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Peak Lists
There are currently 33768 peaks in the database. This page contains a number of functions to allow you to display custom peak lists. For example, if you want a list of the top 50 peaks in British Columbia, click on 'Peaks In Province' and then 'British Columbia'. You can then adjust parameters to screen out minor prominence subpeaks, or sort your list in a variety of ways.
  1. Peaks In Country
  2. Peaks In Province
  3. Peaks In Area
  4. Peaks in Radius

Popular Lists
Here are some popular lists which are often quoted by peak baggers. Each list is produced by adjusting the parameters of the peak lister functions such as 'Peaks In Province'. For definitions and discussion of the different lists, see Famous Peak Lists

  1. Canadian Rockies Eleven Thousanders
  2. Coast Range Ten Thousanders
  3. Colorado Fourteen Thousanders
  4. Peaks over 2000m Prominence in Canada
  5. Peaks over 1500m Prominence in Canada (Ultras)
  6. Peaks over 2000m Prominence in United States
  7. Peaks over 2000m Prominence - British Columbia
  8. Peaks over 2000m Prominence - Alberta
  9. Peaks over 2000m Prominence - Yukon
  10. Peaks over 2000m Prominence - Alaska
  11. Peaks over 1000m Prominence - Colorado
  12. Top 100 Peaks In British Columbia
  13. Top 100 Peaks In Alberta
  14. High Prominence Peaks with no recorded ascent in BC
  15. First Ascents of Major Peaks of BC
  16. First Ascents of Major Peaks of Alberta
  17. First Ascents of Major Peaks of Alaska