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Swan Pass #563
SaddleHeight: 2675 m (8776 ft)
Key Peak: Windrip Peak
Lat Long: (from Mtn Saddle) 52.5054,-117.3132
Prominence (depth) is 185m below Windrip Peak.
Ranges: North America Ranges / Rocky Mountains / Canadian Rockies / Continental Ranges / Park Ranges / Le Grand Brazeau Range

Swan Pass lies between Poboktan Creek and the Northwest Brazeau River. It is 5 km S of Mount Brazeau, 3 km S of Henry McLeod and 4 km SE of Coronet Peak.

The pass is the gateway from the Banff Jasper Highway to the glorious meadows east of Mount Brazeau. It is also a good base camp for climbing Mount Brazeau itself. The pass has been crossed with overnight packs, the east side may require use of hands when down climbing. See <a href=TripPg.asp?TripId=249>Le Grande Brazeau Traverse</a>.

The 1:50,000 map has 50 m contour intervals in this area, which makes it difficult to tell how steep it is.

Swan Pass as seen on return from Henry McLeod.<br>Pass is the point
furthest south, with Poboktan Peak on skyline

31 1986.08.01 Mount Brazeau South Face Route (Normal) Route Robin Tivy
71 1986.08.01 Le Grand Brazeau Summer Traverse Robin Tivy

Placename Photos
Fortuna, Tyche, Moriah and Rebakah from above Swan Pass Vern Dewit
Moriah, Rebakah and FB06 from Swan Pass Vern Dewit