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Broad Pass #882 (Cantwell Pass)
SaddleHeight: 715 m (2346 ft)
Key Peak: Mount Hayes
Lat Long: (from Mtn Saddle) 63.2842,-149.2033
Prominence (depth) is 3501m below Mount Hayes.
Ranges: North America Ranges / Alaska Ranges

Broad Pass is just southwest of Cantwell, Alaska, on the eastern boundary of Denali National Park. To the south, the pass is drained by the Susitna river, which flows down to the Gulf of Alaska at Anchorage. To the north, the Nenana River flows into the Tanana River and the Yukon River.

In detail, the actual pass appears to be just west of Summit Lake, which drains northeast. The first creek flowing southwest is Squaw Creek, so the pass is right between the two. The pass is quite broad, with steep mountains on both sides. The George Park Highway and the Alaska Railway go through this pass, on their way from Anchorage to Fairbanks.

Broad Pass was originally thought to be the prominence saddle between Mount Logan and higher Mount McKinley. On closer inpection, <a href=FtrPg.asp?FtrId=1848>Mentasta Pass</a> appears to be slighly lower although both passes have a highpoint between the same contour lines (2300'-2350'). However, Broad Pass sits on flatter ground and its highpoints (there are two) are close to the 2350' contour. This would indicate a pass elevation of around 2335' (712 m) or slightly higher.

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