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Introduction to Bivouac #3408
    Date first written: 2017.05.05   Review Date:2017.05.05

Here are the basic things you need to be able to do with Bivouac before getting into things like An Introduction to GPS Data transfer. There is lots more in Bivouac that I'm not covering, but which is in the "index" link. Print this tutorial out, and check off the items. I think it will take you 15 minutes.

  1. Log in
     Log into Bivouac and notice that your email address is now shown in green on every page. Note that there is a "Home" link on every page that gets you back to the home page.

  2. Front Page text search
     Go to the home page, and type "Black Tusk" into the field just to the right of the large "Search" button. This comes up with a page titled "Search Results".
     - note that the search results has numerous sections. Each section corresponds to a different type of data record - Mountain Record, Road Record, etc. It matches any record that contains the search term in it's title. The record we are interested in here is the mountain record. click on "The Black Tusk". This takes you to the "mountain page" for "The Black Tusk".

  3. Mountain Page
     On the Black Tusk mountain page, notice that at the bottom are lists of trip reports and photos. It shows any trip with a waypoint within 2 km. If you want to expand the radius, use the "Radius Search".

  4. GMap
     Gmap is the topo map system. Go to any mountain page and click the "GMap" Link. It comes up with a topo map, with Bivouac roads, trails and peaks overlaid on the map. There is a full Introductory GMap Tutorial which explains all about this.

  5. Roads and Trails
     On the GMap, note the green line going east of Black Tusk, labelled "2" with little icons along it. Hover your mouse over the "2" and notice the title pops up in a link labelled "Helm Creek Trail". Click on that link. You are now looking at a page titled "Helm Creek Trail". We call this the "Road Page". (Roads and trails are both handled by the same "Road page" program. There are currently 4271 road records in Bivouac. Now look at the bottom of the page, to the title "Bulletins". The bulletins are inserted using the small brown "Insert" link beside the title. Click this link so you see how to input bulletins.

  6. Options Manager
     You can customize bivouac to show links only to things you are interested in. You can turn certain features "On" or "Off" at any time. On any mountain page, click on the small brown link titled "Options". Glance down the alphabetic list of options. Note that certain options like "GMap" and "GpxLinks" default to "On". One useful option if you intend to view Bivouac on a phone is called "Short Home Page".

  7. Gpx Download
     You can download the waypoints of any trip report, road or trail to your GPS. The data is transferred to your GPS via .gpx files. This subject is covered in detail in a document called An Introduction to GPS Data transfer. For now, just be aware that you can do that.

  8. Note the Help link on the home page.
     These are "how to" instructions. This is the place you find out how to insert a trip report, etc. Glance down the list.