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#1522Mount Brewster ABVermilion Range116m2859m  9380 feet
#1099Mount Brew BCBrew-Siwhe Group1035m2891m  9485 feet
#19488Mount Brewster BCMuskwa Ranges838m2103m  6900 feet
#7027Mount Brew BCQuesnel Highland610m2057m  6749 feet
#5807Mount Brewer BCFarnham Findlay Area423m2812m  9226 feet
#26999Mount Brew BCCloudburst Area127m1757m  5764 feet
#26347Mount Brewer CASequoia National Park346m4136m  13570 feet

Roads and Trails
Mount Brew Trail (Cattle trail)

Alpine Rambling Areas
Mount Brewer Area

Trip Reports
Mount Brewer and Ben Abel Lake Robin Tivy
Attempt on Mount Brew Robin Tivy
Mount Brew Ski from RV Campground (Highway 99) Robin Tivy
Mount Brew via Enterprise Creek Chloe Tergiman
Mount Brew from Enterprise Creek Road (Lillooet) Drew Brayshaw
The Long Way to Mount Brew - Lillooet Ranges Benoit Landry
Mount Brewster Gerald Stehouwer

Feature Photos
Early Winter on Mount Brew near Lillooet Klaus Haring
Upper NE ridge of Mt. Brew Drew Brayshaw
Mount Brewer with South and North Guard Klaus Haring
Tele View of Mount Brewer Klaus Haring
En Route to Mount Brew: South Ridge Benoit Landry
Mount Brew (Lillooet) - North Face Route from Lake at Base Drew Brayshaw
Sunset Over Mt. Brew - Lower NE Ridge Justin Brown
Ample Mountain from Above Seton Lake Mike Cleven
Mt. Brew - North Face Photo Topo Drew Brayshaw
Mount Brew Clayton Dunham
Panorama of Mount Brew and the New Hut Klaus Haring
Mount Brew South Ridge Benoit Landry
Mount Brew - East Side Fred Touche
View NE From Mt. Brew - Fountain Ridge and Points Beyond Drew Brayshaw
Mount Brewster from the South Anthony Mallinson
Mount Brew from Downton Creek Valley Klaus Haring
Mount Brew and Hut - Under moonlight Brett Logan
Mount Brew Main Summit Area NE Aspect Justin Brown
Flank of Mt. Brew from Seton Beach c.1950 Mike Cleven
Side peaks of Mt. Brew Mike Cleven
Lillooet: View across from Hop Farm, Winter 1948 Mike Cleven
View of Seton Lake from Shalalth Mike Cleven
Brew Lake Drew Brayshaw
View of Mt. Brew and Seton Lake from Ohin (from the Gas Car) Mike Cleven
View of Seton Lake from Mission Mtn Rd, c. 1960 Mike Cleven
Brew Range above the Fraser: Sheep, Goats and Golf Mike Cleven