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Tuxedni Pass #2835 (Tuxedni-Tongue Pass)
SaddleHeight: 655 m (2149 ft)
Key Peak: Iliamna Volcano
Lat Long: (from Mtn Saddle) 60.1260,-153.2755
Prominence (depth) is 2398m below Iliamna Volcano.
Ranges: North America Ranges / Alaska Ranges / Chigmit Mountains

This pass on the Kodiak Peninsula is a glacial col between a feeder-glacier of the Tuxedni River (N) and a glacier feeding the "Left Fork of West Glacier Creek" to the south; the latter glacier is joined by the Tongue Glacier just after the Left Fork of West Glacier Creek starts at its toe. The Pile River Pass, which is between that river and the Left Fork of West Glacier Creek, is just 7.5km SW.