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Photo Essays in Kootenay Ranges

Only the first 100 Photos are shown, use a smaller Radius Search around a peak if you want to see all photos.

14Kapristo Mountain from the SoutheastRick Collier
14The Steeples from the NorthRick Collier
14Mount Gagnebin from the SoutheastRick Collier
13Mount FisherKevin Altheim
12Mount Sinclair from the Sinclair Creek TrailDavid Wasserman
12The Sinclair Creek Valley from the Kindersley-Sinclair ColDavid Wasserman
12Empire State PeakRick Collier
12Approaching the Summit of The JudgeDean Richards
12Indian Head Mountain from the northwestSteven Coombes
12Town of Golden and Columbia Valley from Clamshell PeakDean Richards
11Mount Dingley and Mount MorroRick Collier
11Panorama of Morro W5Klaus Haring
11Summit of 'Turret' PeakRick Collier
11Mount PatmoreRick Collier
11Mount Morro West AspectJeff Volp
11Mount NicholasRick Collier
10Looking SE from Bicarbonate NW2Rick Collier
10Kapristo Mountain from the NorthwestRick Collier
10Dolomite LakeRick Collier
10East Ridge of Mount GagnebinRick Collier
10The Columbia River ValleyRick Collier
10East and West Tower PeakRick Collier
9Redstreak MountainKevin Altheim
9Mount MorroRick Collier
9Chrysler Peak - Southwest FaceRick Collier
9The Crags and Cliffs of Shyster NW2Rick Collier
9Shyster Peak from the SouthRick Collier
9Bicarbonate NE1 (‘Horn’ Peak)Rick Collier
9The North Face of Dingley NW2Rick Collier
9Rover PeakRick Collier
9Named Peaks of the Middle BeaverfootRick Collier
9Goat Haven Peak from the North-NortheastRick Collier
9Kindersley SE4 (from the North)Rick Collier
9The Judge from the SRick Collier
9Mount Crook from the SWRick Collier
9North End of Beaverfoot RangeRick Collier
9Kindersley N4Rick Collier
9Mount Fisher from the SERick Collier
9Summit of Kapristo NW2 Rick Collier
8Fairmont RidgeKevin Altheim
8Kootenay Fire from Kindersley-Sinclair ColDavid Wasserman
8Snea-2 and the South-Southwest Ridge of DoolanRick Collier
8Mount Morro from the WNWRick Collier
8Beaverhead (Mount Seven) from the SouthRick Collier
8The Steeples from the NNERick Collier
8Goat Haven N1 from the North-NorthwestRick Collier
8A Portion of the East Ridge of Mount GagnebinRick Collier
8The Judge: Looking down on the Ridge Leading to the SummitDean Richards
8Kapristo Mountain from the Southeast (Telephoto)Rick Collier
8Bicarbonate ('Flag') Peak (Left) and Kapristo Mountain (Right)Rick Collier
8The Southern Steeples and the Kootenay River ValleyRick Collier
8South Terminus of Ridge Leading to Bicarbonate Peak N4Rick Collier
8Diana Lake from the NWRick Collier
8Mount Fisher north faceMitch Thornton
8Kindersley N3 and N4Rick Collier
8Looking South from Mount Crook to the various Kindersley PeaksRick Collier
7Fairmont MountainKevin Altheim
7Mount Tegart from the NortheastKevin Altheim
7Mount DingleyRick Collier
7Mount Kindersley (2)Rick Collier
7The Judge from the WRick Collier
7Empire State from the SoutheastRick Collier
7Looking South from the Summit of Mount KindersleyRick Collier
7Kindersley NW1 from the NorthRick Collier
7Mount Norman and the Diana Lake ValleyRick Collier
7Looking Down and South from the East Ridge of Mount GagnebinRick Collier
7East Tower PeakRick Collier
7Shyster NW2 and Luxor PassRick Collier
7Mount Fisher and Black Ridge from the East-SoutheastRick Collier
7Kapristo Mountain from the NortheastRick Collier
7Rock Climbing Routes on Mount SabineMitch Thornton
7Kapristo NW2 and Unnamed 8250'Rick Collier
7Summit Ridge of Mount DoolanRick Collier
7Kapristo W2 and W3Rick Collier
7Beaverhead (Mount Seven) and Beaverfoot RidgeRick Collier
7Bypassing 57-19: A Difficult DescentRick Collier
7Cedared Peak from the SouthRick Collier
7Kapristo from the Northeast Ridge of NW2Rick Collier
7Scrambling the Summit Ridge on Melvin PeakRick Collier
6Chrysler Peak from Galbraith CreekRick Collier
6Fish LakeRick Collier
6Fish Lake and Mount Dingley in Top of the World Provincial ParkBret Hutchinson
6Tough Scrambling on NW2Rick Collier
6real Shark ToothChris Ferguson
6The Traverse RidgeRick Collier
6Kapristo W2Rick Collier
6The North Ridge of Kapristo NW2Rick Collier
6The SW Ridge of The JudgeRick Collier
6The Upper Massif of Peak 57-19Rick Collier
6The Judge from the SoutheastRick Collier
6Shyster Peak & Shyster NW2 (from the N)Rick Collier
6Summit of Bicarbonate ('Flag') PeakRick Collier
6Northwest Ridge and Couloir on Mount KindersleyRick Collier
6Looking North from the Summit of Mount KindersleyRick Collier
6Long NW ridgeline of Mount Norman and Diana LakeRick Collier
6West Side of The SteeplesKevin Altheim
6Kapristo NW2Rick Collier
6Mount Crook from the Southeast (2)Rick Collier
5Black Bears - Kindersley PassAmy Presse
Total Photos: 100