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Fortress Pass #625
SaddleHeight: 1356 m (4449 ft)
Key Peak: Mount Edith Cavell
Lat Long: (from Mtn Saddle) 52.3580,-117.7084
Prominence (depth) is 2007m below Mount Edith Cavell.
Ranges: North America Ranges / Rocky Mountains / Canadian Rockies / Continental Ranges / Park Ranges

Fortress Pass, is at the east end of Fortress Lake and is on the Continental Divide. It separates the headwaters of the Chaba River in Jasper National Park (Alberta) from Fortress Lake (1333m), in Hamber Provincial Park (British Columbia). It is barely more than a raised gravel bar, and at one time Fortress Lake probably drained out that way, which would significantly alter the BC-Alberta border. The map shows a single 100' contour drop. In winter one skies across Fortress pass without even realizing one has changed watersheds.

<b>Drainages:</b> To the east, the pass drains immediately into the Chaba River, which joins the Athabasca River 7.2km downstream (N). The Athabasca then flows north to the Mackenzie. To the west, Fortress Lake drains into the Wood River, which drops quickly into the Columbia River. The area north of the pass is dominated by Edith Cavell, and to the south, by Mount Columbia.

45 2013.09.14 Fortress Mountain ascent from Catacombs Meadows Vern Dewit
45 1996.05.15 Tusk Peak - Overland from Athabasca River Rick Collier
57 1992.08.12 Up the Chaba River to Dais Mountain Steve Sheriff
29 1991 Clemenceau - Fortress Lake Approach Route Rick Collier
33 1991 Clemenceau - Approach from Athabasca River Route Rick Collier