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Photo Essays in Joffre Group

Only the first 100 Photos are shown, use a smaller Radius Search around a peak if you want to see all photos.

20Matier Northeast Ridge at SunriseBrian Wawro
17Approaching summit of Vantage PeakGreg Jones
17Mount Howard - Northeast FaceGreg Jones
15Joffre Group PanoramaPaul Kubik
14Joffre - Northwest Ridge in SpringStephen Skog
14Climbing the West Ridge of SlalokTodd Ponzini
13Mount Duke from South Ridge of Vantage PeakSteve Sproule
13Mount Caspar from the SouthRamsay Dyer
13Camping Out amongst the Joffre Group - Mount HartzellGareth Evans
12Chief Pascall: One Cold MorningStephen Skog
12Mount Matier from Joffre Peak, with DogChris Kiely
12Joffre at DuskScott Pomeroy
12Tszil MountainZoran Vasic
12Seracs on the Matier IcefallGareth Evans
11Duffey Peak and Two Goat RidgeRamsay Dyer
11Of Greens, White, and Blue in the Cayoosh RangeLaurent Mingo
11Howard, Twin One Glacier, and Matier from Vantage ColDoug Brown
11Slalok Mountain from the Summit of JoffreZoran Vasic
11The Western Cayoosh and Joffre from Matier SummitMitch Sulkers
11Mount Matier Summit RidgeBrian Wawro
10Matier & Joffre in Morning - from RoadRobert Ballantyne
10Approaching the Summit of Joffre PeakZoran Vasic
10Mount Matier from part way up Joffre PeakDan Carey
10Northeast Face of Mount DukeRamsay Dyer
9Joffre PeakZoran Vasic
9Twin Goat Mountain - North SideFred Touche
9North Face of Joffre in MarchKyle Christenson
9Mount Spetch from the NorthGareth Evans
9Joffre Group from the North (Cayoosh Mountain)Mitch Sulkers
9Joffre Peak - Southwest CouloirPhilip Ibis
9Climbing Mount Matier's Northwest FacePaul Baker
8Joffre in the MorningStephen Skog
8Greifswald Peak - South FaceFred Touche
8Joffre Peak from Keith's HutDan Carey
8Solving Mount Matier's Photographic ConundrumAndrew Wong
8Another Joffre ShotStewart Douglas
8Mt. SpetchStewart Douglas
7Looking Up Mount Duke's North SideSteve Sproule
7Northwest Face Of MatierScott Pomeroy
7Going Up. . . to the Duke-Vantage colAndrew Rennie
7Chief Pascall in Early WinterLee Lau
7Cornice on Joffre's Summit RidgeGareth Evans
7Looking Down Stonecrop Face, Slalok MountainJordan Peters
7Duffey Lake Contrasts: Ice and MeadowsJordan Peters
7Mount Duke's Northwest RidgeAndrew Rennie
7Vantage PeakMatt Gunn
7The Summit Block of Slalok, West RidgeDon Luymes
7Mount Spetch - Northeast faceSerguei Okountsev
7Mount Matier from Summit of Joffre PeakChris Kelly
7Matier and Joffre from Mount RohrGili Rosenberg
7Mount Taylor - East FaceFred Touche
6Duchess Horn - North FaceFred Touche
6Slalok Mountain From Joffre PeakDan Carey
6The Northeast Face of CasparJordan Peters
6Mount Matier - West FaceFred Touche
6Joffre Peak - Ascending the Southeast Face RouteDan Carey
6The Joffre group and a SunspotStewart Douglas
6Perspective Peak - South AspectFred Touche
6Greifswald Peak - West SideFred Touche
6Mount Matier - North FaceSerguei Okountsev
6Phil Downclimbing MatierZoran Vasic
6Slalok North FaceZoran Vasic
6Joffre Peak Rockslide looking SouthwestRobin Tivy
6Marriott Basin hike 53 (view of Hut & Joffre)Cliff Jennings
6Howard, Matier, Vantage Col from Twin One LakeDoug Brown
6Looking Up To MatierTyson March
6Joffre PeakKlaus Haring
6Vantage Peak from the Southeast - winterSteve Sproule
5Mount Matier from NorthwestSerguei Okountsev
5Mount Howard - Northwest face in winterSerguei Okountsev
5Peeking at VantageStewart Douglas
5Joffre Landslide looking North down Cerise creekRobin Tivy
5Moraine Reflection In Upper Joffre LakeDrew Brayshaw
5Vantage Peak from Keith's HutKevin Teague
5Slalok Mountain and Matier IcefallDan Carey
5Vantage Peak from SoutheastFred Touche
5Vantage ColDan Carey
5Upper Anniversary Glacier and Mount MatierDon Funk
5Rohr Lake and the Joffre Group (Captioned) from the NorthMitch Sulkers
5Slalok - East Ridge in winterSerguei Okountsev
5Northwest Face of MatierLisa Pom
5Climbing the Stonecrop FaceTyler Linn
52013 view of Joffre from Cerise Creek Summer TrailCliff Jennings
5Slalok Mountain Ski Route Photo - Northeast ridgeBill Maurer
5Anniversary Glacier - Crevasses on the Playing Field Pierre Signore
5Joffre Group from Mount RohrGili Rosenberg
5Twin One Glacier below MatierLara Thompson
5Duffey Peak - Northeast SideFred Touche
5Slalok's Stonecrop FacePaul Hawman
5Mount Howard from Vantage PeakSerguei Okountsev
5Mount Matier from Joffre-Matier ColZoran Vasic
4Cayoosh and Joffre group from Marriot BasinMartin Berka
4Sun and Cloud on SlalokTodd Ponzini
4Duchess Horn - North SideFred Touche
4Joffre's South Side from Matier's Standard RouteAndrew Rennie
4Tszil Mountain - Northeast FaceFred Touche
4Joffre's Australian CouloirCraig Speirs
4Moonrise over JoffreLee Lau
4Views of the Matier Icefall from Upper Joffre LakeGareth Evans
Total Photos: 100