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Ningunsaw Pass #923 (Nass-Iskut Pass)
SaddleHeight: 650 m (2133 ft)
Key Peak: Mount Jancowski
Lat Long: (from Mtn Saddle) 56.8133,-129.9494
Prominence (depth) is 2079m below Mount Jancowski.
Ranges: North America Ranges / BC Interior Mountains / Skeena Mountains

This pass is located in northwestern BC, on Highway 37, the Stewart Cassiar highway. The name of the pass is taken from Snowbank Creek, which flows south from the pass. It divides the Iskut drainage from the Nass drainage. As such, it links the island of land north of the Nass River with higher mountains to the north, namely those within the arms of the Stikine and Iskut Rivers and, via a circuituous route around the periphery of the Stikine basin and parts of the Omineca and Cassiar Mountains, to the Coast Ranges farther north. This is the prominence saddle for Mount Jancowski (to Thudaka Peak).

Detail: From the pass, Snowbank creek flows south into the Bell Irving river (Nass River). From the north, Beaverpond flows into Ningunsaw River (Iskut River). On a 1:250,000 you can clearly see the pass, with highway 37 running thru it. The elevation of the pass can be obtained from the trim map, which shows a spot height of 670m at 56:48:31-129:56:46.