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Crowsnest Pass #481
SaddleHeight: 1358 m (4455 ft)
Key Peak: Mount Columbia
Lat Long: (from Mtn Saddle) 49.6317,-114.6936
Prominence (depth) is 2383m below Mount Columbia.
Ranges: North America Ranges / Rocky Mountains / Canadian Rockies / Continental Ranges / Front Ranges

The Crowsnest Pass is located in SE British Columbia, on the continental divide between BC and Alberta. It is the southernmost major pass through the Rocky Mountains. At 1358m, it is the lowest pass south of the Yellowhead Pass (1130m). The other major passes are both higher: Kicking Horse Pass (1640m), and Howse Pass (1530m).
  <b>Drainages:</b>It is the lowest point on the divide between the South Saskatchewan and the Columbia Rivers. To the east the Crowsnest River flows into the Oldman River, and then to the South Saskatchewan River. To the west, the Elk River goes south into the Kootenai and Kootenay Rivers (in USA), and finally into the Columbia. FtrHistory: The railway was built in 1897 to develop the coal deposits in the Elk River valley at Fernie, Morrissey and Hosmer, and allow the coal to be shipped to the Pacific Ocean. The railway received a subsidy when the line was built, in return for reduced freight rates for western farmers. This artifically low freight rate had an intended effect of limiting the growth of industrry in Western Canada, as manufactured goods were cheaper to ship westwards, with resource and agricultural products cheaper to ship eastwards, deliberately entrenching the western provinces as consumers for goods from Central Canada while keeping resource and food costs low in the east. Referred to as the "Crow Rate", and due to political pressure from the Prairie lobby, remained in effect until 1995.

Trip Reports within 1 km
34 2005.07.07 An Enchainment of Loop Ridge with Trail Hill Rick Collier

Placename Photos
Crowsnest Mountain, the Seven Sisters, and 'The Window' Mike Whittaker
Phillipps Peak and Mount Tecumseh from Crowsnest Ridge Mike Whittaker
Mount Erris Mike Whittaker
Big Scary Old Cracks in Turtle Mountain Mike Whittaker
Mounts Coulthard, Andy Good, and Parrish Mike Whittaker
The Frank Slide from Above. Mike Whittaker
Andy Good Peak Mike Whittaker
Crowsnest Mountain Mike Whittaker
Mount Ward Mike Whittaker
Mount McLaren Mike Whittaker
Mount Parrish Mike Whittaker
Looking West from the Summit of Mount Ward Mike Whittaker
Mount Coulthard from the South Mike Whittaker
The South Summit of Turtle Mountain Mike Whittaker
Regrowth after Major Fires in Crowsnest Pass Mike Whittaker
Mount McLaren, Andy Good Peak, Mount Parrish Mike Whittaker
Looking down the Northwest Ridge of Turtle Mountain Mike Whittaker
Grizzly Bear Pawprint Mike Whittaker