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Mount Sampson (Mount Samson)  British Columbia   #980
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Bridge-Lillooet Divide / Sampson Group

Height: 2811 m -> 9222 feet
Prominence?: 1261 m above Ash Pass
Line Parent?: Mount Ethelweard (21.5 km away, at bearing 323 degrees)
Greater Parent: Monmouth Mountain (61.8 km away)

Location:   50.62065,-123.13718     50:37:14, -123:08:14   10U 490296 5607650 (8 km NE of Mouth of North Creek). (41 km NW of Pemberton). NTS Mapsheet: 092.J.11   AreaCode: FM03/GB23
First Ascent: 1935 J. Ronayne; R. Ronayne; P. Tait
Sampson East Face
By any name, Sampson is a rocky summit, highest of the summits south of the head of the Hurley River and East of North Creek. From the west, it is a class 2-3 scramble. It can be approached from the south via a logging road that branches off the Lillooet Main at about 50:33-123:09.7 and then through the trees. A longer approach is from Railroad Pass, to the east.

The name "Railroad Pass" may seem a misnomer, since there is no railroad anywhere near Railroad Pass, and there is a drop from 4500 to 1000 feet in about 8 km, but the story goes that a group looking for a potential rail route travelled from the north past Goldbridge and thought they had found a suitable route--until, of course, they discovered the long drop into the Lillooet River Valley.

The mountain has seen at least two ski descents. The west face, although not a direct line from the summit, was skied solo from the top of the ridgeline. It was approached from Boomerang Glacier and is the closest line from that direction. Since then, at least one BCMC party has skied the south side, approaching from Glacier Pass. The west face is a steep, rewarding descent linking snow patches through rock outcrops.

Name Notes: The 1:250,000 map spells it Sampson, and the 1:50,000 spells it as "Samson". The provincial government names website gives "Sampson" as the gazetted spelling, and notes that "Samson" was formerly official but has been rescinded in favour of the new spelling. The name of the closest neighbouring peak is Delilah, the wife of the biblical Samson. However, Delilah was not named at the same time as Samson was, but later. According to the bible, Samson was the strongest man in the world until his wife Delilah betrayed him and talked him into cutting off his hair. Fairley's guide spells it Samson, as that was the official spelling at the time - as do Alpine Select and the Culbert guides.

The Sampson family of Nequatque (near D'Arcy) may be the source of the family name. Ironically, it is probable that if you go back in history far enough, the family name "Sampson" was itself based on the biblical character. As in Samson Narrows at Maligne lake.

1. Standard Route From the South Class 3. Drive up the Upper Lillooet, and turn onto the Zorah Branch. From the end of this branch hike up the slopes of Zorah, then contour east of Zorah at about 6900' and then northward across the high country to the base of the south ridge of Sampson. From here there are two routes, see Sampson From the South in 1980's.
2. From the North via Hurley River FSR Very steep. Drive up Hurley River road, then hike up the old Hurley River South FSR, which goes up the south fork of the Hurley. Then climb the North glacier.

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