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Road/Trail Bulletins
InsertDateInfoDateRoadNameBulletin Title
Feb 212019.02.17Biathlon to Beverly Access RoutePlease support the website by becoming a paid member to see bulletin info
Feb 202019.02.20New BCMC TrailPlease support the website by becoming a paid member to see bulletin info
Feb 192019.02.16Fat Dog TrailPlease support the website by becoming a paid member to see bulletin info

Trip Reports
InsertDate TripDate Title
Feb 212019.02.17Puma South via Marvellous ramps Again Robin Tivy
Feb 182019.02.16Fat Dog to Burnt Knoll Martin Ortmayr
Feb 152014.07.18Itcha Ilgatchuz Provincial Park Roger Griffiths
Feb 211973.02.151973 Locals Heli drop to Col between Weart Mountain & Mount Moe Cliff Jennings

Trip Report - New Recommendations
29Weart - Southeast Ridge by Todd Ponzini6Cliff Jennings Feb 18
70Garibaldi - Into the Wilderness by Randy Stoltmann51James Macnab Feb 21
16Winter climb of Runner Peak from south col by Serguei Okountsev4Rick Barichello Feb 20
44Silverdaisy Ski Route via Smitheram Creek road by Robin Tivy2Antje Wahl Feb 15
49Cascade Pass and Sahale Arm: 10 Years Later by Lucas Earl5Simon Chesterton Feb 13
18Skating and swimming at Brohm Lake amid Fantastic winds by Robin Tivy3Simon Chesterton Feb 13
322017 skating on Tyaughton Lake below Crane Peak by Cliff Jennings1Ian MacNab Feb 17

Feature Photos (Photo Essays)
InsertDate PhotoDate Title
Feb 212019.02.16Nordheim Ridge and the Upper Similkameen River Valley Martin Ortmayr
Feb 152002.06.21Finished with Wedge Ray Borbon
Feb 152002.06.21Wedge Ray Borbon
Feb 152002.08.23Climbing on Forbidden Peak Ray Borbon
Feb 152002.08.20Johannesburg from camp below Forbidden Peak Ray Borbon
Feb 152002.08.21Forbidden Peak from Sharkfin Tower Ray Borbon
Feb 152002.08.01Nathan Wilfert on Dragontail Peak Ray Borbon
Feb 142016.08.13Eldorado Peak and Tepeh Towers from Sahale Arm Lucas Earl
Feb 142016.08.13Sahale Mountain and Doubtful Lake from the South Lucas Earl
Feb 132016.08.13Booker Mountain and the Upper Stehekin Valley Lucas Earl
Feb 132019.02.05SE Face of Mount Morris and South Morris Peak jordan
Feb 132019.02.05SW Face of Mount Morris jordan
Feb 122016.08.13Mix-up Peak from the Sahale Arm/Doubtful Lake Jct. Lucas Earl
Feb 122017.12.11Skating on Tyaughton Lake 20 pan (Shulaps Range) Cliff Jennings

Feb 18 Inclusion Rules for Mountains Robin Tivy

Discussion Comments
Feb 19 6449 Inclusion Rules for Mountains   - System complicated by standing names and subpeaks Lucas Earl
Feb 17 6446 Usefulness of Touring Kayak Database   - Join PIKA to meet sea kayaking enthusiasts John Halliday
Feb 17 6445 Usefulness of Touring Kayak Database   - Table is missing single boats from Delta Kayaks John Halliday

Feature Bulletin
Feb 21 1713 Biathlon Parking Lot   - Parked here for Puma S1 Robin Tivy

Trip Report Comments
Feb 18 6448 Fat Dog to Burnt Knoll   - Really good photos give a good idea of what it's like Robin Tivy