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Photo Essays in Waputik Icefield
14Mount BalfourAndrew Siefert
10Mount Daly from the Waputik IcefieldRick Collier
10Mount Daly and Mount Niles from the Iceline TrailKlaus Haring
10Mount Balfour Panorama and the Wapta TraverseKlaus Haring
9Mount Niles from Paget PeakDavid Wasserman
9Third Ice Pitch on Pulpit PeakRick Collier
9Mount BalfourVern Dewit
8Mount BosworthKevin Altheim
8Part Way up the Ice Climb below Pulpit PeakRick Collier
7Takakkaw Falls from the Iceline TrailDavid Wasserman
7Sherbrooke Lake from Paget PeakDavid Wasserman
7Lilliput MountainRick Collier
7Mount Niles from the NortheastRick Collier
6Mount Balfour from the WestKlaus Haring
6Mt. Ogden from Paget PeakKevin Altheim
5Mount Balfour Upper South RidgeIan Hunt
5Balfour PanoramaIan Hunt
5Bath Creek HeadwatersGraeme Pole
5Mount Niles from Niles MeadowsShelley Wales
5Mount Balfour South RidgeIan Hunt
5Lilliput Mountain Ascent SlopesVern Dewit
5Mount Daly and Takakkaw Falls from the Iceline TrailDavid Wasserman
4Mount Balfour and Trolltinder MountainAlex Joseph
4Source of Takakkaw Falls from Mount Niles, Yoho National ParkShelley Wales
4Mount Niles from Sherbrooke Lake, Yoho National ParkShelley Wales
4Panorama from Paget PeakJohn Baldwin
4Mount Ogden in WinterRick Collier
3Lilliput in WinterRick Collier
3Cathedral Crags from Sherbrooke LakeJason Dixon
3Paget Peak - View SWKevin Altheim
3Mount Niles from Paget PeakKevin Altheim
3Cathedral and Stephen from PagetKevin Altheim
3Meadow, Mountain, and IceGraeme Pole
3Golden Fleabane on Paget PeakDavid Wasserman
3The Peaks of the WaptaRick Collier
2Yoho Valley and Emerald Lake from Mount NilesShelley Wales
2Sherbrooke Lake Valley from Mount NilesShelley Wales
Total Photos: 37