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Create a Free Login #13
    Date first written: 2000.01.01   Review Date:2017.04.19

Many of the links in the website don't work until you are logged in. This is necessary to prevent robots from getting huge lists of links and thrashing the server following them. So you must create a free login record (member record). You can create a free login record now, and keep using it in "free" mode as long as you want. It is an advantage to register as soon as possible, since the system keeps track of your seniority. You can upgrade your free membership to a paid account at any time. Or let it revert back to a free membership if you decide not to renew. Certain types of article, such as trip reports, require that you be a paid member. In summary, there are three levels of access in the Bivouac website:

 1. Not logged in (very limited)
 2. Logged in as Free Member
 3. Logged on as a Paid Member

Please remember your login code and password for future visits! Put in your proper name so you can later find your login record.

To create a login record, click the "Login" link on the front page. Then click "Create New Login". This brings up a form. Fill out the form and click the "Insert" button at the top left corner of the form. When you insert this record, the system will automatically redirect you back to the front page, and log you in automatically. The next time you come to the website, click the red "Login" link and log yourself in. At that time, you can also click the "AutoLogin" box, and the system will store cookies on your machine to automatically log you in.

Once you've created a login record, you can convert it to a 'paid' status right away, or at any time in the future. When you want to pay, just log yourself in, then click the "Login/Subscribe" link, and click "Convert to Paid Membership". This will display a screen with various Paypal links. Note that you can use these links to pay directly via your credit card. You DON'T have to be a paypal member to do this. Everything concerning payment and renewal is under the Login/Subscribe link at the top of the front page.

The member record has fields for your email address and phone number. This information is only used to allow me to contact you in the event of some system problem involving your login. This information is never displayed, or given to other members, or given to any other organization. If other members want to contact you, they must use the "blind" email link on your member page, and they never find out your underlying email address unless you answer their email with your email.

See also Insert free Member record.