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Ring Pass #717 (Lillooet-Bishop Pass)
SaddleHeight: 1760 m (5774 ft)
Key Peak: Mount Raleigh
Lat Long: (from Mtn Saddle) 50.7742,-123.8319
Prominence (depth) is 1372m below Mount Raleigh.
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Lillooet Icefield

A large flat pass at the north end of the Lillooet Icefield. This is the low point on the direct line connecting the Bishop River and the Lillooet Rivers. (The alternative pass is to go up Meager Creek and over to the Toba River.

On the map, the pass appears to be a 4 way junction, with the Lillooet Glacier flowing E, the Bishop flowing W, and the Ring and Tisiphone Glaciers coming in at 90 degrees. The Ring Glacier is not a standard configuration, flowing from one end to another, it is actually two glaciers with a pass in the center.

From its high point it flows both SW to the Lillooet-Bishop divide, and NE to another junction, where the ice turns a 90 degree turn and then heads back S on another connector to the Lillooet Glacier.

67 2017.04.15 Ups and Downs on the Lillooet Icefield Alena Dzujkova
56 2004.05.20 Bridge and Lillooet Rivers Headwater Traverse - Slim to Meager David Campbell
56 1986.05.11 The Great Tchaikazan - Lillooet Traverse Part 2: Failure Klaus Haring