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Photo Essays in Stikine Icecap
25Mount Ratz from the EastJohn Scurlock
19Devils Thumb Northwest FaceJohn Scurlock
16Kates Needle - North FaceJohn Scurlock
15Burkett, Burkett Needle, Devil's Thumb From NorthJohn Scurlock
14Ratz, Northeast Face from AirJohn Scurlock
14Looking Back at Peak 8095 from CampDave Williams
13Iceweb East FaceJohn Scurlock
13Valhalla, Valhalla N1 and Valhalla N2John Scurlock
12Rocket Peak From The WestJohn Scurlock
11Ratz, Northwest FaceJohn Scurlock
11Mussell and Noel North FacesJohn Scurlock
11Coldheart Peak, Sawyer Glacier, and Tracy Arm, Looking NorthJohn Scurlock
10Devil's Thumb - East FaceJohn Scurlock
10Leaving the Summit of Tracy Peak (Peak 8095)Dave Williams
10Popof Peaks from the NorthJohn Scurlock
10Oasis Peak - NW FaceJohn Scurlock
9Castle MountainTim Murray
9Burkett Needle and Devil's ThumbJohn Scurlock
8Valhalla Northeast FaceJohn Scurlock
8Burkett Needle and Burkett, South-Southwest FaceJohn Scurlock
8Ratz, Mussell, Noel, and Triumph Glacier View SWJohn Scurlock
7Devils ThumbKevin Altheim
7Burkett and Burkett Needle, North FaceJohn Scurlock
7Mount Ratz John Scurlock
7Devil's Thumb Upper North FaceJohn Scurlock
6Vintage Govt Aerial of Taku Plateau from above Chakluk MountainMike Cleven
6Devils Thumb - Southeast Face and East RidgeKevin Altheim
6Valhalla Southwest Face (from Pendant Creek)John Scurlock
6Foote from Swan LakeTim Murray
5Mussell and Noel - Northwest AspectJohn Scurlock
5Burkett East FaceJohn Scurlock
5South Sawyer Glacier and Sea IceJohn Scurlock
2Terminus of Shakes GlacierKevin Altheim
Total Photos: 33