaKevin Altheim
9The Three Canmore SistersAmy Presse
9Mt Bogart (left) and Ribbon Peak (right)Rick Collier
8Mount Romulus, Mount Remus, Mount Glasgow, Banded Peak, Outlaw Peak from Summit of Mount CornwallAlex Joseph
8Nihahi Ridge from the Northeast on Powderface TrailAlex Joseph
8The Fortress - View SEKevin Altheim
8Tombstone MountainRick Collier
8The RimwallKevin Altheim
8The Northeast Face of Peak 28-42 and the Summit Ridge of Patterson's PeakRick Collier
8Mist MountainKevin Altheim
8Ole Buck Mountain Alex Joseph
8Scrambling on Mount ArethusaKevin Altheim
8Looking up the summit ridge of Mount Lawrence GrassiAlex Joseph
8Mount Baldy from the Heart Mountain RidgeDavid Wasserman
8Lillian Lake and the West End of Mount KiddDavid Wasserman
8Alpine Scenery above King Creek near Mount BrockOrvel Miskiw
8Mount PackenhamKevin Altheim
8Compression Ridge and Mount BryantAlex Joseph
8Mount McDougall from the NorthwestRick Collier
8Mount Inflexible in the winterKevin Altheim
8Ribbon Lake in Early JuneDavid Wasserman
8Mount RoseVern Dewit
8Across the RidgeFraser Judd
8Blue, White, and Green: Mount Chester from the Chester Lake TrailDavid Wasserman
8Romulus Shortcut Scramble Route1Bill Kerr
8Mount Collembola from Mount Allan SummitDavid Wasserman
8Little Sister (Charity Peak)Rick Collier
7Banded Peak from Glasgow / Cornwall colKevin Altheim
7Nihahi Ridge from Forgetmenot PondKevin Altheim
7Heart MountainReid Holmes
7Rae from ArethusaKevin Altheim
7Mount BlaneKevin Altheim
7Mount Kidd from Mount Allan SummitDavid Wasserman
7Mist from the SoutheastKevin Altheim
7Mount Lipsett from the NorthKevin Altheim
7Banded Peak-Outlaw Peak-Mount CornwallKevin Altheim
7Mount Lawson and Mount InflexibleKevin Altheim
7Ribbon Creek Valley from Centennial RidgeDavid Wasserman
7Morning Clouds Break over Ha Ling PeakJustin Brown
7Mount McGillivray from HighwayKevin Altheim
Total Photos: 100