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#29300Shunda Mountain (Baldy Mountain) ABNorth Rockies560m2050m  6726 feet
#5960Mount Baldy ABFisher Range348m2192m  7192 feet
#13073Baldy Peak (Mount Baldy) AZ (33 km SW of Eagar). 1441m3476m  11404 feet
#33278Little Baldy Mountain AZ (63 km N of Douglas). 27m2649m  8691 feet
#9243Baldy Mountain BCOkanagan Highland1099m2309m  7575 feet
#10234Big Baldy Mountain BCNorthern Vancouver Island1021m1618m  5308 feet
#5059Mount Baldy BCSlide Area720m2005m  6578 feet
#29472Big Baldy W4 BCNorthern Vancouver Island448m1318m  4324 feet
#3305Baldy Mountain BCSwannell Ranges446m1796m  5892 feet
#38300Baldy Mountain BCDunn Peak Protected Area410m2290m  7513 feet
#5228Old Baldy BCGraham Island314m759m  2490 feet
#14999Mount Baldy Hughes BCFraser Plateau283m1128m  3701 feet
#29023Baldy Mountain BCDarkwoods Nature Conservancy256m2321m  7615 feet
#8913Old Baldy Mountain BCMoyie Range237m2396m  7861 feet
#5999Baldy Mountain BCItcha Ilgachuz Provincial Park213m1857m  6093 feet
#11336Old Baldy Mountain BCSouthern Vancouver Island207m472m  1549 feet
#9401Baldy Mountain (Cherry Ridge) BCRossland Range182m1472m  4829 feet
#4786Old Baldy BCSkagit Range170m1720m  5643 feet
#20827Baldy NE4 (Rock Creek) BCOkanagan Highland153m1998m  6555 feet
#8895Baldy Rocks BCNelson Range140m2165m  7103 feet
#21628Baldy E2 BCSwannell Ranges125m1677m  5502 feet
#35255Long Branch Baldy (Long Branch Baldy BM) CO (47 km SE of Gunnison). 449m3650m  11974 feet
#23791Little Baldy Mountain CO (19 km SE of Breckenridge). 305m3701m  12142 feet
#25529Big Baldy Mountain CO (9 km E of Salida). 293m3274m  10742 feet
#25458Colony Baldy CO (69 km NE of Monte Vista). 285m4180m  13715 feet
#35386Baldy Cinco (Cinco BM) CO (62 km E of Telluride). 257m4079m  13383 feet
#14018Mount Baldy CO (15 km N of Crested Butte). 227m3903m  12805 feet
#35383Baldy Alto CO (60 km S of Gunnison). 158m4175m  13698 feet
#33365Little Baldy CO (39 km E of Gunnison). 113m3459m  11350 feet
#25623Baldy Mountain CO (40 km NE of Salida). 67m2975m  9761 feet
#25516Little Baldy Mountain CO (13 km NE of Salida). 51m2861m  9387 feet
#25453Little Baldy Mountain CO (68 km NE of Monte Vista). 37m3957m  12982 feet
#13813Big Baldy IDSalmon River Mountains978m2958m  9705 feet
#14027Latour Baldy IDSt Joe Mountains552m1900m  6234 feet
#13849Baldy NW5 (Dry Canyon, Perk Canyon) IDBeaverhead Mountains415m3100m  10171 feet
#24821Baldy E1 IDSnake River Range100m2968m  9738 feet
#24820Little Baldy Mountain IDSnake River Range15m2579m  8461 feet
#13920Baldy Mountain ID; MT (83 km N of Rexburg). 719m3014m  9888 feet
#13846Baldy Mountain ID; MTBeaverhead Mountains467m3284m  10774 feet
#17837Baldy S5 ID; MTBeaverhead Mountains131m3086m  10125 feet
#15401Baldy NE3 ID; MTBeaverhead Mountains120m2862m  9390 feet
#183Baldy Mountain MB (79 km SE of Swan River). 0m831m  2726 feet
#23926Baldy Mountain MT (194 km SE of Coutts). 1290m2108m  6916 feet
#23843Big Baldy Mountain MTLittle Belt Mountains1085m2797m  9177 feet
#23806Highwood Baldy MT (147 km NE of Helena). 1013m2338m  7671 feet
#18973Old Baldy Mountain MTGarnet Range739m2289m  7510 feet
#18941Baldy Mountain (Prickley BM) MT (30 km N of Helena). 593m1868m  6129 feet
#24199Old Baldy Mountain MTTobacco Root Mountains560m3018m  9902 feet
#24985Boulder Baldy MTBig Belt Mountains490m2726m  8944 feet
#18819Old Baldy MT (79 km S of Browning). 431m2791m  9157 feet
#23837Mixes Baldy MTLittle Belt Mountains385m2424m  7953 feet
#23277Baldy Mountain MTGravelly Range357m2932m  9619 feet
#13839Baldy Mountain MTPioneer Mountains356m3221m  10568 feet
#18822Old Baldy S3 MT (2 km NW of Rocky Mountain). 305m2679m  8789 feet
#21304Old Baldy Mountain MT (21 km SW of Helena). 245m2515m  8251 feet
#28089Chico Peak (Baldy) MTAbsaroka Range232m3115m  10220 feet
#24945Mount Baldy (Belt BM) MTBig Belt Mountains220m2887m  9472 feet
#18821Old Baldy S1 MT (3 km NW of Rocky Mountain). 190m2580m  8465 feet
#24200Old Baldy NE2 MTTobacco Root Mountains160m2930m  9613 feet
#18979Old Baldy NE4 MTGarnet Range140m2163m  7096 feet
#24946Baldy N2 MTBig Belt Mountains135m2810m  9219 feet
#23398Baldy Mountain MTBridger Range130m2717m  8914 feet
#23905Neihart Baldy MTLittle Belt Mountains95m2526m  8287 feet
#18974Little Baldy MTGarnet Range70m2174m  7133 feet
#18971Baldy Mountain MT (56 km NW of Helena). 58m1941m  6368 feet
#24179South Baldy Mountain (South Baldy BM) MTTobacco Root Mountains-12m3030m  9941 feet
#13072South Baldy NM (28 km W of Socorro). 1162m3287m  10784 feet
#13065Whitewater Baldy NM (22 km E of Glenwood). 1081m3321m  10896 feet
#13093Baldy Mountain NM (117 km S of Walsenburg). 823m3792m  12441 feet
#13120Santa Fe Baldy NM (23 km NE of Santa Fe). 610m3847m  12622 feet
#23977East Pecos Baldy NM (36 km NE of Santa Fe). 277m3819m  12529 feet
#23978Pecos Baldy NM (35 km NE of Santa Fe). 85m3810m  12500 feet
#35549Baldy Mountain NM (108 km SE of Monte Vista). 69m3672m  12046 feet
#29861Baldy Mountain ORBlue Mountains Oregon491m2320m  7612 feet
#34130Old Baldy OROregon Cascades359m1932m  6339 feet
#33615South Baldy OR (36 km SW of Joseph). 134m2097m  6880 feet
#33585Big Baldy OR (22 km NW of Lakeview). 109m2129m  6985 feet
#29853Little Baldy Mountain ORBlue Mountains Oregon91m2347m  7700 feet
#33912Little Baldy ORHighway 395 Road Trip Area82m1978m  6489 feet
#31307Baldy Mountain ORStrawberry Range66m2243m  7359 feet
#34251Baldy Mountain TX (46 km W of Fort Davis). 200m1761m  5777 feet
#13677Mount Baldy UT (23 km NE of Beaver). 372m3695m  12122 feet
#25429Baldy Mountain UT (44 km SE of Provo). 246m2871m  9419 feet
#37285Shelly Baldy Peak UT (21 km NE of Beaver). 128m3451m  11321 feet
#16015Mount Baldy UTWasatch Range115m3374m  11070 feet
#25431Little Baldy Mountain UT (44 km SE of Provo). 35m2820m  9252 feet
#8140Abercrombie Mountain (Baldy) WANE Washington1577m2227m  7306 feet
#23271Old Baldy (Mount Baldy BM) WAPasayten Wilderness450m2391m  7844 feet
#11928Old Baldy Mountain (Carbon Ridge) WARainier Area262m1767m  5797 feet
#28528Mount Lena (Mount Baldy) WAOlympic National Park237m1827m  5994 feet
#28457Mount Baldy WAOlympic National Park171m2081m  6827 feet
#29432Baldy Mountain WAChelan Area116m1957m  6421 feet
#32714Baldy Mountain WAPasayten Wilderness113m2380m  7810 feet
#9930Baldy Mountain WANE Washington107m1799m  5902 feet
#28420Mount Baldy WAOlympic Mountains105m1455m  4774 feet
#29544Alpine Baldy WAChelan Area37m1585m  5200 feet
#21691Baldy Mountain WYSnake River Range640m2998m  9836 feet

Roads and Trails
Baldy Pass Trail

Baldy Pass (22 km NE of Winthrop).

Trip Reports
Climbing Mount Baldy and Belknap Klaus Haring
Exploring the Schell Creek Range Klaus Haring
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Feature Photos
Baldy Peak, Arizona Kevin Altheim
Delano Peak from the Southeast Kevin Altheim
I Wanna Ski That - Baldy Mountain Sandra McGuinness
Mount Baldy from the East (Emma Lake Region - Telephoto) Norm Schmidt
Baldy Mountain Summit Alpine Norm Schmidt
Slide Mountain from Scrub Lake Jarrod Gunn-McQuillan
Mount Baldy's North Face Jason Addy
Big Baldy Mountain from Trio Mountain Sasha Kubicek
Pitcher Mountain from above the Carbon Glacier Lucas Earl
Baldy Mountain (Okanagan) from the South Wayne Weber
Old Desolate Mountain from 3rd summit of Burroughs Mountain Lucas Earl
Old Baldy Mountain from the Old Carbon River Road Lucas Earl
Winter In the Nelson Range Sandra McGuinness
Mount Baldy SW Aspect Reid Holmes
Baldy Mountain from Mount Kobau Wayne Weber
Baldy Mountain from the Qua Area Sandra McGuinness
Mount Baldy and Belknap from Delano Peak Klaus Haring
East Slopes of Shelly Baldy Peak Klaus Haring
Viewpoint from Tin Hat Mountain to the Rainbow Peaks and Beyond Dean Allchin
McConnell Ridge and Mount Baldy from Door Jamb David Wasserman
Shelly Baldy Peak from the North Klaus Haring
Panorama of Peaks Between Eldred River and Powell Lake from the East Norm Schmidt
Mount Baldy from the Heart Mountain Ridge David Wasserman
North Slopes of Mount Baldy Klaus Haring
Old Baldy (McDougall NW2) from the Southeast Rick Collier
Monk Peak from Ripple Mountain Clayton Dunham
Peaks Above Powell Lake Drew Brayshaw
Mount Baldy South and West Peaks from North Ridge Alex Joseph
West Wasootch Peak from Northwest Rick Collier
Old Baldy From the South - July Robert Bailey
Barrier Bluffs Lower Crags Reid Holmes
Panorama of Peaks SW of Baldy Mountain Norm Schmidt
Church Mountain From Old Baldy - July Robert Bailey
McDougall NW2 (Old Baldy) from the North Rick Collier
Old Baldy From the Northwest - July Robert Bailey
Mount Baldy from Hwy 40 Kevin Altheim
Mount Baldy Kevin Altheim

Id Comment Title Parent Article
2974Climbing Baldy?Mount Baldy from the East (Emma Lake Region - Telephoto)
3022Mount Baldy not Belknap Peak Delano Peak from the Southeast